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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 26 End Recap

Shao Yifeng came to help Lin Jiaojiao write the code, and then I showed everyone how to write the code. Everyone felt that the writing was very good. Lin Jiaojiao also agreed with Shao Yifeng to write the code. Then everyone said that Lin Jiaojiao had a hand injury this time. Well, so Ye Angyu went to check the tram, and it was indeed artificial. Lin Jiaojiao said who was so wicked, so Lin Jiaojiao told Ye Angyu that Mr. Yu had come to find herself recently and wanted to dig herself to their company.

Personally, I never thought that Mr. Yu was so mean. At this time, Shao Yifeng was writing code for Lin Jiaojiao at the company, and then Shao Yifeng told Lin Jiaojiao that he changed a place and shortened the code. Lin Jiaojiao praised Shao Yifeng and played with them. stand up.

Everyone told Lin Jiaojiao to avenge her for a while. Ye Angtong saw Lin Jiaojiao and Shao Yifeng fighting, so he became jealous, so he walked out of the company, and then Lin Jiaojiao followed out, and Lin Jiaojiao stopped. Ye Angyu, but Ye Angyu did not stop. After a while, Lin Jiaojiao drank Ye Angyu and hit him on the head. So Ye Angyu said that he had hit her eyes, and Ye Angyu said that she would let herself After hitting Lin Jiaojiao, Lin Jiaojiao agreed and closed her eyes, but Ye Angjin did not hit Lin Jiaojiao, but kissed Lin Jiaojiao.

Ye Angjin told Lin Jiaojiao that he didn’t want to be just a brother with her. , Wanted to be her boyfriend, and then Lin Jiaojiao said, let’s be a man by herself. Ye Angjin said that she would be Lin Jiaojiao’s little wife, and the two happily hugged her. The next day, Lin Jiaojiao and others were waiting for the update from Gathering. Lin Jiaojiao said that it had been a few days, but the download volume was still 1 million less. Ye Angqi asked Lin Jiaojiao to come over and take the medicine, and then gave it back.

After Lin Jiaojiao ate a candy, everyone saw that the two people were very abnormal. Then Ye Angyu kissed Lin Jiaojiao. Everyone saw it. Everyone was very surprised that they were together. Dige asked when they were together. together. Since then, the download volume of Time has exceeded 20 million. More and more cooperative companies called everyone, saying that they wanted to invest. The next day Xu Jiaxiu came to the meeting and spoke on the podium.

There was a girl who found the boy years ago through the software of picking up light, and the number of downloads of picking up light went up again. Xiaoda asked when he could pass the CPA, which was very distressed. Everyone came to eat hot pot at night, and then everyone said that Teacher Sam had started to post articles again, but this time it was time to praise. Shao Yifeng said that Teacher Sam was very good, and then Ye Angqi let Shao Yifeng sit down and Lin Jiaojiao let Ye Don’t be so fierce, Ang Jin was counting money for a while, but she was about to have a baby, so everyone took her to the hospital.

The next day, Ye Anggu found that the data of the fleeting year was higher than theirs. Then Ye Angguo asked if the fleeting year would falsify the data. Xu Jiaxiu said that it might be. Afterwards, everyone said that a waiter posted a video of fake data on the Internet. Everyone said that the waiter was really enthusiastic.

Then Xu Jiaxiu said that this is not an enthusiastic waiter, but everyone’s old acquaintances, Ye Angyu and Xu Jiaxiu. I went to the company to find Zhou Yunbo and hoped that Zhou Yunbo could come back. Zhou Yunbo followed Xu Jiaxiu and the others back to the company. Everyone welcomed them. Zhou Yunbo said that he would not leave again. So everyone set up another office for Zhou Yunbo, Zhou Yunbo was very happy, and then asked Zhou Yunbo to work immediately, and everyone left and started working.

President Song decided to terminate his investment in fleeting years. President Song was resting under the office building, remembering the scene of Lu Jia meeting back then, thinking in his heart, if he had shared an umbrella at that time, he would not have met Lu Jia. . Everyone came to attend the wedding of Dad Lu and Aunt Jiang. Shao Yifeng changed his hairstyle and clothes. Everyone thought Shao Yifeng had become very handsome, so everyone knew that Shaw Yifeng was the famous teacher of Sam. They were very surprised. At this time, Dad Lu Aunt He Jiang played.

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