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The ancient sword Qi Tan Mu

What’s the mechanism of the ancient sword Qi Tan Mu Whisperer Jiuchen Palace?

Gu Jian Qi Tan Mu Whisperer

The challenge copy is the main source of materials for character enhancement. Jiuchen Palace is one of the relatively difficult ones. The main reason is that the single BOSS battle will test the player’s single killing ability. Today, the G7 editor is Everyone brought the Gu Jian Qi Tan Mu Ling Ren Jiuchen Palace Raiders. Let’s take a look!

The Jiuchen Palace dungeon has four attributes, namely water, fire, wood, and yin and yang, among which yin and yang materials have the greatest chance of dropping. The copies of these attributes are not meant to be opened every day, and only one of them will be opened within a fixed period of time. The difficulty setting of the dungeon also has a total of ten layers, the higher the number of layers, the greater the difficulty of the challenge.

There is only one enemy facing in the dungeon of Jiuchen Palace. Although the number of enemies is not many, it is very powerful in terms of ability. BOSS enemies are immune to the effects of vertigo, freezing, silence , sleep, charm, and deformation. Therefore, players must not choose Yanjia with these abilities to challenge. The editor recommends that you choose Dark Amu and Murong. Match lineup.

But in different attributes, some mechanism settings are also different. In the fire attribute challenge, the enemy’s attack will have burning damage. There is no time limit for this burning damage. Therefore, the team must be equipped with a dispelling ability. As long as the burning is restrained, the difficulty is Very low.

The water attribute has a certain control ability, but the basic speed of the enemy is not very high. Players can choose Yanjia to increase the speed, or choose Yanjia to reduce the enemy’s speed to fight . After the speed is reduced, the number of actions of the enemy will be greatly limited, and the battle is very beneficial to the player.

The difficulty of yin and yang attributes needs to be matched with wood attributes and Yanjia of fire attributes to fight. Fire attributes deal with the enemy’s Yin skill, while wood attributes deal with the yang skill. As long as the enemy’s state is switched, the difficulty of the battle is OK. Accepted.

Finally, I remind everyone that you must choose the right difficulty for the challenge. Don’t want to challenge the tenth floor without strength. This result will definitely fail. This time, I will share how to fight in Jiuchen Palace, the ancient sword Qi Tanmu language person.

The above is a guide for Gu Jianqi Tan Muyu people’s Jiuchen Palace compiled by the editor. I don’t know if you like it? Friends you like are welcome to collect the G7 download site , and more exciting content will be updated in real time!

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