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The Journey Across the Night 我在香港遇见他 Episode 4 Recap

After seeing Liu Xueyang, Li Jia knocked on Liu Xueyang’s door and took a stick in the corridor. But Liu Xueyang soon came out to open the door and Li Jia had to say that he borrowed the hammer. Li Jia saw that Liu Xueyang came out and then refused to borrow, went back to the house and took off the mobile phone. From the mobile phone, Li Jia found out that Liu Xueyang’s house and Wu Xiong’s house had secret passages. Li Jia wondered if there was a secret tunnel in her house but hadn’t lost anything before, and then opened the closet and discovered the secret tunnel.

Just when Li Jia was about to open the secret tunnel, Liu Xueyang on the opposite side was waiting for him to come out of the secret tunnel with a knife. Li Jia did not open the last board and closed the closet door. From the next day, Li Jia began to follow Liu Xueyang, but it was no surprise that the garbage Liu Xueyang threw in the morning was filled with paper shells. Then he followed Liu Xueyang to the fish-selling place, and found out that Liu Xueyang was also a fish seller before, but he didn’t know why he suddenly ran to the apartment as an administrator. Li Jia asked if the fish boss knew Wu Xiong, but the boss said he didn’t know him.

At this time, Zhang Chacha told Li Jia that Zhang Xiaolan had been a trafficker, and Li Jia rushed to the surveillance and found that it was Liu Xueyang who was with Zhang Xiaolan. After returning home, Li Jia came quietly to Liu Xueyang’s house from the closet, and found that Liu Xueyang was paying homage to Zhang Xiaolan’s son. And Liu Xueyang had long discovered that Li Jia was following him, and then called him into his room. Li Jia told Liu Xueyang what he had investigated. He thought that since Liu Xueyang and Wu Xiong had jointly killed Zhang Xiaolan, why did he go to pay homage to Zhang Xiaolan’s son? Is it for some comfort in conscience? Liu Xueyang did not speak out and took out the knife from behind to kill Li Jia, but at this time Liu Xueyang fainted on the ground due to a uremia attack. Li Jia rushed him to the hospital.

Only when he arrived at the hospital did Li Jia realize that Liu Xueyang was in the late stage of the virus. Chen Mingxuan’s classroom in the hospital asked Li Jia if it was his mother who faced death for the first time? Li Jia said that the first time he faced his puppy, the puppy lost his life because of his responsibility. Chen Mingxuan comforted Li Jia and told him not to blame himself too much. Li Jia went home and saw that the note posted at Wu Xiong’s door was torn to prove that someone had come out, so he went into Liu Xueyang’s home from the closet and found a crazy woman and Liu Xueyang also came in.

Liu Xueyang guessed that Li Jia would come to his home to find out what happened, but the mad woman hugged him tightly after seeing Liu Xueyang. Only then did Li Jia realize that the woman in front of him was Zhang Xiaolan, and that Zhang Xiaolan was not dead but Wu Xiong was dead. Liu Xueyang told Li Jia that Wu Xiong wanted to rape Zhang Xiaolan himself and beat him from behind and then scuffled with him. Wu Xiong accidentally broke Zhang Xiaolan’s son’s ashes when he pressed him. Zhang Xiaolan was excited with a knife. Killed Wu Xiong. Later, Zhang Xiaolan hung herself at home and rushed to save her. Since then, Zhang Xiaolan has become as crazy as she is now.

Later, Liu Xueyang told Li Jia that the people here bullied them because of Zhang Xiaolan’s son Fangyuan’s mental retardation. Once Fangyuan had a sudden illness, Zhang Xiaolan asked them to intercede but no one could help. In the end, Zhang Xiaolan couldn’t carry Fangyuan, so Fangyuan passed away, so they knocked on these people’s doors in the middle of the night to scare them, these people deserve to die. But what Liu Xueyang didn’t expect was that Li Jia found out the truth so quickly. Then Liu Xueyang told Li Jia that he shouldn’t know so much and knocked Li Jia out.

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