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Dearest, Where Are You Episode 1 Recap

On a new day morning, Yuanyuan got up and called to her father, asking him why he didn’t wake herself up, and the painting homework could not be completed. Ding Yu said that she would solve it by herself, and then handed Yuanyuan a glass of milk, saying that this was a task her mother had confessed. Yuan’s very obedient hand guarantees that there will be no drop left. At this time, Ding Yu received a phone call from his wife and brought Yuanyuan over to deliver her documents. He Xuelin said that Ding Yu lied in front of the child, and why he arrived right away before she was sent to the cram school. Yuanyuan asked her mother if she wanted to come back for dinner.

At this time, He Xuelin had hurriedly left and returned to the company. Yuanyuan told her father that she was going to be late for the cram school. Ding Yu hurriedly picked up her child and sprinted. On the way, she received a call from a customer who was not satisfied with the furniture she designed. Ding Yu told Miss Sun that she was at the gate of the community and hung up the phone. . Yuanyuan asked him why he wanted to lie. Ding Yu said that he was afraid that they would get angry in a hurry and would not be a lie.

At night, my mother came to sleep with the child. Yuanyuan said very intimately to let her mother not be angry. He Xuelin said she was not angry, but next time she should not ask her father to help him with his homework, and she would go to school tomorrow to let Yuanyuan rest earlier. Ding Yu walked out of the room and saw his wife holding the quilt about to go to Yuanyuan’s room. He Xuelin said that she was willing to stay with him because of Yuanyuan. Ding Yu returned to the room and saw the cheering card Yuanyuan made for herself. , I was very motivated and motivated. I chose a previously recorded SD card, plugged it in and started charging and playing, and redesigned the furniture while listening. He Xuelin was still busy at work, and received a text message from an admirer. It seemed that it was not a day or two.

Early the next morning, Yuanyuan was going to go to elementary school to report that Yuanyuan wanted to wear the jacket her grandma bought, but He Xuelin said that she would leave a good impression on her teacher on the first day of today and wear the brand-name jacket her mother bought. Ding Yu explained that she bought it from her grandma, Yuanyuan was very happy. He Xuelin was about to call a special car to send Yuanyuan to school, Ding Yu appeared in front of the two riding a small electric stove. Yuanyuan sat on the small bench in front of her happily. He Xuelin had no choice but to sit on the back seat, and the family of three happily rode to elementary school.

When she arrived at the school gate, Yuanyuan excitedly took out her DVD and started recording the video. He Xuelin received a call from the company urging him to meet Zhao to discuss the contract, but He Xuelin couldn’t get out of her body and could only postpone the meeting to eleven o’clock while her mother picked it up. During the phone call, Yuanyuan asked her father if everything was ready, Ding Yu took out a small note and said that the rose is on the way. My mother rushed over and took Yuanyuan to the classroom, when Ding Yu came to the classroom with a large bouquet of flowers.

Teacher Wei asked him if he had gone wrong. Yuanyuan said loudly that today is the eighth anniversary of his parents’ marriage. The parents gave them applause. Yuanyuan ran to take the flowers to her mother, and suddenly fainted. Ding Yu and He Xuelin rushed him to the school hospital. It turned out that Yuanyuan was allergic to pollen. At this time, Teacher Wei brought flowers and Yuanyuan’s schoolbag over. Ding Yu thanked the teacher in embarrassment and asked the teacher to throw the flowers away.

When He Xuelin hurried back to the company, it was already eleven o’clock, and Mr. Zhao was unwilling to answer the phone. He Xuelin decided to go to Mr. Zhao for a face-to-face interview, Ding Yu asked Fang Jue to borrow a sports car and hit the chassis by shortcut. Ding Yu handed Yuanyuan to Fang Jue and went to accompany He Xuelin by himself. In the evening when Yuanyuan watched the DV, she found that her parents were about to divorce. She was very unhappy to be taken to the square dance by Jiang Shuqin, but the child disappeared as soon as she turned around.

In the evening, everyone in the Ding family mobilized to find Yuanyuan’s whereabouts.

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