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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 13 Recap

Luo Tianran was very upset, and even directly asked the police to take Jin Xiaoqin away. Jin Ze made a round and asked Jin Xiaoqin to work in his company, saying that she could recommend her as an assistant. Jin Xiaoqin learned that the salary is not low and she can often see celebrities. This reluctantly agreed. Yun Shulai gave Luo Tianran the bag she had dropped, making Jin Zeyi jealous.

Tiffany called out Yun Shu and said that she had the right to know some things. Luo Tianran knew what she was going to say after hearing the beginning, and interrupted her. When Tiffany talked about the contract marriage, Luo Tianran’s expression remained unchanged, and asked her what she was afraid of so eagerly. She told Tiffany that she was not interested in Tiffany at all and would not be a threat to Tiffany. Tiffany saw that she had thought of everything.

Yun Shu recalled the little things he had with Luo Tianran, and felt fortunate to think that she and Jin Ze had a contractual marriage.

Luo Tianran suggested that in order to give back to Jin Ze and a group of Jin Xiaoqin for finding a job, he would invite him to watch a movie. Jin Zeyi immediately craned his neck and looked out the window to see if the sun had come out to the west. Luo Tianran booked movie tickets in front of him and reminded him not to put his own pigeons.

Tiffany helped Jin Zeyi pick up a movie from a major director and planned to take him to meet the director at night. Jin Zeyi refused to say that he had an appointment. Tiffany asked him to quit all of them. Seeing Jin Ze’s face, Tiffany agreed. So let Jin Xiaoqin come to the company as an assistant.

Luo Tianran has already arrived at the cinema, but at this time Jin Zeyi was still making up the script, preparing for an audition with the director. Jin Zeyi chose to meet Luo Tianran first.

Artest said that Jin Zeyi might be late. Director Tiffany Dao is coming soon. Artest asked if he could cancel the meeting. Tiffany grinned and asked whether the entertainment circle was run by the Jin Ze family. The strength made it possible to meet this time, and Tiffany became uncomfortable again when he got angry. Artest helped her catch water, and Tiffany took medicine to relieve it. At this time Ling Xiquan appeared, he also came to compete for this role, and he also showed that he wanted to cooperate with Tiffany.

At this time, Jin Zeyi finally came to the movie theater. He hesitated to propose going back to work in advance, but looking at Luo Tianran’s puzzled expression, he finally did not say anything.

Luo Tianran looked sleepy and leaned on Jin Ze’s shoulder. When Jin Ze called her several times, Luo Tianran didn’t wake up, so he didn’t speak obediently. He turned on the phone and found that it was time to see the director. , A little anxious, finally pushed Luo Tianran Lin Che away and woke her up, only to see that Luo Tianran was unhappy because he was leaving, changed his mind again, and continued watching the movie with her.

Tiffany could only go to see the director by himself. The director was not angry on the surface, but in fact alluded to Jin Ze playing a big name. Tiffany and the director dealt with each other, Artest hurried to the side and continued to call Jin Ze madly.

At this time, Luo Tianran just finished watching the movie with Jin Zeyi, and she was very happy to hum. Jin Zeyi asked her to keep her voice down, worried that she would be discovered by fans. Luo Tianran said that his idol was really burdened.

In order to make the director willing to wait, Tiffany even sent the company’s beautiful colleagues out to greet him. Finally, disappointed with Jin Zeyi, she dialed Ling Xiquan’s phone. Luo Tianran and Jin Zeyi have gone home. Jin Zeyi taught Luo Tianran to sing. Luo Tianran found that Jin Zeyi’s singing was very moving.

In the end, Tiffany chose to help Ling Xiquan and the director. Tiffany decided to suspend all business activities of Jin Zeyi, even including the concert that had been prepared for a long time.

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