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First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 6 Recap

Bai Yuze was taking a cover photo of the young lady in the magazine, and then the young lady became interested in Bai Yuze and asked Bai Yuze, he is so handsome, so young, so talented, there must be many young ladies around him. After that, Bai Yuze didn’t speak, so she brushed up her hair. Then she said that she had a very good relationship with her boyfriend, and that she might have a wedding in Switzerland in the future. Bai Yuze asked if their relationship was good? The young lady said it was very good, so Bai Yuze approached, would I be there? So the two got close, and the young lady said to Bai Yuze, when will we meet next time? Bai Yuze said that there was no need to meet again, so Bai Yuze took out Xiong Yifan’s campus card, and then said that he had found something more interesting.

At this time Ding Ming and Xiong Yifan were watching the photography exhibition. Ding Ming and Xiong Yifan came to the photography exhibition together. They were very surprised by the pictures. Then, Ding Ming told Xiong Yi that last time a senior photographer helped him, he must Thanking him in person, Xiong Yifan felt that this person was very mysterious. Xiong Yifan accidentally scratched his skirt when he got on the elevator, and then Bai Yuze appeared to help Xiong Yifan take off his clothes and fasten Xiong Yifan, thinking that half of his legs were gone. Then Xiong Yifan felt that the voice was very familiar, and then he Asked the boys how to return their clothes recently, he said, shall get out of class be over? .

Xiong Yifan came to the classroom and sat next to Yan Ke. The teacher asked everyone to do the topic and began to write homework. But Xiong Yifan couldn’t write and kept his head tilted. Yan Ke asked Xiong Yifan to copy his homework. After class, Xiong Yifan walked out of the classroom. Then I ran into Bai Yuze. Bai Yuze took out the campus card and gave it back to Xiong Yifan. Bai Yuze said that if you want to thank yourself, please have a meal by yourself. Then, Xiong Yifan went with Bai Yuze. eat.

In the cafeteria, Bai Yuze and Xiong Yifan were eating together. Many people looked at them. Then Xiong Yifan said, “Why are so many people looking at us?” Then a grain of rice was glued to Bai Yuze’s face. Xiong Yifan helped him wipe it off. Everyone saw it. Yan Ke also saw Xiong Yifan wipe Bai Yuze’s face. Then Xiong Yifan and Ding Ming studied together. Xiong Yifan said that he I really can’t learn English, and it’s so noisy here, how can I learn it, then Ding Ming blamed Xiong Yifan, Xiong Yifan said, what if he gets more and more stupid?

Then Yan Ke sent a message and the two went to read a book together. Both of them were very happy. Then Yan Ke read English to Xiong Yifan. Xiong Yifan looked at Yan Ke’s profile very happy, because how about Xiong Yifan’s poem? Xiong Yifan said it was good, but is it just that the exams for CET-4 and CET-6 are so difficult? Yan Ke said, do you understand? Xiong Yifan said, he still knows a little bit.

Yan Ke returned to the dormitory and threw a sticker on the wall. He heard that everyone was grabbing tickets for the voice actor meeting, but some classmates did not grab it. So the roommate said that he liked something that others were also worried about. Not happy, so he thought of writing a love letter to Xiong Yifan. So in the evening, Yan Ke was writing a love letter to Xiong Yifan, and stuffed it onto the book that was read in the fourth level of the university, and gave it to Xiong Yifan the next day. Xiong Yifan went back to the bedroom and told Ding Ming that Ding Ming also had an identical book in his hand.

After that, Xiong Yifan said goodbye to the book that Yan Ke gave him, and gave Yan Ke points. Yan Ke was inquiring about what to do after confessing. He was very upset and couldn’t sleep, so he lay down again after a while. The next day, Yan Ke and Xiong Yifan met. Yan Ke asked if Xiong Yifan had read his notes. Xiong Yifan said that he had read it. Then Xiong Yifan said that the content might not suit him, so he apologized to Yan Ke. Yan Ke was disappointed and thought he was Rejected and left in a while.

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