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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 1 Recap

This is a story of the encounter between food and love. The female protagonist Gu Shengnan is very good at cooking delicious food, and her craftsmanship is amazing. Working as a back chef in a high-end hotel, he has a generous and kind personality, and gets along with his colleagues lively and harmoniously.

The sun accompanies the alarm clock to wake up the busy day. Gu Shengnan is ready to go to the back kitchen of the hotel. There are already three baskets of ingredients waiting for her to deal with. The attendant and colleagues around me are thinking about her good meal, called Slap Fried Rice. The smell of rice in the small kitchen was overflowing, and the attendant squeezed into the narrow aisle. Gu Shengnan suddenly remembered the lack of a condiment, and the attendant answered a phone call and left. The back kitchen was left unattended, and the wires caused a burst of flames. .

When he returned, the fire spread rapidly, burning various bottles and cans. Gu Shengnan ran out and immediately turned back with a basin of water.

The male protagonist Lu Jin is a cunning president. With the mentality of inspecting the back kitchen, he encounters an occasion when the back kitchen catches fire and the two meet. Gu Shengnan mistakenly believed that the president was an arsonist, and went with a basin of water, which is considered to have poured out a lot of hatred.

Because Lu Jin is here to buy the hotel, Gu Shengnan has caused a lot of trouble. The manager can’t wait for the kitchen to catch fire now, at least he is better than Lu Jin. Without a word, Gu Shengnan was called to come and threatened to leave. At the same time, I have to apologize to Lu Jin. It’s better to make things smaller. Lu Jin is full of grievances and tastes the delicious food served by the manager. This one is like plastic and the one is soaked in garlic. There was only one last fight, but he called for a bowl of slapped rice from Gu Shengnan, and Lu Jin miraculously changed his mind.

Unlucky wave after wave, Gu Shengnan’s friend Xu Zhaodi Bundi was tricked into losing his wallet, and yelled and screamed on the phone. Gu Shengnan’s inner righteousness rushed to the forehead and encouraged her to avenge her friend, but mistakenly identified the liar vehicle. , I spoofed Lu Jin’s sports car so hard, and got caught upright. What could be worse than catching the current one.

President Lu Jin stared at him bitterly and deeply, writing on his face whether this woman was a ghost or something, so that the shadows persisted.

Thirty-six tactics are the best plan. She panicked and babbled in Korean and was about to slip away. Unexpectedly, Lu Jin’s Korean was better than him, so she just started to communicate with her, and her heart languished, but now she could not go. Under the intimidation of Lu Jin, she was able to reenact the crime scene and take the video as evidence. With the handle in hand, Gu Shengnan could only apologize and promise to pay. Lu Jin wrote a phone call on her bag, continued to threaten, and called the police without responding for half an hour.

Unfortunately, today is Lu Jin’s birthday. The assistant suggested a lot of leisure options. Lu Jin didn’t give a little bit of face. He ignored the assistant himself and the boring suggestions made by him. He went out to search for food by himself, but the navigation came to him. Go to a food stall.

Gu Shengnan also came to the food stall to see Grandpa. The outdoor tables and chairs were hung with colorful lights, surrounded by smoke and fire, and the sound of frying and scooping pots and bowls continued to add meaning to the atmosphere. Everything was slow, comfortable and lazy.

Grandpa sat on the table and greeted Gu Shengnan’s resignation. He said a few words of homely pull and comfort. After saying that, he stuffed her a big red envelope and lamented that he had no children and Gu Shengnan was reluctant to mention his grandfather’s son. , Her father. When Grandpa sighed and turned to leave, he told Gu Shengnan not to touch his spatula.

A straightforward and simple granddaughter like her, of course, is carrying her grandfather on her back, how can she be a good girl who talks about it.

At Lu Jin’s food stall table, he had a bowl of flower beetle powder before he took a seat. He was fascinated by his doubts about the color, smell and taste. He moved his chopsticks and ate with gusto. After hearing the sound of cooking in the kitchen, he stepped in and got ready to see the true face of Lushan. The chef in front of him turned his back on his back, fastened his apron neatly, the turban was squarely tightened, the headband was well rounded, and he was skillful in turning the spoon and sauce. Of course, he was also prepared to use his grandfather’s frying scoop.

It is also said that the praying mantis catches the cicada and the oriole is behind, the one who beats and beats in front is Gu Shengnan, and the one to find out is Lu Jin, who knows that there is also Gu Shengnan’s grandfather behind. Grandpa was wondering why there would be strangers in the kitchen. Just after opening his mouth, Lu Jin didn’t say a word, but Gu Shengnan lowered his head and knelt down and disappeared.

Gu Shengnan, who got out of the dingy, ran away in a hurry, and couldn’t take care of knocking off a spoon during the period. Lu Jin picked it up and thought about it, panicked for himself when he entered the kitchen, and then put away the spoon. After all, the female chef just now was really interested, or he didn’t know whether he was interested in flower beetle powder or female chef.

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