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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 19 Recap

Shi Guang was shortlisted for the new project, and then the host invited Xu Jiaxiu to give a speech, so when Xu Jiaxiu introduced his project, he explained that his project is to find anyone through the six-layer relationship, and then lead everyone to find an experiment. Is anyone willing? After that, Xu Jiaxiu picked someone up to do the activity. Then, Xu Jiaxiu asked this gentleman to give an example. Then the student gave an example of his professor, mentor and senior. Then everyone thought this example was very interesting. Xu Jiaxiu said, that’s it. .

The next day Lin Jiaojiao was knitting a sweater. At this time, when Lu Jia saw it, she wanted to come forward and chat with Lin Jiaojiao, but Dige asked Lu Jia not to disturb Lin Jiaojiao, and then everyone was waiting for news of the new project shortlisted. , Let everyone stay calm, and then someone called. Ye Angguo answered the phone. After answering the phone, Ye Angguo looked unhappy. Everyone thought the new project did not win the bid. After a while, Ye Angguo suddenly told everyone Said that the new project had won the bid, so everyone was very happy, and went to the sweet restaurant to eat hot pot in the evening. Ye Angyu said that the new project may have about 50 million yuan.

The next day, all the employees of the company went to travel together. Ye Angjun said, if you say whoever is at the end, whoever burns the fire, then everyone ran and saw Shao Yifeng coming. Everyone in the room, everyone was thinking about how six people would sleep with only four beds, Shao Yifeng Asked to sleep with Ye Angyu, and then everyone agreed that Shao Yifeng was very noisy in the room and kept singing. So Ye Angqi asked Shao Yifeng to keep his voice down. Dige and the other two were playing games together, but lost. , A few people went out to barbecue together, at this time Xu Jiaxian was basking in the sun.

Everyone had a barbecue together. Afterwards, Lin Jiaojiao and Shao Yifeng talked about what they had done when they were young. When Shao Yifeng was young, he was very good at playing in the water, so Ye Angyu said what’s good about it. Then Ye Angyu and I went to the competition with Shaw Yifeng, Shaw Yifeng took a brick, Ye Angyu let Shao Yifeng put it down, Shaw Yifeng picked up the small stone tablets, and it was really better for Shaw Yifeng to take the water, and everyone was still having a barbecue at night. Xu Jiaxiu suggested that everyone talk about it.

Talking about the thoughts in his heart, Ye Angjun said that he is not a person who likes to work, and he believes that a person is Xu Jiaxiu, he is the brother of high school, and when Xu Jiaxiu returns to China, he will start a company with him. I continued to move to Bogo’s company. Later colleagues joined in one after another. Other high school classmates, Lu Jia, were very happy to meet everyone and were able to get along with everyone. Then everyone spoke.

Everyone was drunk in the evening. The next day Xu Jiaxiu received a call and then told everyone that he had received an investment of 200 million yuan. Everyone was very happy. Then the boss came to Xu Jiaxiu’s company to check and started working in a while. The boss said that Xu Jiaxiu’s company documents are complete, and then Lu Jia planned to invite Zhu Yali to dinner, because she was her former university classmate or roommate and an old acquaintance. Later, Xu Jiaxiu gave Lu Jia a card to reimburse the meal. , Lu Jia and Zhu Yali were having dinner. Zhu Yali asked if Lu Jia had a boyfriend.

Then, Lu Jia said that she had already seen her boyfriend, and then told Zhu Yali that she had already seen him. And said that it was the handsome boss of the company, so Zhu Yali said again, why did Lu Jia always have a relationship with the boss? At that time, the relationship between Lu Jia and Mr. Song had been spread throughout the company, so why couldn’t he learn it? Later, Lu Jia thought that Zhu Yali had misunderstood. Lu Jia said that he did not need outsiders to take care of his affairs, and that he and Xu Jiaxiu were only a pure couple. Then Zhu Yali said that Lu Jia actually felt that she was an outsider. Then Zhu Yali got up and left, Lu Jia Very helpless.

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