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Mengbao Tianxiang: President Daddy, Please Accept the Move

Mengbao Tianxiang: President Daddy, please accept the move (Novel)
Other Name: 萌宝天降:总裁爹地请接招

Genre: novel, President wealthy
Author: Nannan
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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The family was in trouble, and her father went to jail. She had to dedicate her life to her fiancé in exchange for his father’s safety, but unexpectedly, she accidentally provoked the mysterious president and favored her overnight. I thought that there would be no intersection from now on, but unexpected evidence sprouted secretly… Four years later, she returned with a genius Mengbao. The President comes to visit every day—”Woman, I stole my little tadpole. I must give birth to another one!”

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