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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 55 Recap

Bo Linfang was born in the Dead Sea, blocking the monster soldier, the purple fox, praying for life for helplessness. Si Feng also wanted to keep Luo Hou Jidu. Luo Hou Ji threw the hairpin that Si Feng had given to Xuanji to the ground and told him coldly that Chu Xuanji was nothing but a little memory of his thousands of years of life. The broken hairpin was returned to him, and the two have nothing to do with each other.

After saying this, Luo Houji disappeared in a blink of an eye. Seeing Xuanji changed into what it is now, Si Feng felt a burst of heartache, and suddenly he vomited a few mouthfuls of blood, and fainted.

Wuzhiqi and Yuen Long chasing Luo Houji both came to the Demon Realm. Luo Houji remembered their identities. Seeing that Yuen Long was erratic there, Luo Houji waved his hands gently and let Yuen Long. Having recovered his body, Yuen Long knelt down and thanked him.

Seeing that Yuen Long was alive again, Wuziqi was very angry, and he had to settle the old account with him. Luo Houji stopped Wuziqi and told him not to engage in infighting, and when his revenge on the heavens was completed, the two of them loved him. Do whatever you want.

According to Luo Hou Jidu’s orders, Yuen Long summoned all the demons scattered in various places, and set to blast open the gates of heaven on July 7th, and kill them to the heavens. Before that, Luo Houji also destroyed Fen Rucheng. , Pierced the fire in the heart of the earth and resurrected the Asura army in the Demon Realm.

After Si Feng woke up, he decided to find Luo Hou Jidu. He believed that Xuanji was only temporarily controlled by Luo Hou Jidu’s heart and soul. As long as he didn’t give up, he would definitely be able to get Xuanji back. Linglong and others also supported his idea. .

At the Ten Thousand Demons Council, Luo Houji announced to everyone the decision to avenge the heavens. Among them, several little demons, because they questioned his decision, were eliminated on the spot, and the rest of the demons met. It was all silent, no one dared to object.

Si Feng came to the Demon Realm and told Luo Houji to stop killing him. The more he killed, the more his devilishness would become. When he called Xuanji’s name, Luo Houji was very disgusted and suddenly choked his neck. .

Xuanji was in Luo Hou Jidu’s body, so that he would not hurt Si Feng, and she slapped him vigorously and shouted. Luo Hou Ji was lost for a while and slowly released Si Feng.

Sifeng saw the shadow of Xuanji from Luo Houjidu’s eyes just now. In order to prevent Luo Houjidu from killing evil again, he took the initiative to offer Luohoujidu as a helper, and Luo Houjidu let him Si Feng received a palm from him. When Si Feng couldn’t bear it, Xuanji was inside Luo Hou Jidu’s body, reminding him again not to hurt Si Feng.

After Si Feng passed the test, Luo Houji gave him a falling clock and asked him to collect grievances within ten days, and then use it to blast through the gates of the heavens. Si Feng came to the dungeon and captured the demon world. The mortals let go and filled the Luotian Bell with their own aura.

When everything was ready, Luo Houji ordered Wuziqi to lead the demon soldiers to kill him to the heavens. Purple Fox came to dissuade Wuziqi, but Wuziqi did not listen to her.

Sitting in the main hall, Bo Lin suddenly heard a loud noise. Someone came to report that someone used the falling clock to blow the Tianmen open. The demon soldiers were killing the heavens. Bo Lin sneered and ordered people to be born into the Dead Sea immediately. All exchanges between the heavens and the outside world.

Someone reminded Bolin that if he was born into the sea, the world would become another demon realm, but Bolin believed that in order to deal with the demon soldiers and for the safety of the heavens, he could only do so now.

After the Sea of Life and Death was released, the demon soldier was struck to death by lightning bolts as if it had entered a high-voltage power grid. When a bolt of lightning struck Wuzhiqi, the purple fox suddenly stood in front of him.

Like Luo Houji in Yuen Long, he can use the golden bird’s demon pill to carry the army across the sea of life and death. Luo Houji went to Si Feng to ask about the whereabouts of the gold-winged bird family, but Si Feng would rather die than tell him .

In the end, the purple fox was seriously injured and died. Wuzhiqi was discouraged and wanted to leave the demon realm. Wuzhiqi wanted Si Feng to leave with him, but Si Feng insisted on staying with Luo Hou Jidu.

Sifeng saw only the shadow of Xuanji on Luo Hou Jidu’s body many times, so he made a bet on Luo Houji. He wanted to retrieve Xuanji within three days. If he wins, Luo Hou Jidu will release Xuanji out, and if he loses, he will tell Luohou Jidu about the whereabouts of the Golden Winged Bird tribe.

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