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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 3 Recap

Shengzhou King Xiao Shangyuan suddenly passed away, Xiao Chengrui coveted the throne

Xiao Chengrui hurried back to Shengzhou after receiving the secret report. Xiao Chengxu stayed at ease without knowing it. He followed a palace man to find Helan Mingyu, and suddenly heard a harsh whistle, Xiao Chengxu quickly pulled Helan Mingyu to check the situation, and found that a spy had sneaked in. The two outflanked and blocked the spy, depending on the situation, he was Xiqi’s spy, because only Yonglin and Xiqi would use the goshawk to pass news!

The spy blew the whistle and attracted the Goshawk, and Helan Mingyu was almost injured, thanks to Xiao Chengxu who saved her in time. The spy put a needle on Xiao Chengxu’s neck and ran away. Helan Mingyu quickly removed his clothes to check for injuries. Fortunately, the needle was not poisonous, just put some medicine on it. After finishing these tasks, Helan Mingyu turned and left. Xiao Chengxu looked at her back and felt uneasy.

Although the poison of Shengzhou Wang Xiao Shangyuan has been defused, his body has not recovered. He suddenly vomited blood in the hall that day, and Princess Mu, who was by his side, hurriedly called for an imperial physician. Xiao Shangyuan knew that he was afraid that he would not be able to live today. Xiao Shangyuan thought a lot about Dasheng’s future. She told Princess Mu that he wanted to pass on the throne to Xiao Chengxu. Princess Mu always thought that he was in favor of Xiao Chengrui, and Xiao Shangyuan had indeed thought about it.

He, but Xiao Chengrui always wanted to make drastic restructuring, so the result is not a big achievement or a big defeat, and the current Dasheng cannot afford to lose. Xiao Chengxu was kind since he was a child, knows etiquette and rules. In him, Xiao Shangyuan can see how he looked when he was young, so he thinks Xiao Chengxu is more suitable to be the king of Dasheng. He hopes Xiao Chengxu can become a hero of Dasheng. But this decision was only afraid that the four princes would not agree to it, and what he was most afraid of now was the misfortune of the Xiao Qiang brothers.

Xiao Shangyuan’s breath still exists, but he can’t write a will now, because the four princes are not there. Only Princess Mu hearing his will and holding the will, will threaten the safety of their mother and child. Xiao Shangyuan decided to wait for the arrival of the four princes before writing a will and telling them face to face that this was his decision. Xiao Shangyuan had met many women in his life, but only Princess Mu was in his heart, but she was the most sorry for her. Princess Mu burst into tears. Xiao Shangyuan vomited blood again and asked Princess Mu to wipe away the tears and put on a crown for him.

In any case, he is still the king of prosperity! Princess Mu put on the crown for Xiao Shangyuan, Xiao Shangyuan lost his breath, Princess Mu saw that Xiao Shangyuan had died, and immediately fell to the ground and wept bitterly. Xiao Chengrui hurried back with his whip all the way, only to hear the miserable crying in the palace, he and Xiao Chengyao knelt outside the door together, and smashed their heads. Xiao Chengyao told Xiao Chengrui that Xiao Shangyuan had not left a legacy, only Princess Mu knew his last words, but in any case, he would always support Xiao Chengrui, and Xiao Chengrui looked solemn after hearing it.

The envoy from Xiqi came to Yonglin again and said that he would take the princess to fulfill the marriage contract, because only Situ Kun’s personal seal was on the resignation letter, which could not be counted. Helan Mingzhe categorically refused, but Xiqi’s envoy left a sentence saying that he would send troops to crusade if he didn’t fulfill the marriage contract. Helan Mingzhe was very angry. Helan Ke said he would go to Xiao Chengxu to discuss sending troops now, and Xiqi would not dare to commit another crime. .

However, at this time, they received the news that Xiao Shang was away from the world. Helan Mingzhe is very nervous when he learns that Xiao Shang is away from the world. Now the grand prosperous country has no time to take care of the others. Only by letting Helan Wanyin fulfill the marriage contract can he keep Yonglin. Helan Wanyin cried and begged him, Helan Mingyu begged him to let herself go on behalf of Helan Wanyin, but Helan Mingzhe told Helan Wanyin that this was her responsibility as the princess of Yonglin and could not escape. . In desperation, He Lan Wanyin left with the envoy of Xiqi, she still carried the cloak of Xiao Chengrui beside her.

Helan Yunqi can’t stay in Yonglin for a long time at the new funeral of the Dasheng monarch. Helan Mingyu accompanies Helan Yunqi to find Xiao Chengxu and join Xiao Chengrui. Xiao Chengxu hurried back to Dasheng on horseback, and saw Xiao Shangyuan’s coffin with regret. He was late and didn’t see Xiao Shangyuan for the last time. Xiao Chengxu cried and said to Xiao Shangyuan that he would remember his words to be a great hero and not let him down. Princess Mu told Xiao Chengxu that she had a big problem in her heart. She asked Xiao Chengxu whether she believed in herself, everything she did was for Xiao Chengxu’s good, Xiao Chengxu naturally believed in her mother. Princess Mu came to Xiao Chengrui and talked with him alone if she had something to do.

Princess Mu told him that Xiao Shangyuan’s legacy was to pass on the throne to Xiao Chengxu, and Xiao Chengli to assist in the government, but this is not necessary. If Xiao Chengrui wants to be king, she can fulfill him. Princess Mu knew that although Xiao Chengli was the leader of the four princes, everything was led by Xiao Chengrui. Xiao Chengxu couldn’t beat the four princes without help, and there would be life concerns if he could not. Xiao Chengyao just used it for himself, doing everything. Princess Mu claimed that everything she said was sincere and sincere, as long as he could save Xiao Chengxu’s life, he would be willing to go to hell.

Xiao Chengrui asked Princess Mu about Xiao Chengxu’s attitude. Princess Mu said that she didn’t tell Xiao Chengxu about this matter. He was taught and loved by Xiao Chengrui since he was a child, even if he gave him the throne. Xiao Chengrui suddenly became angry when he heard this. Xiao Shangyuan’s bones were not cold, and Princess Mu was here to change his will, which was really annoying. Princess Mu realized that she might have done something wrong in doing this.

Xiao Chengrui turned his head back to the room with mixed feelings. Xiao Shangyuan personally said that Dasheng would be handed over to him, but now he didn’t mention a word. Since Xiao Chengrui remembered it, he followed Xiao Shang to fight all over the world, and for his ambition to dominate the world. He didn’t dare to relax, but now he gave the throne to Xiao Chengxu, who had no military merits and no qualifications, and was only seventeen years old. How could he be embarrassed by ignoring his efforts for so many years.

Helan Yunqi brought Helan Mingyu to Shengzhou, but Xiao Chengrui’s men brought Xiao Chengxu and Xiao Chengxuan, saying that Xiao Chengrui let them come. Originally, they wanted to enter the palace to house Xiao Shangyuan’s coffin, but they met Xiao Chengrui’s men on the way. Say nothing to let them into the palace. Helan Yunqi quickly asked De’an, Xiao Chengrui’s guard, and De’an said that Xiao Chengrui felt messy in the palace and told them to stay here first. Helan Yunqi was afraid of their impulsiveness, so she decided to ask herself.

Xiao Chengyao and others were very angry when they heard the rumor that they would pass on the throne to Xiao Chengxu, but Xiao Chengrui told them that this was not a rumor. Since the throne was determined, it would be good to support Xiao Chengxu with all his strength. But I didn’t want to, Xiao Chengyao asked De’an to send Xiao Chengxu and Xiao Chengxuan to Helan Yunqi without discussing with Xiao Chengrui, and they were not allowed to see Princess Mu no matter what happened. Although Xiao Chengrui was a little angry, the throne was a step away from him. It was really not a time for indecision. He was really a little hard to decide where to go.

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