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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 1 Recap

At the end of the Liang Dynasty, the national power declined, and the northern boundary of the Liang Dynasty was divided into three countries: Shengzhou, Xiqi, and Yonglin. On the Yonglin grassland, Helan Mingyu, the monarch of the Yonglin Kingdom, and his brother are hunting together. Every time Helan Mingyu takes the lead in shooting the prey. The brother can’t help but praise her and jokingly said Helan Mingyu is like this Brave and stout, he didn’t know what kind of man he would marry in the future to be tamed. He said that when he was a child, a master gave Helan Mingyu fortune-telling, saying that she would be a mother in the world. It seems that she will be domesticated by the emperor in the future.

Helan Mingyu is about to refute. At this time, the maid came to report that the eldest son of Xiqi would forcibly marry his sister Helan Wanyin. Helan Mingyu and his brother hurried back to the palace. Helan Mingyu saw that his sister Helan Wanyin had already cried into tears, but no matter how she interceded, Helan Mingzhe, the king of Yonglin, remained unmoved. In fact, he was also very impressed. Helpless, because Yonglin’s national power is small, he and Xiqi made an intermarriage agreement that year, so now he cannot regret the marriage.

The Liang army repeatedly violated the Shengzhou border. Shengzhou Wang Xiao Shangyuan led his army to meet the enemy, but he was surrounded by the Liang army. At this time, the third highness Xiao Chengrui was coming with reinforcements. Xiao Shangyuan encouraged everyone to stand and wait for the reinforcements. . King Liang was resting in the tent of the Chinese Army. Suddenly, the guards came to report that he had captured a spy in Shengzhou, and he was charged into the tent. Hearing the spies talking, King Beam felt very strange. At this moment, the army tent outside suddenly caught fire. King Liang knew that this person was bad, so he sternly asked who he was.

The spies said it was too late, then quickly showed off his short sword, and said that King Yongan rushed towards him. In order to rescue his father, he came up with a plan to encircle Wei and save Zhao. He took a small number of soldiers alone and took the enemy’s head. He killed King Liang with a single blow, and the army was in a state of disarray. At this time, the Third Highness, Xiao Chengrui, also led his troops. The brothers worked together to clean up the remnants of the beam. Wang Shengzhou was rescued unscathed. Xiao Shangyuan was very pleased to see his sons courageous and courageous. Reward the heroes. But just when he turned around, he suddenly fainted and fell on the ground.

After returning to the palace, the imperial physician found that Xiao Shangyuan had poisoned Xiqi’s poison. This poison was very toxic, and the antidote had to be retrieved quickly. His Highness Xiao Chengrui assured his father that their brothers would definitely go to Xiqi to get the antidote and save his father from danger. His Royal Highness Xiao Chengxu hurriedly found the third brother and asked him to go to Xiqi to get the antidote. However, he did not rush to see the third brother. He did not intend to grab the time at all, and ordered himself to stay in the palace. Let him participate in this operation.

Situ Kun, the eldest son of the Western Qi Dynasty, sent people to marry Helan Wanyin. Halfway through the journey, Helan Mingyu brought her maid Zhener to catch up, and Zhener stuffed a bag of gold to the leader and told her that because the sisters love Helan Mingyu. Yu wanted to say goodbye to her sister for the last time, so please be convenient for the team leader. After receiving the benefits, the team leader told Zhen’er that they would rest in the inn in the town ahead. At this time, the Third Highness of Shengzhou, Xiao Chengxu, had already ran out of the palace and had been following the Xiqi team for a long time.

When Helan Mingyu saw her elder sister, the two exchanged costumes and ordered them to be sent back to her elder sister, while he pretended to be Helan Wanyin and went to Xiqi for her. At night, an unexpected guest came to Helan Mingyu’s room, and he was Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Chengxu pressed the whereabouts of Situ Kun, the eldest son of Xiqi, and learned that Situ Kun was not here at all, so he had to decide to go to Xiqi. Both of them saw that the other party was not an enemy, so they decided to work together. Xiao Chengxu gave her an idea. Maoercao made a red rash on his face, and Helan Mingyu made him pretend to be his groom. In this way, the two tacitly followed the Xiqi team on the road.

When he arrived at the Xiqi Palace, the eldest son Situ Kun was watching the singing and dancing. He ordered Helan Mingyu to take off the turban. When she saw her face full of rashes, her interest was greatly diminished. Others present also sighed and laughed at He. Lan Mingyu is so ugly. Situ Kun was about to return Helan Mingyu to Yonglin State, but was stopped by the national teacher. Xiao Chengxu sneaked into the Imperial Medicine Room to steal the antidote, but was discovered. He was chased all the way into Helan Mingyu’s temporary residence and escaped under the cover of Helan Mingyu.

The two confided each other’s details and decided to cover each other to achieve their respective goals. Especially when Helan Mingyu learned that the King of Shengzhou was very poisonous, he decided to help, because his lips were dead and his teeth were cold, Shengzhou was on the periphery of Yonglin. It is precisely because of the rivalry between Shengzhou and Daliang that Yonglin can have a party. Safe.

They held Doctor Lin and got the antidote to cure the poison, but the thoughtful Xiao Chengxu didn’t fully believe in the Doctor Lin. He fed the doctor Lin a poison that he brought to him and forced him to return with him. In Shengzhou, if the doctor Lin’s antidote is true, he can treat his father, and he will help him detoxify. At the same time, he also asked Taiyi Lin to report to Situ Kun that Helan Wanyin, the lord of Yonglin County, had a disease and had now infected him. In order not to infect other people, Taiyi Lin had left the palace to isolate herself. When Situ Kun heard the news, he hurriedly notified Yong Linguo and asked to divorce.

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