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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 34 End Recap

Su Wenli saw Jiang Yinong and Ding Rushan embarrassed. She thought Ding Rushan’s actions were very disgusting. Ding Rushan was a complete lunatic. Not only did he think he was right, but also that all betrayals must be punished. It was almost time. Ding Rushan left Su Wenli to Jiang Yinong to guard him. He went to prepare for himself.

Su Wenli was thinking about the way to get out. She asked Jiang Yinong about what Ding Rushan had done ten years ago. , But they didn’t succeed, and he knew that Ding Rushan would not succeed this time, but he would take advantage of Ding Rushan’s failure and dash against him to get rid of Ding Rushan completely.

Luo Qiuheng saw Suyun in the hut. He and Suyun tried their best to untie each other’s rope, while Ding Rushan was preparing to drain Su Wenli’s blood to save his daughter. Ding Rushan loves her daughter. That’s right, but he was as selfish as a madman. He deprived other children of their lives and wanted to kill Su Wenli. Su Wenli asked about the whereabouts of her sister, Ding Rushan took out the portrait of Su Wenfei he had drawn, and told Su Wenli of Su Wenfei’s whereabouts.

He dragged a rope to a female body that had already dried up. Landing slowly, it turned out that Ding Rushan and Jiang Yinong made the children including her sister into pottery figurines, and Ding Rushan did not allow Su Wenli to struggle, and forcibly poured Su Wenli a glass of wine.

It didn’t take long for Su Wenli to I can see her sister. Su Wenli was weakly slumped on a chair after being drunk. She mentioned Jiang Yinong’s mockery of Ding Rushan and provoked the relationship between the two. Jiang Yinong wanted to shoot Su Wenli to death, but Ding Rushan noticed Jiang Yinong’s betrayal. He and Jiang Yinong became enemies and wounded each other with gunshots.

Luo Qiuheng came out of the hut with a broken window. He wrestled with Ding Rushan, and finally inserted the knife into Ding Rushan’s body. Seeing that the two were about to leave, Ding Rushan opened the mechanism before dying and completely sealed the two from him. He was in the secret room, and the gas released in the secret room made Luo Qiuheng confused. Just when everything was in desperation, Xiao Taozi and Shen Xiaoan and his party arrived in time. They opened the mechanism, Luo Qiuheng came out with Su Wenli, and Shen Xiaoan also Coming out with the injured Suyun, Luo Qiuheng knew that Su Wenfei was Su Wenli’s heart knot, and he let Shen Xiaoan rush into the secret room to bring out Su Wenfei who had become a pottery figurine.

Everything has returned to normal, Su Wenli held a funeral for Su Wenfei, and left the hairband by Wenfei’s side forever. A few days later, Luo Qiuheng gave up the opportunity to patrol the house on Fuxi Road, decided to stay on this road and stay with Su Wenli, and Su Wenli also arrived on her birthday, Luo Qiuheng and Shen Xiaoan rushed to Su’s house, Shen Xiaoan had already A bouquet was prepared for Luo Qiuheng. Luo Qiuheng came to Su Wenli with the flowers and asked Su Wenli to make a wish on the cake. After Su Wenli made a wish and cut the cake with Luo Qiuheng, Qiu’s mother took everyone away, leaving the living room for the two to dance together. Su Wenli already knew about Luo Qiuheng’s promotion. Luo Qiuheng gave up this promotion for Su Wenli.

The two danced together warmly and embraced and kissed each other. Shen Xiaoan was also about to kiss Little Taozi, but a phone call suddenly rang. , The phone interrupted Shen Xiaoan, Shen Xiaoan came to Luo Qiuheng to take the key, and also interrupted the two of them. Su Wenli was not a weak and weak woman. Without a word, she decided to follow Luo Qiuheng to investigate the case. Luo Qiuheng borrowed Su. Wenli’s car did not let Su Wenli go with him, but after a few minutes of driving out, he turned around and let Su Wenli go with him.

A Mercedes-Benz car is heading towards the direction of Baile. Su Wenli and Luo Heheng in the car have long been in a tacit understanding. Since they met, every bit of the two has been in their minds. The prosperous era of Shanghai may be When it is over, the case in the patrol room may disappear, but the story between the two will never end. The tacit understanding and feelings between Miss Su and Inspector Luo have been deeply rooted unconsciously.


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