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Record of Youth Episode 2 Recap

Jinghe was seen through her mind by Si Huijun. She desperately concealed it, and turned out the photo of Si Huijun and Yuan Haixiao on the cover of the phone, falsely claiming to be a fan of Yuan Haixiao, Si Huijun felt very disappointed and introduced her in detail To the preferences of Yuan Haixiao. Won Hae-hyo received a call from his mother, Jin Liying, and hurried to meet him in the cafe downstairs. When he showed up, he immediately attracted a lot of fans. Jin Li-young wanted to make Won Hae-hyo a well-known star and vowed to build him at all costs. .

The fashion show officially started. Si Huijun and Won Hae-hyo walked the show on the stage. Jin Zhen-woo’s real photo captured the wonderful moments of the two of them. Won Hae-hyo wanted to use today’s appearance fee to invite everyone to dinner, and also invited Jing He together, Si Hui Jun went to Lee Tae Soo for the appearance fee, but Lee Tae Soo bit the bullet and agreed.

Yang Wujin is the boss of the brokerage company. He can see clearly next to him. He calls Si Huijun out alone, drives his own sports car to take him for a drive, and asks Si Huijun to drive himself. Yang Wujin takes him to him. In his home, people also prepared Si Huijun’s favorite dishes in advance. Yang Wujin took the opportunity to express his heart to Si Huijun and struggled with him. Si Huijun was very disgusting with his sexual orientation and decisively rejected him.

Si Yingnan was so upset that Si Huijun did not marry for military service. He accidentally sprained his shoulder while working. Li Jingmei called to inform Han Aishu. Si Yingnan went to the pharmacy to buy plasters. When he saw his father Si Minji eating at home, he was so angry that he asked his father to put the plasters on because his arm was not working well. When the father and son disagree, there was a fierce dispute. Si Min Kee still bite the bullet and helped him put the plaster on.

Jin Liying used the Internet whenever he had time to solicit votes for Yuan Haixiao Zeng’s family. Yuan Haina mistakenly thought she was flirting with the young guy. Jin Liying urged Yuan Haina to go on a blind date, Yuan Haina flatly refused. Si Huijun often introduced Yuan Haixiao to Jinghe. The more they talked, the more speculative they had. After the fashion show, they left contact information with each other.

Li Mincai came to Li Tae-soo and forced him to pay Si Hye-jun’s appearance fee. Li Tae-soo buckled in every possible way, and Li Mincai threatened to make the scandal between him and the female stars public. Won Hae-hyo received a notice from the film company and learned that Si Hye-joon was not selected, and worried that he could not accept this reality, so he pulled Kim Jong-woo and Si Hye-joon to watch the Korean-Japanese football match together. South Korea lived up to expectations and won. Won Hae-hyo took advantage of Si Hye. When Jun was happy, he told him that he had lost the election. Si Huijun was very disappointed, so he asked them to sing and vent.

Li Mincai was strolling in the street and saw Jing He set up a stall on the side of the road to help people make up, and was also doing live broadcast. She was curious and went over to put on makeup. On the way home, Si Huijun saw the lonely shadow on the wall and felt even more disappointed. Kim Lee Young has been waiting for Won Hae-hyo to come home and can’t wait to congratulate him. Won Hae-hyo suspects that she is seeking a relationship with someone from the film company. Kim Lee Young is speechless and can’t help complaining about her husband Won Tae Kyung. Won Hae Hyo should be allowed to go private. The school would not know Si Huijun, Jin Zhenyu, and others. Jin Liying felt that Si Huijun was a drag on Yuan Haixiao’s development.

Yuan Haixiao received an event for Milan Fashion Week. He sought help from a brokerage company overnight to bring his boss Huijun to participate. Si Huijun went home dejected and saw his father personally made a new door to replace Si Jingjun’s room. The door of Si Huijun’s room was dilapidated, but he ignored it. Si Huijun accidentally hit the flowerpot in the yard, Si Jingjun and Si Yingnan, you and Si Yingnan told him about Si Jingjun. They called him for a casual meal. Si Huijun had to admit that he was lost, and the father and son treated him together. Speaking badly.

Si Minji couldn’t listen, and came out to defend Si Huijun. He accidentally knocked down the door of Si Huijun’s room. Si Huijun hurriedly taped it up. Si Minji was very distressed and talked about his pursuit of pursuit when he was young. The experience of ideals hitting the wall everywhere, the grandfather and grandson cried. At night, Si Huijun saw Si Minji who was asleep, and he had mixed feelings. He wanted to have a room of his own, so that when he was unhappy, he could cry wildly. Si Huijun came to the rooftop alone, looking at the thousands of lights below, but none of them belonged to him. His heart was mixed.

Li Mincai mobilized all relations to help Si Huijun. She came to pick Si Huijun to see Yang Wujin early in the morning, and refused to cooperate with Yang Wujin. Yang Wujin asked to have lunch with him, but Si Huijun refused on the spot, letting Yang Wujin struggle too hard. Indifferent. Ever since Jinginghe and Yuan Haixiao ate together, Pearl has targeted her everywhere, and Jinghe has never shown weakness.

Li Mincai made a mistake at work and booked a flight ticket to France, so Si Huijun had to go to Milan with her on another transfer. Si Huijun came to Milan to participate in fashion week activities. He walked the show on stage. Li Mincai cheered for him and vowed to make him the brightest star. Si Huijun ran into Yuan Haexiao as soon as he left the airport.

Yuan Haexiao took him to the beauty salon for treatment. Si Huijun tried his best to recommend Jinghe to Yuan Haixiao and repeatedly claimed that Jinghe was a fan of Yuan Haexiao, and Jinghe privately Li Xiang Yuan Haixiao revealed that she was a fan of Si Huijun, but he was embarrassed to say it, and asked Yuan Haixiao to keep her secret. Si Huijun asked Jinghe to cut his hair short. He was going to perform military service, and Jinghe was dumbfounded.

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