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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 2 Recap

Shi Meng turned his head and saw the dialect holding an umbrella. The dialect asked whether he should enter my store. Shi Meng agreed. There were various records in the store. The dialect was about to take a film on the elevated shelf and almost fell. Shi Meng helped She caught it. Shi Meng is choosing a record. Do you have any recommendations for dialects?

Is to ShiichiIs it? Shi Meng said that as long as it is not Shiyi, he chose one of his favorite records in the dialect. The content said it was destined. Shi Meng sneered. There is no destiny. Everything has cause and effect. The dialect says that you are destined to come to our shop. Shimeng doesn’t believe it, so he uses rational thinking to explain it. The dialect calls Shimeng to come to the window and say we come to count the passing crowd.

If the tenth couple is a couple, you just To believe in fate, I will give you this record. The dialect counts the people who pass by one by one. The tenth person walks over. Shi Meng covers the dialect’s eyes with his hand. The dialect asks what he will do, but he did not expect the tenth. This is indeed a team of lovers, the dialect cheered me and won? Give this photo to you, Shi Meng said no, because I lost. Shi Meng’s key fell off. When he picked it up, the small wooden goose on the key fell off.

Shi Meng saw the words “I want to sleep till the time” written in the notebook on the table and turned and left the shop. Shi Meng went to Shiyi and asked about it recently I heard that you encountered a bottleneck in your songwriting, and then threw a record to him. When Shiyi put it on the machine, the music rang, Shiyi was fascinated and said to touch people with narration.

The melody is more difficult. Shi Meng picked up the phone and played the audio recorded in the dialect Weibo, and then said that the voice of this person is very similar to yours. He said that he was facing the light, but his heart was dark. Shi Meng decided to sign her. Qu’s narration, Shiyi asks what you want me to exchange? Shi Meng calmly replied as the hero of the water mirror. The dialect picked up the small wooden goose that Shi Meng had dropped while cleaning and put it in his pocket. Shi Yi took out a small wooden goose from the box while playing music, and fell into a memory. Shi Meng and Shi Yi broke the goose egg when he was a child and blamed each other.

Shi’s father came over to comfort them and gave them a goose for each of them. , Shi Meng looked at his keychain and found that the little wooden goose had fallen off. Zuo Yao accompanied the dialect to the interview, and sat down to take a rest. Hao Yingjun was sitting next to him. Hao Yingjun was telling everyone that he had dumped his first love, all kinds of fueling and jealousy, talking endlessly, and he walked over with the dialect and deliberately said, I still can’t forget Brother Yingjun crying and telling me to stay, and then introduced myself, called Zuo Yao, who was the first love in Hao Yingjun’s mouth, and Hao Yingjun was extremely embarrassed.

Zuo Yao accompanies the dialect and waits for the producer. Hao Yingjun walked into the office gracefully. He actually saw Zuo Yao, turned his head and left. Shi Meng suddenly rushed to ask if Daoyinjiang had been signed? Hao Yingjun made an excuse not to go in, turned and ran away. Shi Meng decided to come for an interview by himself. When he came in, he asked why he was interviewing for this role. In the dialect, I think Lake God is very similar to me.

However, Zuo Yao said that he had a good relationship with him. Shi Meng said I’m sorry for not being like you. People cooperated, and the dialect quickly took out the little wooden goose that Shimeng dropped, and he kept retorting that he would not return it to you. Hao Yingjun found out the address of Yinjiang. When the time comes, go directly to him. Here Zuo Yao was asking about Shiyi’s itinerary and had to find a way to meet. Hao Yingjun followed the navigation to the place where Yinjiang lived.

He opened the door and saw that it was Zuo Yao, and Yinjiang was the dialect of the interview. Shi Meng said coldly. Let’s talk about signing a contract with me. The dialect was still before my life, and I felt that I was considered a stubborn fan. The dialect said that since I wanted to cooperate with me, I had a condition. The dialect took them to the recording studio and asked them to dub. The last task is actually a tongue kiss.

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