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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 22 Recap

Meng Meng gave Ling Xiquan the marriage contract he found in Jin Zeyi’s office. Lin Che and Tiffany are very sweet, and they often go on dates together. Tiffany promised to cook for Lin Che.

Tiffany received the marriage contract from Ling Xiquan. Ling Xiquan wanted to use this to threaten Tiffany to cooperate with him and gave up Jin Zeyi.

After listening to Luo Tianran’s latest composition, he feels that her level has improved greatly. This piece is very good. He recommended Luo Tianran’s music to the director, and Luo Tianran will become the composer of the movie. Luo Tianran and Jin Zeyi went to talk about the new drama with the director. Jin Zeyi had shied away from the role of the male one before, but now he takes over again.

Luo Tianran was writing a song for the movie, but Jin Zeyi gave her a bunch of puzzles. Luo Tianran spelled it for a while, only saw the two words are there, but Jin Zeyi told her to call herself after finishing the spelling, and then took her to dinner. Jin Zeyi estimated that Luo Tianran should be able to do it in an hour After finishing the spelling, he has been paying attention to the time since he went to the company. He ran and asked Artest how long it had been. Artest was speechless and ran for two minutes, expecting Jin Zeyi to finally receive a call from Luo Tianran. But learned that the dog ate the puzzle.

It turned out that Jin Ze wanted to use the puzzle to confess Luo Tianran, but the puzzle was eaten by the dog and completely interrupted his plan. After Jin Xiaoqin heard that he was stupid, after all, Luo Tianran didn’t like puzzles. When Jin Ze asked Jin Xiaoqin what she liked, Jin Xiaoqin said that she could share all of Luo Tianran’s preferences with Jin Zeyi. As soon as Jin Ze thanked him, Jin Xiaoqin said that he had to agree to one request first. It looks so good. Jin Xiaoqin asked Jin Ze to buy a milk tea shop. When Jin Ze heard that Yun Shu bought the record store for Luo Tianran, he said on the spot: “I want it all!”

Once Jin Ze had a new confession plan, he arranged the skating rink with a fairy tale world romance, and then asked Artai to tell Luo Tianran to record the show here and let her visit the class.

Jin Xiaoqin told her about Jin Zeyi’s liking for Luo Tianran. Lin Che suggested that Luo Tianran should take the initiative, but Luo Tianran was very shy when he thought of going to confess to Jin Ze.

After Tiffany helped Jin Ze set up the ice rink, he told him that he had something to go back to the company, but when Jin Ze asked what was wrong with her, she had already left.

Meng Meng heard that Tiffany was investigating Ling Xiquan’s information, and guessed that she might know about the marriage contract, and sent an assistant to investigate, and reminded her to be careful not to show her feet. But I don’t know that this is the traitor that Tiffany set up to catch the company, and the assistant was caught by her. The assistant confessed to Meng Meng, saying that she threatened herself to do so.

Meng Meng found out that Luo Tianran and Jin Zeyi did not receive the certificates, and both were still unmarried legally. Tiffany called to warn Meng Meng, but Meng Meng told her that Jin Zeyi was going to take over the male one in the script and was already on the hot search, so Tiffany’s promise did not materialize.

Tiffany knew that Jin Zeyi was the male one in the next play. Tiffany asked the company’s people to remove the hot search, and then called Ling Xiquan to tell him that she didn’t know it. She said that as long as Ling Xiquan was willing to let Jin Zeyi go, she could agree to anything.

Luo Tianran came to the ice and snow castle. It was dreamy inside. Luo Tianran liked it very much. Jin Zeyi told her that he had bought this place and it would belong to Luo Tianran in the future. Jin Ze always confessed to Luo Tianran affectionately, and Luo Tianran kissed his forehead in response.

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