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Record of Youth Episode 4 Recap

Si Yingnan rushed over to beat Si Huijun, Han Aishu desperately blocked him and hugged him tightly. Si Huijun took the opportunity to sneak away. Han Aishu severely criticized Si Yingnan. She hoped Si Huijun could change his fate through hard work. Yingnan felt that Si Huijun was fooling around, and the couple broke up in a quarrel if they didn’t agree, and finally separated.

Won Hae-hyo’s father Won Tae Kyung is a university professor. He can’t help complaining when he sees his wife busy for the children every day, completely ignoring his existence, but Kim Lee Young is always happy. Si Huijun is constantly studying new scripts. Han Aishu feels distressed. Si Huijun thanks her for her support. Jinghe never received news from Si Huijun, mistakenly thought he was angry, and hurriedly sent him a message. Si Huijun immediately called her and asked her to find a time to meet. Jinghe was anxious to go to work and hung up and went out. Up.

Si Huijun enrolled his grandfather Si Minji for a model training class. Si Minji was worried that he could not do it. Si Huijun encouraged him and cheered for him. Si Minji immediately gained confidence. Si Huijun came to Li Mincai early in the morning and agreed to take over the film and let her be her agent. Li Mincai happily signed a seven-year contract with Si Huijun.

Si Huijun was worried that it would change again and wanted to sign a one-year contract first. The individual signed the contract on the spot. Li Mincai reminded Si Huijun not to be tired of feelings. At the beginning, Zhiya cruelly abandoned Si Huijun. This was the pain in Si Huijun’s heart.

Jin Liying brought Won Hae-hyo to do skin care. Won Hae-hyo wanted to find Jing He service, but she didn’t come to work today. Pearl couldn’t help saying bad things about Jing He. Jin Liying warned her not to talk nonsense, so Pearl had to fight. Called Jing He, falsely claiming that the beauty shop should train all staff and urge her to come back as soon as possible. Jinghe was on the street to make up for the guests on a live broadcast. After receiving Pearl’s call, Jinghe categorically refused. She wanted to see Si Huijun.

Jin Zhenyu accidentally smashed the camera lamp and single-eyed him severely taught him a lesson. Jin Zhenyu was angry about resigning. Won Hae-hyo saw this scene and tried to persuade Jin Zhenyu to stay. The director also came to keep Jin Zhenyu, but he had already left. Decided. Si Minji found the model training class according to the address and saw that many elderly people were studying here. The staff verified his identity and asked him to come to class again next week.

Jinghe came to see Jinghe as an appointment. The two of them ate spicy fried rice cakes together. Jinghe was coughing more and more. Si Huijun quickly patted her on the back. The two of them talked happily. After drinking a lot of wine, Si Huijun listed all the activities and works that Si Huijun has participated in over the years, and Si Huijun was very moved.

Jing He still clearly remembered Si Huijun’s sincere and handsome look when he was interviewed by reporters when Si Huijun first debuted. He was immediately impressed by Jing He. Since then, Jing He has liked him and has been following his whereabouts until now. He also confided to Si Huijun about the hardship of chasing stars.

Jinghe quickly drank too much. Si Huijun helped her carry the makeup case. She stumbled and walked unsteadily. Si Huijun desperately protected her. At this moment, Pearl called Jinghe He, she didn’t want to pick it up, but again Not wanting to lose that job, Jinghe was very entangled and couldn’t help thinking about Si Huijun crying, Si Huijun vowed to protect her all the time.

Si Min-ki went home very late. Seeing Si Ying-nam, Han Ae-sook and Si Jing-jun eating barbecue again, Han Ae-sook was worried about Si Min-ki, but Si Ying-nam and Si Jing-jun felt that Si Ming-ki and Si Jing-jun were not at home. Happily, Si Minji was very sad. He quietly entered the room and was severely beaten by Si Yingnan. He hurriedly hid in the room. Han Aishu came in to comfort him. Si Yingnan’s heart was warm. There was a sudden heavy rain in the sky. Si Huijun protected Anhe to take shelter from the rain outside a nearby convenience store. Quiet He’s Jiujin also woke up more than half. She felt very sorry that she had not fallen in love yet.

Jin Zhenyu and Yuan Haina are dating, and want to further their relationship. Yuan Haina proposed that the two should be given a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. This vaccine was given three times. Jin Zhenyu fully agreed. He sent a message to Si Huijun and Yuan. Hae-xiao lied to the hospital. Yuan Hae-xiao asked him to break up with his girlfriend. He would never get this kind of injection for his girlfriend. Jin Zhenyu did not dare to say that his girlfriend was Yuan Haina. Si Huijun was the first to stand up and support Jin Zhenyu. After being vaccinated, Yuan Haixiao had to bite the bullet to fight.

Jing He came to the beauty salon and repeatedly apologized to Pearl. Pearl ridiculed her and reminded her not to do whatever she wanted with the support of a male client. Jing He and her argued with reason. Jin Liying came to Pearl to explain what happened that day, and Jing He took the opportunity to leave. Up. Li Mincai came to the hospital to pick up his boss Huijun and told him many unspoken rules of being a star. Si Huijun couldn’t do it. He just wanted to be a simple actor. Li Min couldn’t persuade him and could only compromise with him.

After Jinghe puts on Jin Liying’s makeup, she asks her to find Pearl next time, and explains that she is only an assistant now and is not qualified to serve VIP guests. Si Jingjun worked as a CS bank teller for three months. He had a dispute with a customer over a trivial matter. After hearing the news, Deputy Chief Park Soo-yeon came out to mediate and slapped him severely. Si Jing-jun was not convinced and quarreled with Park Soo-yeon. Li Mincai brought Si Huijun to the beauty salon to make up. Pearl was picky about Jingjun. Si Jingjun couldn’t bear it, but Jingjun didn’t take it seriously. Then Yuan Haixiao also came to Jinghe for makeup.

Jin Liying invited reporter Yin and reporter Jin to dinner and tried to promote Won Haexiao and the new movie to them. Jing He tried her best to please Pearl, but she didn’t buy it at all, and deliberately made things difficult for her everywhere. Li Mincai brought Si Huijun to see the director. From a distance, he saw Park Daohe hurriedly rushing over after being called forward, only to realize that he was the leading actor in this play. Park Daohe was arrogant and spoke harshly to Si Huijun. Si Huijun ignored him and wanted to avenge him while acting.

Si Huijun starred in the underworld elder brother, punching and kicking the male lead played by Park Daohe, and tortured in every way. The director was very satisfied with his performance, and Park Daohe complained repeatedly.

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