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Record of Youth Episode 1 Recap

Si Hye-joon was born in poverty and signed a contract with Lee Tae-soo’s model agency. He dreamed of becoming a well-known star. Lee Tae-soo used all means to make him a guard outside the lounge of actor Park Doha. Makeup artist Li Baoluo wanted to rush in and wanted to sever relationship with Park Daohe. Si Hye-joon blocked the door. Li Baoluo wanted to accuse him of harassment. Si Hye-joon had to admit that Park Daohe didn’t want to see her. Li Baoluo ignored her and rushed into the lounge and beat Pu Daohe. A slap in the face, and then went away with anger.

Pu Daohe spread all his anger on Si Hye-jun, recognizing that he used to be a model, deliberately breaking his face, and verbalizing at him. Si Hye-jun wanted to resist and was punched and kicked by Pu Daohe. He wanted to become famous. Can only swallow. Yuan Haixiao is a good friend of Si Huijun. He grew up with a golden key. He has had no worries about food and clothing since childhood. Now he is a model and actor. He accidentally saw Si Huijun send out pictures of injuries on his face. worry. Jin Zhenyu is a trainee photographer and is a good friend of Yuan Hae-hyo and Si Huijun. He secretly fell in love with Yuan Hae-hyo’s sister, Yuan Haina.

Jingan He is a makeup artist in a beauty salon. She is a loyal fan of Si Huijun. Won Hae-hyo’s mother, Jin Liying, came to the store to make makeup. While waiting for the makeup artist Pearl, Jingan He accidentally discovered that Jinghe was not only professional and skillful, but also very serviceable. In place, she decisively chose Jingjinghe to be her makeup artist. Therefore, Pearl hated Jinghe and spoke harshly to her. Makeup artist Cui Xiubin came to comfort Jinghe.

Lee Tae-soo is a representative of the model company and often deducts the appearance fees of models. Si Hui-jun found that this month’s appearance fees were still complaining, so he came to the company to find Lee Tae-soo for theory. Lee Tae-soo pressed harder and plausibly, and Lee Min came forward as Si Hui Jun beats the injustice, was reprimanded by Li Tae-soo, and forcibly dismissed her. Li Mincai threatened to make the scandal between him and the female stars public, and then packed up and left.

Si Huijun struggled to stay, but Li Mincai refused to turn his head. Si Huijun went to Li Tae-soo to argue, and was angry to terminate the contract with him, but Li Tae-soo forced him to pay the penalty, so he had to compromise. When Si Huijun went out, he received a call from his grandfather Si Minji. Si Min basically wanted to spend money at Si Huijun’s drugstore. He heard that he was in a bad mood and encouraged him to cheer. Si Huijun went to work in a fast-food restaurant. Many fans came here and queued in front of him to order food. The restaurant owner appreciated Si Huijun and wanted him to be a manager. Si Huijun was not interested.

Si Huijun’s mother, Han Ae-sook, is a housekeeping attendant. She works part-time at Won Hae’s Hyo’s house. Won Hae-hyo can’t help her mother pointing fingers at Han Ae-suk and cannot help complaining about her. Kim Lee Young is not convinced and has a dispute with him. Husband Si Yingnan and Jin Zhenyu’s father, Jin Changman, are carpenters.

The two of them are decorating together. The two families have regular meals together. This time it is Si Yingnan’s turn. Han Aishu bought a lot of vegetables and came back early. See Si Huijun’s enlistment notice. Kim Jin-woo’s mother, Lee Kyung-mi, came to help Han Ae-sook cooking, and accidentally saw the notice on the table.

The director of the beauty salon sent Jing He to a fashion show to be a makeup artist. Naturally, she couldn’t ask for it. When she thought of seeing her idol Si Huijun up close, she closed her mouth happily. Cui Xiubin was also happy for her, and the two agreed to leave work. Go home and eat barbecue together. Han Ae-sook and Lee Kyung-mi prepared a large table of meals.

Kim Jin-woo’s sister, Jin Zhenzhen, came in and wrote to Si Min-ki to eat out. Si Min-ki could not wait long ago. He has no sense of presence in this house. He is the best. The two families drank freely and together celebrated that Si Huijun’s brother Si Jingjun went to work at the bank. Si Jingjun was the pride of his father, and Si Yingnan liked him very much.

Jin Zhenyu came to the fast food restaurant to wait for Si Huijun to get off work, and met Yuan Haexiao halfway, and the three of them jogged and chatted together. Yuan Haina drove over to pick up Jin Zhenyu for a date, and Si Huijun and Yuan Haexiao went home separately. Han Aishu secretly handed Si Huijun the notice of enlistment, but Si Yingnan found out that he scolded Si Huijun, condemned him for daydreaming about being an actor, and even gave Si Minji down. Si Min Ji held Si Huijun’s hand tightly, and Han Aishu hurriedly called Si Yingnan aside.

Jinghe came to the fashion show on time. Seeing Si Huijun from a distance, she was so excited that she couldn’t speak. She was arranged to make up for Si Huijun. Jinghe did her best to take Si Huijun seriously. Jin Liying asked Pearl to be Yuan Hae-hyo’s makeup artist. She had something to go out. Yuan Hae-hyo asked Jing He to help him finish it. However, she was reprimanded by Jing He and left quietly.

Si Huijun followed and saw Jinghe hiding aside and crying in a low voice. He also found out the picture of Si Huijun stored in the phone, but Si Huijun saw clearly.

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