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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 27 Recap

Xue Jialiang left the club when Jenny had an accident. Su Wenli determined that it was Xue Jialiang who went to Jia’s house to step on the key during the day and then wrote to Wu Zhenni in the name of Director Jia that night. He left the club that night. It was to go to Jia’s house to administer the medicine to Director Jia, and when Wu Zhenni arrived, she would strangle her alive and set the blame on Director Jia. All the facts of the case have come to the bottom, Su Wenli called Lao Song and Xiao Tan, and the group went to the club to catch Xue Jialiang, only to learn that Xue Jialiang had changed the ticket and went to the dock early in the morning.

There was a lot of traffic at the pier. Xue Jialiang saw the police station panic in his heart. He couldn’t escape and had to take a passerby as a hostage. Su Wenli let Xue Jialiang arrest him. She told Luo Qiuheng to tell the truth about the case. Little Orange refused to believe the facts. However, Xue Jialiang admitted that he lied to Little Orange. Xue Jialiang still had feelings for Little Orange. He wanted to put down the gun under the persuasion of Little Orange, but Director Jia shot and killed Xue Jialiang suddenly. Little Orange couldn’t cry, Director Jia said. He was just to protect the hostages, and this case came to an end here.

In the rare circus, the boss Jiang Weimiao promoted the yin and yang people on stage, while the yin and yang person Qiu Aiping was very dissatisfied with the propaganda of the boss. Before the start of the yin and yang people, the boss promoted a show that changed alive. This program is It was performed by Chen Zixin’s magician Xie Jiajun. Everything was going on as usual, but Xie Jiajun opened the box that changed alive, but was shocked to see Qiu Aiping tied up in the box with his hands dead, and a python was still wrapped around Qiu Aiping’s body, making everything People are terrified.

Su Wenli’s deceased Deng Siping came to see Su Wenli. He is now in the circus. This time he came to Su Wenli because of Qiu Aiping’s murder. Qiu Aiping died in a magic box with his hands tied and his chest still inserted. With a knife, there was a boa constrictor wrapped around her.

Su Wenli took the case. She followed Deng Siyuan to the circus, but was shocked to find that this was the scene of Su Wenfei’s accident. She couldn’t face it. For all this, he only left first and decided to let Luo Qiuheng help Deng Siyuan. Luo Qiuheng had already arranged for Police Officer Wang to intervene in this case. Police Officer Wang did nothing. Su Wenli hoped that Luo Qiuheng would immediately intervene in this case. Luo Qiuheng had his own difficulties.

He only emphasized to Su Wenli that he could not intervene in this case for the time being. Why didn’t Su Wenli intervene in the case? Su Wenli was a little angry and left the police station without saying a word. Deng Siyuan understood Su Wenli’s difficulties and did not force Su Wenli to take over the case. Just after Su Wenli left, Luo Qiuheng asked about the circus case and sent Shen Xiaoan to police officer Wang as an assistant.

Qiu Aiping is dead, Jiang Weisha asked Chen Zixin and Xie Jiajun to perform a throwing knife show, but Chen Zixin was afraid of death, Jiang Weimiao asked Chen Zixin to do belly dance, but Chen Zixin was very embarrassed, Su Wenli alias Bai Lili mixed After entering the circus, Jiang Weisa assigned Su Wenli to Xie Jiajun as his assistant, and Deng Siyuan was very grateful to Su Wenli for her help.

Su Wenli checked Qiu Aiping’s room, learned that Qiu Aiping’s salary is very high, and also checked her accounting books. She was very surprised that Qiu Aiping asked for money. In addition to Qiu Aiping, there is also a snake girl Feng Yingxia in the circus. Su Wenli came to investigate Feng Yingxia and learned from Feng Yingxia that Qiu Aiping had been complaining to Xie Jiajun.

When Inspector Wang and Shen Xiaoan were out, Old Man Hu was beaten. The beater kept asking Old Man Hu to hand over things, but Old Man Hu refused to hand over. Shen Xiaoan saw an uneven road and stopped the fight, but Old Man Hu took the opportunity to escape. Shen Xiaoan couldn’t catch Old Man Hu. He and Inspector Wang went for a drink. The two returned to the police station drunk. Luo Qiuheng came and caught Shen Xiaoan’s drinking. He lost his temper in the office, and Shen Xiaoan was so scared that he immediately woke up.

The yin and yang person is the person who plays neither man nor woman. Su Wenli learned that Qiu Aiping was not very willing to act. She quarreled with Jiang Weimiao. Deng Siyuan believed that Jiang Weisha was absolutely impossible to kill. Although he values ​​money, his character is Passable. Then, Su Wenli came to Xie Junsheng and learned from Xie Junsheng that Qiu Aiping had quarreled with Chen Zixin, and Chen Zixin burst into tears because of Qiu Aiping’s death.

Qiu Aiping borrowed money from Chen Zixin, but he refused to tell. Chen Zixin, because Chen Zixin was afraid that the money would not come, she found some excuses and refused to borrow it, but she turned her head and regretted and went back to look for Qiu Aiping, but unexpectedly saw Qiu Aiping and Xie Jiajun hugged. It was sad that Qiu Aiping kept her secret, and quarreled with Qiu Aiping emotionally.

At noon, Feng Yingxia prepared a meal for Ajie the clown, but Ajie felt that the food in the circus was not good, so he put down his chopsticks and left. He noticed Su Wenli’s gaze and only warned Su Wenli not to look around.

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