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Alice Episode 6 Recap

Li Shixun told Park Jinqian about the language book, Park Jinqian wants to know the ending of the above about time travel. But Li Shixun said that only one teacher knows the ending, and Park Sunling also tried to find that teacher. Kim Do-yeon knew that the police station under which Lee Se-hoon was arrested was Songpa Police Station. During the investigation of the files, Park Jin-qian found a picture of Yoo Min-hyuk and wanted to find Yoo Min-hyuk. The members of Alice were also surprised that Park Jinqian suddenly investigated the 1992 case. He originally suspected that Park Sunling did it, but Liu Minhyuk denied it.

Yin Taiyi studied the time-space card and forgot the time and forgot to eat. Park Jinqian went to the cake shop and bought the bread that Park Sunling liked. Unexpectedly, he also liked it. The two continue to discuss time travel. Hawking believes that if negative energy is generated, wormholes can be opened to produce time travel. The time card also has such a procedure, which is very similar to the Yin Taiyi research team, and Shi Wuyuan asked Yin Taiyi to study it in 2010.

Shi Wuyuan prayed in the church. Park Zhenqian came over to question him, but Shi Wuyuan said that he couldn’t say anything yet and asked him to investigate the cat’s case, otherwise he would not be able to believe this. Shi Wuyuan also mentioned that Park Zhenqian was Very important person. Yin Taiyi caught up to see Park Zhenqian pulling Shi Wuyuan’s tie, and hurriedly persuade him. Yoon Tae-I encourages Park Jin-qian to find out the secret of the time card anyway.

The process of Li Shixun’s arrest was very strange. He did not have any fingerprints and ID cards, and his ankle injury was well recovered. Kim Do-yeon was going to do an interview again, when she suddenly saw Park Jin-qian bringing milk tea for herself, thinking that he was getting better. In fact, Park Jin-hem wanted to ask Kim Do-yeon to inquire about the cat’s murder case. While in the car, Kim Do-yeon saw Yoon Tae-yi’s music USB flash drive for Park Jin-qian, and was very angry, so that he was not allowed to listen to it, and then ran to Yoon Tae-yi’s office for a long time theory. .

Team Leader Wu found that the time card in Park Jinqian’s hand had sent a signal. Liu Min Hyuk knew that it was in Yin Tae Yi’s office, so he hurriedly chased it and launched the drone. Team Leader Wu was shocked when he saw Yoon Tae-yi’s face through the drone. When Kim Do-yeon left school, she saw Liu Min-hyuk, and she quickly contacted Park Jin-qian.

Suddenly, there was a circuit failure in Yin Tai Yi’s office. When the door was opened, Liu Min Hyuk accused Yin Tai Yi with a gun. At this time, Park Jin Qian rushed from behind, and the two started fighting. Park Zhenqian was worried about Yin Taiyi’s safety and asked her to leave the office quickly. He didn’t expect to be pointed at by the members of Alice just after she went out. Park Jinqian gave the time card to Yoo Min Hyuk and told him not to touch Yoon Tae Yi.

Liu Min Hyuk feels complicated, and he has a illusion when he sees someone similar to Park Sun Ling. Recalling that at that time, Park Sun-ling chose to stay in the time and space in order to give birth to a child, and she returned to Alice. Yin Taiyi took Park Jinqian home and made spaghetti for him. The two chatted about Liu Minhyuk, and Park Jinqian felt that Liu Minhyuk seemed to know Yin Taiyi.

Team leader Wu knew that Yin Taiyi was in charge of the chip of the space-time card. Liu Min-hyuk said that he would go to school again. Team leader Wu reminded him not to be emotional. This Yin Taiyi is not her girlfriend, but a person from the past parallel to time and space. Yoon Tae-yi was running by the river, and Liu Min-hyuk suddenly appeared and warned her to delete the copy of the space-time card and stay away from Park Jinqian to avoid being involved in danger. After Park Jinqian arrived, the two fought, and Liu Minhyuk kept looking at Yin Taeyi.

After Yoo Min Hyuk was arrested, Park Jin-qian interrogated him. Yoo Min Hyuk said that he came back because of a loved one. Yin Taiyi said that the copied software was given to senior sister, but the phone could not be contacted. When Park Zhenqian and her arrived, they found that senior sister had died tragically at home. This is Schrödinger’s cat described in the prophecy. Yin Taiyi was shocked. Kim Do-yeon wanted to investigate when she learned about it, but Park Jin-qian told him not to interfere to avoid danger. Shi Wuyuan told Park Zhenqian that the person who killed the older sister would kill four more people, and he himself didn’t know who would be next.

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