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Good and Evil (2021) 百灵潭

Bai Ling Tan
Other Title: 百灵潭 / Bai Ling Tan / Good and Evil – 百灵潭

Genres: drama, Historical, fantasy
Huang Chun
 Mu Tong Xin, Mu Jing Wen
Mango TV
Release Date: Aug 2021
Related Show:
Bai Ling Tan (百灵潭) by Wu Yu


  • Guo Jun Chen
  • Kang Ning
  • Wei Tian Hao
  • Qu Tian Rui
  • He Mei Xuan
  • Li Ming Jun
  • Song Yuan Yuan
  • Chen Zheng Yang
  • Wu Man Si
  • Dong Chun Hui
  • Zhao Zi Qi


The story begins when a man and a woman were tied up and forced to collect books of spiritual beings, and the stories and adventures they encounter along the way.

The TV series “Bailing Pool” is directed by Huang Chun and starring Guo Junchen, Kang Ning and Wei Tianhao. The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by the popular writer Wu Yu. It tells the story of a few soulful, persistent, or tragic demon spirits based on the memory of the hapless king Chun Yao and the hapless princess Han Sheng. The male and female protagonists with the task experienced the love, hatred, greed, hatred and ignorance of various spirits, and finally returned to their own emotional world.

The immortal who guarded the monsters in Wangchuan was demoted due to mistake and became the king of all monsters in Bailingtan—Chunyao (played by Guo Junchen), and the unlucky princess Hansheng of the Northland Kingdom (played by Kang Ning) opened. A mythical journey of seeking “Sushu” and avoiding “Millennium Tribulation”. Han Sheng entered Bailingtan unexpectedly and found that he was carrying a book that only monsters had. So he followed the spring demon to explore the mystery of the book, and experienced touching stories together, and gradually fell in love with that heart-sounding ignorantly. One, the proud and arrogant Master Tan…

The fledgling little justice priest is extraordinary (Ou Tianrui), encounters the fan spirit white fan (He Meixuan) who tempts the life of a human woman in exchange for her appearance to collect Yangshou for her husband Aso (He Meixuan). ..

Kong Qi (played by Li Mingjun), who silently guards the beloved, and the Snowy White Camel Hill (played by Zong Yuanyuan), the god of war, Princess Xiao, finally understand the original appearance of love. The wrong love is like a cloud. You must cherish the person in front of you.

Akabane murloc Shen Ci (played by Wu Mansi), fell in love with the proton Xie Changye (played by Chen Zhengyang), voluntarily endured the severe pain, took off the fish tail, and followed Xie Changye to become the dead man by his side, the two people are in power , Relying on each other, but also consuming each other’s enthusiasm in the unnecessary efforts again and again…

Guanyin’s clone of water in a pure bottle (played by Dong Chunhui) is sent to raise Si Tong (played by Zhao Ziqi), waiting for Si Tong to grow and grow and be destroyed together with the devilish spirit of Jingyingyuan. However, in the process of raising Si Tong, the two developed a strong relationship between teacher and student, father and son. Si Tong learned that the purpose of his life was to be destroyed, and finally became a demon…

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