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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 54 Recap

Yu Sifeng told her that she would not come back again in the future. Alan was a little sad. She said that she knew that there was no relationship with Yu Sifeng. If Chu Xuanji and Yu Sifeng got married, she would definitely go and congratulate them. Yu Sifeng and Chu Xuanji left. In the heavens, the emperor asked him to imprison Teng Snake in the sky prison. Teng Snake was a little confused by the words of Emperor Bai Lin. Only then did Teng Snake know that the emperor is the Haochen of the world. Teng Snake said that Chu Xuanji’s mind was simple, but the emperor did not believe it, saying that Chu Xuanji’s body was very demonic.

Teng Snake would like to ask more clearly, the emperor said that whether it is the god of war or the devil star, as long as it is a threat to the heavens, the emperor should send the Teng snake to the sky prison. At the foot of the Shaoyang School, Wu Zhiqi said that these big demons should not go to the Shaoyang School. They stayed. Chu Xuanji and Yu Sifeng left, Wuzhiqi also left alone. Chu Xuanji and the others were at the entrance of the martial art, and Chu Linglong brought them out and brought them in together. Chu Linglong and Yu Sifeng are as good as ever, and there is no longer a gap. When they arrived in front of the head of Chu, Chu Xuanji congratulated his father, and Yu Sifeng also congratulated the head of Chu.

But other sects had opinions on Yu Sifeng, and the head of Chu asked them to follow them. Chu Xuanji said that he had something to ask for this time, and Chu Xuanji knelt down and said to the head of Chu that he hoped to allow Tian and Yu Sifeng to marry him. Yu Sifeng also knelt down, and the head of Chu did not immediately agree, saying that he should think carefully. Chu Xuanji said that it was because Yu Sifeng was a demon, and Chu said that he was afraid that they would be wronged in the future. At this time, a disciple came to tell the head of Chu, the guests were waiting for the head of Chu, and the head of Chu asked them to get up, talk about it after speaking, and then left.

The backlash in Yu Sifeng’s body began again, and Chu Xuanji healed her. The emperor was about to open a large formation to deal with Chu Xuanji and the others. Someone suggested that Emperor Bailin ask the Emperor of Heaven what he meant, but the emperor did not agree, saying that he would bear it alone. Qinglong gave Teng Snake a dragon scale and told him that this dragon scale could help him in the lower realm. Qinglong asked Teng She to tell Chu Xuanji not to open the glass cup, because the emperor was ready to kill Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji and Wu Zhiqi were about to open the colored glaze cup, they began to cast spells to open the colored glaze cup.

They were about to take the colored glaze lamp and leave, but Yu Sifeng appeared and took the colored glaze lamp. Liu Lizhan flew away suddenly, and Chu Xuanji caught up. Teng She came to the Shaoyang faction and asked them to leave quickly. The emperor passed down a voice saying that Chu Xuanji had promised her to destroy the glass cup, and the people of the Shaoyang School also knew that the emperor was Haochen. Chu Xuanji also remembered, it was Emperor Bo Lin who lied to her. Chu Xuanji understood everything, it turned out that they were all used by Emperor Bo Lin. The emperor opened the big formation, ready to let the Shaoyang School bury it forever.

Zihu and the others also discovered the Shaoyang School’s abnormal changes, and Ting Nu knew what formation it was. Chu Xuanji and the Shaoyang faction joined forces to stop the emperor, and Chu Xuanji took out Dingkun and fought the emperor. The emperor wanted to destroy the colored glaze lamp, Chu Xuanji was affected. At this time, Yu Sifeng turned into a golden red bird to stop the emperor, and Wuzhiqi also got the colored glaze lamp. Chu Xuanji wanted to open Liuli, but Yu Sifeng did not agree. Yuen Long showed up and said he wanted to tell Chu Xuanji the truth.

Chu Xuanji finally understood that she was the evil spirit star and the god of war. Chu Xuanji was a little unacceptable, and Yu Sifeng told her not to believe Yuen Long’s words. Chu Xuan asked him why he wanted to do this, and the emperor said that he was doing everything for the world. Yu Sifeng was seriously injured, and the emperor was about to kill Yu Sifeng, and Chu Xuanji wanted to open the glass cup. Chu Xuanji opened the glazed lamp, the heart and soul of the evil spirit star entered Chu Xuanji’s body, and Chu Xuanji recalled the past. Chu Xuanji transformed into a magic evil star Jidu, Jidu took out the hairpin of Yu Si and said that Chu Xuanji has nothing to do with him from now on. Jidu left the Shaoyang School.

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