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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 41 Recap

Park Qicai came outside the room where Park Jae-gong was staying. She kept knocking on the door and no one agreed. Aman was seeing her journalist friend at the coffee shop. She received a call from Park Qicai and remembered that she hadn’t been there for a few days. I got Park Jaegong for a change of clothes. Park Qicai told her that she was knocking on her eldest brother’s door and no one opened it. After Aman heard it, he said that I would be back right away.

When the reporter heard Aman’s name is Qicai, he guessed it was the caller. Park Qicai, she also talked about the affair between Park Qicai and Kwon Hee Jung. She also said that she recently asked Shen Shien for an interview. Suddenly she received a message on her mobile phone that Shen Shien, who had been unwilling to be interviewed, was willing to accept the interview.

Upon hearing this news, the reporter hurriedly took his own things and left, and Aman also left the coffee shop. She had heard Park Qicai’s cry before she walked to the door of Park Jaegong’s room. She quickly walked over, took out the room card and opened the door. As soon as the door opened, the two of them saw Park Jaegong sleeping on the ground. Drunk, a pile of wine bottles were placed on the coffee table. Park Qicai and Aman carried Park Jaegong to lie on the bed.

While taking care of Park Jaegong, Aman told Park Qicai about Park’s affairs at the palace, and returned by the way. Tell Park Qicai about Park in the palace. After Park Qicai saw this scene, she thought in her heart that her eldest brother was already taken care of by Sister Aman, so there would be nothing wrong with her, so she gently put her clothes on the sofa. ,

And then quietly exited the room, Aman was still talking about her own words, and when she turned around, she found that Park Qicai had disappeared without knowing when she came to look outside the room, but she did not see Park Qicai’s figure. Shen Shien was being interviewed by reporters. The reporters answered her questions easily at first. At this time, a reporter asked about Quan Xi’s shaking hands. Shen Shien said that she didn’t know, but the reporters were still pressing aggressively. Shen Shien ran out, but was still surrounded by reporters.

After Piao Qicai saw it, he helped Shen Shien to drive away the reporters. Shen Shien asked Park Qicai whether his hands were shaking and he could not play the piano. Park Qicai said yes, everyone knows that after hearing Park Qicai’s answer, Shen Shien immediately took a taxi and left. Park Zaiyu arranged the candy house romantically, hanging up everything he wanted to do with Lin Yi.

Lin Yi was very moved when he saw it, and the two also agreed to make breakfast together tomorrow morning. Park Qicai was called out by her third brother to buy detergent, and she met Shen Shi-eun on the way back. She told Park Qicai about Kwon Hee-jung and Shen Shi-ai. Only then did she know why Quan Hee-jung could not play the piano.

Where is Kwon Hee? Shen Shien said that he should be at home. Park Qicai said that I suddenly had an ominous premonition. Then the two hurried to Quan Hee Jung’s house. They didn’t see Quan Hee Jung, only the note left by Quan Hee Jung, and they looked for it. Quan Xizheng was not found at night, and Quan’s mother took Shen

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