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Record of Youth Episode 3 Recap

The agency arranged for Yuan Haixiao to shoot the cover of the magazine. He asked to bring Si Huijun with him, and did everything possible to create opportunities for him to appear on the scene. Si Huijun fully cooperated with the photographer to pose, but he felt like a throat in his heart. The shooting was over, Yuan Haixiao still thought To take him to see the director, to win a role for him, Si Huijun politely declined. He didn’t want to rely on Yuan Haixiao’s support.

Jin Liying loves to play golf. She didn’t play well today, so she complained to Han Ae-sook when she went home. Han Ae-sook couldn’t empathize with her, but just listened in silence. Jin Liying took out the clothes she didn’t wear and gave it to her. , Jin Liying was disappointed when he said that Si Huijun was going to join the army, but Han Aishu didn’t want to hear it, so she quickly found an excuse and hid her clothes.

Kim Lee Young showed off Won Hae-hyo’s new movie to Han Ae-sook, and revealed that she helped Won Hae-hyo get the role, complaining about Han Ae-sook and complaining about being a mother, so Si Hye-joon would pass by the hero. Han Aishu couldn’t help thinking of going to Kim Lee Young’s house ten years ago to do housekeeping. She often gave Si Huijun the clothes that Yuan Haixiao had eliminated. Si Huijun felt very uncomfortable when she learned that she was working at Yuan Haixiao’s house, but she was helpless. Han Aishu went home dejected and saw Si Yingnan installing the door for Si Huijun’s room. When the couple had a disagreement, they had a dispute and finally separated.

Li Mincai learned that the director had originally selected Si Huijun, but in the end, Yuan Hae-hyo’s fans changed her mind. She was not reconciled and came to Si Huijun early and wanted to fight for him another opportunity. Si Huijun thought about enlisting in the army. , He was discouraged and hurriedly left with Li Mincai to hang out in the bookstore. Jinghe puts makeup on the bride-to-be. The other party is picky about her, and Jinghe couldn’t help thinking of Si Huijun’s encouragement to her. She sent a message to Si Huijun and found that he was in the bookstore, so Jinghe found him.

When Jing He and Si Huijun met, they all realized that each other was in a bad mood. The two men tried to comfort each other. Then they went to the cafe next to them. Si Minji gave Si Huijun a video link, urging him to contact the part-timer as soon as possible. Si Huijun introduced Jinging He to his grandfather by the way. Jing He felt that Si Huijuan was as handsome as his grandfather. Si Huijun pulled out photos of his grandfather when he was young, and Jing He came together to look at them. The two heads couldn’t help themselves. I feel embarrassed when we meet together.

Si Huijun and Jing He came out of the bookstore and found that it was raining heavily outside. They went to the bus station with an umbrella. Si Huijun untied the silk scarf and tied Jing He, and Jing He felt warm. Si Huijun received a message from his mobile phone early in the morning to indicate that the appearance fee had been received. He was very happy. Si Minji made laver rice early in the morning. He was very sad to think that Si Huijun was going to join the army.

Jing He put makeup on a 78-year-old old model and learned that the old model was going to participate in the promotion of red ginseng. He immediately thought of introducing Si Huijun’s grandfather to Si Huijun’s grandfather. Pearl did not say anything about driving Jinging He away and helping the old model. make up. Yuan Haixiao came to the beauty shop to find Jinghe for makeup, and Pearl came to grab business. The dean insisted on respecting the opinions of the guests and reminded Pearl to reflect on himself.

Jinghe carefully puts on makeup for Yuan Haexiao. Yuan Haixiao found her attitude careless, knowing that only Si Huijun was in her heart, and Jinghe did not shy away, admitting that he liked Si Huijun himself more, Yuan Haixiao was not convinced, but again Inconvenience manifested. Si Huijun then rushed to see Jinghe, Yuan Haixiao called his friends in front of him and shouted to show off that he was participating in a new play directed by Cui Shixun. Jinghe showed Si Huijun the performance of the old model, and wanted his grandfather Si Minji to participate.

Si Huijun came directly to Li Mincai to pay back the money. Li Mincai was surprised and hurriedly tidied up the messy room. Si Huijun wanted to repay the flight and accommodation fees she had paid in Milan. Li Mincai refused to accept it and encouraged him not to give up. After working hard to appear in Cui Shixun’s new movie, Si Huijun wanted to finish his military service and start all over again. Li Min felt it was too late.

Si Huijun came to find Jinghe and asked her to cut her hair short in anger, claiming that she was going to perform military service in ten days, and Jinghe was dumbfounded, and encouraged him not to give up, seize the remaining ten days and work harder, Si Huijun Immediately full of confidence. Jin Liying couldn’t find her earrings everywhere, she called Han Aishu to inquire, Han Aishu was chatting with Li Jingmei, and she asked Jin Liying to look for them.

Si Yingnan and Jin Changman get off work together. Jin Changman casually asked about the audition of Si Huijun’s new movie. Han Aishu and Si Yingnan didn’t say a word, and Li Jingmei hurriedly turned the topic off. Yuan Haixiao didn’t like her mother to follow him all day, so she asked her to go to the beauty salon to find Jinghe for treatment. Si Minji carefully selected the most handsome clothes and asked Si Huijun to teach him how to model. He learned a lot. Si Huijun went to the model training class to sign up for his grandfather. Li Mincai called him to meet him. Director Kim of the film company saw his boss Huijun and handed him a script called “Ping Fan”. Si Huijun read the script in one go.

Si Yingnan bought pork belly on the way from get off work and wanted to see Si Huijun off. He didn’t expect Si Huijun to change his mind and want to take a new movie. Si Yingnan gritted his teeth and threw the meat directly on him. Han Aishu desperately stopped Si Yingnan.

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