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Where are the Fantastic Beasts

Where are the Fantastic Beasts (Novel)
Other Name: 神奇动物在哪里

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: JK Rowling
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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The main story is: Newt is a man Adventurous adventurer and magic zoologist. In order to find the most cherished and extraordinary magical animals in the world, he often travels around the world by boat to discover and find those magical animals. Now he has just finished a trip around the world. He originally came to New York just to take a few days of rest, but he did not expect that because he took the wrong suitcase, someone opened the suitcase and caused some magical animals in the suitcase to run away. Came out, causing Newt a lot of trouble.

Free Reading Highlights:

(To Jacob)

Did you see it? It really likes it

Get tired of being with “people”.

(To Pickett)

Alright, go, Pickett!

Pickett. will not,

They will not bully you…

Go over quickly. Pickett!

Pickett clasped Newt’s fingers tightly with his slender hands, and refused to return to the tree alive. In the end Newt had to give up.


Ok. So they all blame me

Spoil it too much…

Newt put Pict on his shoulder and turned around. He saw an empty round birdhouse with a worried expression.


Why is Dugor missing?

From a bird’s nest nearby, there was a chirping sound.


Okay, here comes…

Here comes it. Mom is here–

Mom is here.

Newt reached into the nest and picked up the young bird snake.



Let me see you.


I have seen these guys.


Newly hatched bird and snake.

(To Jacob)

Your bird snake.


what did you say?

“My bird and snake”?


That’s right-do you want to…

Newt handed the bird snake to Jacob.


Oh, wow… think about it, of course.


Jacob gently held the newborn animal with both hands and looked carefully. He reached out to touch the head of the bird and the snake, and the bird suddenly opened his mouth and bit him. Jacob drew back in surprise.


Ah sorry,

Don’t touch it like that. They learn very early

Protect yourself. look,

Their eggshells are all silver,

So it is extremely precious.

Newt feeds the other chicks in the nest.




Their bird’s nest

It is easy to be looted by hunters.

Newt was very happy to see that Jacob was so interested in his animals. He took the newly hatched bird and snake and put it back in the nest.


Thank you.

(Low and hoarse)

Mr. Scamander?


Call me Newt.



I don’t think I am dreaming.


(A bit amused)

How did you know?


I don’t have that good brain

Can imagine these.

Newt looked at Jacob, curious and happy.

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