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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 7 Recap

Long Teng learned that a woman had come to confess his relatives and brought a child and said it was the third child. The angry boss chased Long Fei around with a whip, thinking that the romantic history of the third child had damaged the reputation of the Long family so much that he was in the ancestors. Kneeling in front of me, I thought about it. Feng Wu told Long Yue about the future of the dragon and confirmed that Xiao Bao was the son of Long Fei. Long Yue thought Xiao Bao was clever and cute. Xiao Bao said that he missed his father and behaved poorly. He missed his father.

There is a daddy, he is very envious of the other children, so Long Teng and Long Yue decided to keep her in the house, but there is one condition, let Xiaobao pretend to be the son of Master Shi to lure the bad guys. Long Yue asked Xiaobao to disguise as an illegitimate son of the Shi family to come to the mourning hall of the Shifu to lure the murderer. As expected, a woman appeared. When she hugged the child, she was caught by the young Master Long who was ambushing around her. Later, she was found in the palace. People, at this time someone reported to Kundian people to surround Shifu.

Muer came to the inn and learned that Teacher Zheng had accidentally fallen into the water and drowned on the second day after they left. Just when there was a question, a group of assassins suddenly attacked. Shu Bo and a group of people walked into the Shifu and asked why Long Teng had come to Shifu after being suspended. Long Yue told him how he spread rumors and asked Bo’er to play the role of a child in the secret room and designed to lure the real murderer to appear. Shu Bo explained. The woman Ji Yan is the maid in the palace. He deliberately sent her to explore the way ahead of time. Ji Yan also hurriedly said that was the case. At this moment, the guard carried out a decomposing body. Ji Yan was heartbroken when she saw it, and Shu Bo turned Said that the last one of the historians had been found and left with Ji Yan.

Mu’er fought with the assassin, and when Long Sanye arrived, Mu’er was also injured. Erlong felt that the court lady was abnormal, and the case could not be resolved no matter what, when Long Sanye returned with the injured Muer, Muer fainted in Long Yue’s arms. Concubine Shu Gui laughed and Ji Yan cast herself into the trap. She talked about giving birth to a child and then sending her out to the palace. Then Concubine Shu took out the wooden box containing the cut off fingers of the child and threw it to her.

Ji Yan was heartbroken after seeing it. Lung, crying that Concubine Shu did not let go of the child. It turned out that Shu Bo killed Shi Zechun’s family that day and walked into the secret room to kill the child. The blood splashed on the bricks. Shu Bo showed it to Shi Boyin in prison that day. The thin gift from Concubine Shu Gui was this severed finger. Uncle Yin knew that the child was dead and could not preserve the blood of the emperor, but in the end he asked Shu Bo to let Ji Yan off and admit that the crime was committed by himself.

On the day of questioning, Long Yue found that Ju Mu’er had not been somewhere. On the day of execution, Shi Boyin was sent to the guillotine and Yun Qingxian and Shu Bo supervised the execution . Regardless of the injury to his eyes, Mu’er came to the execution ground with a sword to rescue the master. Long Yue saw Ju Mu’er from the crowd and held her in his arms. Yun Qingxian pretended to prevent Mu’er from discovering his true face. Can’t bear to kill Master Yin. Before the executioner was about to behead his head, an order came from the palace, and Ji Yan came here to read it. Because Shi Boyin had excellent piano skills before, let him play another song before he died. Shi Boyin played Fuxi. Before Shi Boyin’s play, he glanced at Ji Yan and remembered everything he had with her before his death. He also glanced at Muer, hoping that he could understand the master’s intention.

Mu Ersang was desperate, sitting on the ground and refused to get up, letting the rain wet himself. At this time, Little Treasure came and brought Mu’er an umbrella, hoping that Sister Mu’er would stop crying. Mu’er followed the city wall step by step. Moving forward, remembering the twilight scene of Master Yu before, the tears in his eyes couldn’t stop. Long Yue has been even behind Mu’er, telling the master that he is dead, don’t deceive yourself anymore. Long Yue persuaded Mu’er that she wanted to live, so that someone could help his master to clear the grievances. And back home with Muer on his back, Xiaobao and Erlong were playing Go in the Long’s courtyard. I didn’t expect that this kid, Xiaobao, was a big kid, and was very clever. I knew that Long Yue was interesting to Muerguliang, what he said. Long Yue didn’t know how to reply.

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