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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 8 Recap

The upset Lu Jin called back Meng Xinjie, who was still delaying Riemann in Zhuozhou, and sat alone in the Songqiao Villa No.1. The forest was swaying by the wind and the scenery was quiet, but he couldn’t appreciate it at all. A person who he didn’t explain clearly made him want to get close involuntarily, but reality didn’t allow it, tortured at both ends, he wanted to leave here.

The door of Gu Shengnan’s house was knocked. At that time, the hotel manager, who was extremely refreshed to kill the donkey, carried the fruit basket and the letter of appointment. He actually came to visit Gu Shengnan in person. The salary is generous and the attitude is good. The next day, the chef Gu Shengnan, the back chef of the hotel, puts on his uniform neatly.

At the same time, 1123’s order was printed out again. She nervously held a dish and rang the doorbell of 1123. The person who opened the door was very strange. It turned out that 1123 was gone, but now 1123 is no longer equivalent to Lu Jin, just a strange and familiar room number.

Lu Jin instructed Meng Xinjie to book a plane ticket. Since he can’t stay, it is better to leave as soon as possible and be less nostalgic.

After the meal was delivered, Gu Shengnan looked sad. He just entered the back kitchen and was surrounded by chaos. The attendant told him that the hotel had changed Lu Jin to be the boss, and the general manager was also new. The leader naturally asked the new official to take office and inspect the back kitchen. The manager brought in the new leader. It was Manager Cheng, named Cheng Ziqian. Gu Shengnan looked overjoyed and smiled at Cheng Ziqian.

During the whispering time between girlfriends in the evening, Gu Shengnan and Xu Zhaodi talked about Lu Jin. Xu Zhaodi said that Lu Jin had returned from a ten-hour car ride and was humiliated, and encouraged her to keep him if she liked it, so she finally decided to implement it by cooking a dish.

The news of Xu Zhaodi was learned from Meng Xinjie. Early in the morning, Gu Shengnan made the witch soup, and when the barrels were well insulated, he hurried to Songqiao No.1, holding the thermos barrel all the way, but was a step slow when he arrived. Jin left for the airport early, and she went to the airport again immediately after she had no time to complain.

It is not surprising that there are heavy traffic jams during the morning rush hour. Lu Jin made a deliberate circle, around the door of the “Chengdeli” alley, watched for a long time without saying a word, and truly parted ways with the people here.

Due to the sudden change of direction, a large circle came back and the flight did not catch up, and the itinerary changed to high-speed rail again. Xu Zhaodi called and informed that Gu Shengnan finally hurried into the hall of the high-speed rail station. The empty hall was frustrating. Suddenly a figure rushed over and hit her back. The witch soup in his arms dropped, and the soup was mixed with thoughts. You can’t pick it up in one place.

Holding the soup pot in one hand, he picked it up for her, smelled it, and smiled knowingly. It seemed that this place could not be left temporarily. Lu Jin comforted her to make another can.

There were three people squatting outside Songqiao No. 1 watching the excitement, Xu Zhaodi, Meng Xinjie, and the old uncle. They sent Gu Shengnan to see Lu Jin, hoping that the two of them would rehabilitate and look like three old men who sent their daughters to marriage.

Riemann was standing without Gu Shengnan in the villa. She made a witch soup exquisitely. Gu Shengnan only came in at this time and let her original joy disappear. Riemann opened her mouth and called her colleague. Respect, more like ridicule, even took the cake from Gu Shengnan’s hand and paid her a full envelope.

After all, the burning enthusiasm was extinguished a lot, and Gu Shengnan cried aggrieved when he came back, screaming and screaming as if he had suffered a great grievance. She was angry that Lu Jin clearly said that she could only eat the food she cooked. After turning Tianer Riemann’s witch soup on the table, it doesn’t matter what else, but the witch soup is a symbol of lovers. When I think about it, Gu Shengnan I couldn’t stop wheezing.

At night at Songqiao No.1, Riemann made Wellington steak. Lu Jin bite it down and the taste was not very good or even bad. For the sake of face, he only said he was not hungry, but when Riemann brought out a cake from Gu Shengnan, one The little tortoise cake’s eyes are lively and smart lying in the center, Lu Jin takes a bite like a new life. Riemann’s face was not very happy, and he went upstairs to rest without eating a bite. Lu Jin looked at the little tortoise and called out the Lu Guimao that Gu Shengnan often called himself, and smiled heartily.

The next day the leaders inspected the hotel. Lu Jin, Riemann, and Cheng Ziqian appeared in the back kitchen of the hotel together. Lu Jin glanced at Gu Shengnan from time to time, but the person seemed to be out of sight.

The manager emphatically praised Gu Shengnan for his cooking skills, and Riemann asked Gu Shengnan to cook a dish. Two plates of Wellington steaks were made by one person, with the same ingredients and the same technique. Lu Jin ate very deliciously.

Riemann just took a bite and put the knife down. Gu Shengnan was called from the back chef, questioning his practice and use sentence by sentence. material. Riemann disagreed that Gu Shengnan used local mushrooms with imported steaks, saying that this combination was completely inappropriate. By the way, she also talked about her academic qualifications. It was obvious that it was either to get off the horse or to reveal the shortness.

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