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Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 1 Recap

Gu Yang’s family went bankrupt and gave up the Conservatory Lin Chen came to Weilai to meet Gu Yang again.

The Super Web Comprehensive “The First Season of the Younger Generation” came to an end. The program’s hit rate was quite high. Yu Minghao became a hit, and his dance was learned by many netizens. Outside the Juilliard School of Music, many candidates are actively preparing for the exam. Gu Yang anxiously waited for Lin Chen to send the score. Gu Yang did not wait for Lin Chen to send the score and it was his turn to play, because Gu Yang did not bring the score underneath.

The judges and teachers talked a lot, and the sound of the piano gradually weakened. Just when Gu Yang was about to forget the score, Lin Chen arrived in time and put the score in front of him. Gu Yang’s competitors insisted on playing the same tune as Gu Yang, and told them not to take Gu Yang’s score. He also wanted to play. The interesting thing is that this score was copied by Lin Chen himself, and some of the modified sounds are wrong. Yes, that person didn’t know, and Gu Yang was admitted to the college in the end.

Gu Yang came to Lin Chen’s house to get the key, but the failed boy Han Jiahong found him. It turned out that he gave Lin Chen’s mother 50,000 yuan to let his mother take Gu Yang’s score, but Lin Chen still copied the score to Gu Yang. , Han Jiahong asked Lin Chen’s mother for money, Lin’s mother paid the tuition, Gu Yang took the initiative to help pay back the money, Han Jiahong mocked Lin Chen for being a muddy behind others, Gu Yang was better than him in everything, Lin Chen felt very frustrated. it is good……

Gu Yang returned home and told his mother that he had been admitted to the Juilliard School, but also learned that the family group had been closed down. His mother went abroad to find financing for Gu Yang to attend the Juilliard School. Gu Yang dragged his suitcase to find his friend Yize in Ran Xing, and visited their company. Gu Yang told Yize that something went wrong in his home and there was no place to live, so he went to the apartment where Yize was. There were two roommates in the apartment. , Because the roommate’s music was so loud that it aroused the dissatisfaction of the people next door, a few of them started fighting. Mr. Li came over to train them. Gu Yang was kicked out.

Zhao Zhengnan and the others were fined to clean the toilet. They could not bear the unfair Two people left Ran Xing in a fit of anger. At night, Gu Yang dragged his suitcase, passing by a piano shop and just saw his piano inside. Gu Yang told the boss that he would spend twice as much money to buy it, hoping that the boss would keep it for him, and the boss agreed. Gu Yang came to Lin Chen’s door, hesitated and did not knock on the door, Gu Yang gave up the opportunity to go to Julia. At this time, receiving a call from Lin Chen, Lin Chen wanted Gu Yang to accompany him to an interview. Gu Yang refused because he was in no mood for family affairs.

Gu Yang’s current opportunity is to participate in the selection examination of Weilai Entertainment. Lu Xinghao was forced to come to Weilai because it was her sister who had to report for him. He just met Gu Yang, who didn’t know anything. Gu Yang was more patient with Lu Xinghao, who didn’t know anything, and told him that the vocal range would be wider. The better, he fills it wide. The well-known teacher Han also participated as a judge teacher.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Zhengnan came to Weilai and met Gu Yang. Zhou Yan and Zhao Zhengnan participated in the selection as a combination. Teacher Han recognized them very much and wanted to keep them, but Zhao Zhengnan did not sign up because he did not trust the so-called entertainment company. …The judge asked Lu Xinghao why he filled it with a wide range. Then he realized that Gu Yang had lied to him. The judges gave him a score for him to sing. Lu Xinghao came out because he could not read music. Lu Xinghao met Zhou Yan, and Zhou Yan told him How he sang, Lu Xinghao, who was practicing in the toilet, happened to be heard by Teacher Han…

Because there were two candidates left and only one quota, the judges planned to let the two candidates perform together. Gu Yang and Lin Chen met, and the judges told them only One quota, so he took out a piece of music for the two of them to perform. Lin Chen proposed to cooperate with Gu Yang, but Gu Yang refused. During the performance, Gu Yang changed the tune. When he arrived at Lin Chen, he chose to play and sing. The result was that Lin Chen was admitted. Because Lin Chen filled in the words and met the needs of the popular idol, the judges looked at Gu Yang and refused to accept it. They suggested that they could try one more time. Lin Chen asked Gu Yang not to try another time. Gu Yang thought it was him. Finally, I agreed.

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