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Bai Ling Tan 百灵潭

Bai Ling Tan
Other Title: 百灵潭 / Bai Ling Tan

Genres: drama, Historical, fantasy
Huang Chun
 Mu Tong Xin, Mu Jing Wen
Mango TV
Release Date: 2021-2022
Related Show:
Bai Ling Tan (百灵潭) by Wu Yu


  • Guo Jun Chen
  • Kang Ning
  • Wei Tian Hao
  • Qu Tian Rui
  • He Mei Xuan
  • Li Ming Jun
  • Song Yuan Yuan
  • Chen Zheng Yang
  • Wu Man Si
  • Dong Chun Hui
  • Zhao Zi Qi

The story begins when a man and a woman were tied up and forced to collect books of spiritual beings, and the stories and adventures they encounter along the way.

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