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Minor March Episode 24 End (First Season) Recap

Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 24 End Recap

Park Qicai still told Park Jae-jung, in fact, it was not her own help to return the final payment this time, but Park Jae-jiao prepared the prosecution materials overnight, and the publisher agreed to pay. Park Jae-jung apologized to him, saying that he had misunderstood him, and knew he would not leave him alone. The day of violin selection came soon. Seeing everyone playing well, Park Qi Cai was very worried about Quan Hee Jung.

However, Quan Hee was on the court very quickly, using his strength to prove his name as a genius, but only Park Qi Cai knew how much effort Quan Hee had put in behind this genius. She was completely persuaded by Quan Hee Jung’s piano sound, and she also thought that she would work hard to become an excellent pianist. But fortunately, Kwon Hee lived up to expectations and was selected into the Whale Orchestra, and Park Qi Cai jumped up with joy.

Park Zaiyu took picturesof Lin Yi carefully, took her out to relax, and finally built up some confidence for Lin Yi, and the two finally began to practice dancing seriously. Lin Yi was always in a tight state because she was boxing with her father in school for a long time. She didn’t even know how to relax. He Yuanzhu asked Park Qicai to go shopping with him and eat barbecue by the way. Park Qicai finally refused her because she wanted to practice piano. She walked out of the classroom, found Quan Xizheng, and the two went to the practice hall happily holding hands.

Park Qi Cai pulled Quan Hee Jung and asked him to sit next to him and train with him. Because of Kwon Hee-jung’s joining and company, Park Qicai seemed a lot more confident. After the training, Park Qicai took the initiative to find a teacher and ask her about piano scores. On this day, the teacher suddenly held a meeting for everyone, saying that the school’s summer music performance was about to begin, but there was something temporary at home, so I had to find a temporary substitute instructor in the orchestra.

Park Qicai immediately recommended Kwon Hee Jong to the teacher as the substitute instructor. Kwon Hee Jung said that she was busy preparing to apply for the Juilliard School of Music recently, so she may not have time, so she recommended Park Qicai as the substitute instructor. Very affinity, can bring everyone together, and also help her. The teacher felt reasonable and agreed to his suggestion.

Park Jae-Yu went home and asked Park Jae-shang how he could relax a person faster. Park Jae-shang asked him to take Lin Yi to a horse to try. Park Qicai told Quan Xizheng in private that she would not be the substitute coach. Quan Xizheng encouraged her and said that she had done a good job before and that she would help her by the side. Park Qicai was like a chicken blood, staying up late to study, she was still full of vitality.

As soon as she changed her previous style, she came to the practice hall as the first one, but on the first day of the contemporary class guidance, she encountered most people who did not come for excuses, so Pu Qicai had to go and invite them one by one. She lowered her stance and said to the absent classmates that she knew that many classmates did not like to be a substitute instructor, but if they objected to her, she could raise it, but don’t absent from practice because of this.

Park Qicai returned to the practice hall with nothing, and found that everyone had left. He happened to meet Director Kong to inspect the hall and was very angry when he saw the empty practice hall. Park Qicai hurriedly explained that all the students had gone to the bathroom, and said that he knew the importance of this concert, so he would lead everyone to practice well and would not shame the school. Director Kong told her that the school took this concert very seriously, and if something went wrong, he would definitely ask them.

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