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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 22 Recap

Qin asked the day with white snow autumn walking on the road, see Mo Allure signals emitted, Qin asked the day went to Mo Allure, white snow autumn want to stop, no one stopped, Jiuhua door Mo injury found Mo Qin days have now asked Allure It was difficult, so he assembled the first son to rescue. Champion Hou asked Ye Wuque to complete the task by himself. Ye Wuque left. Champion Hou asked Qianqiu whether he thought Ye Wuque could win this time. Qianqiu answered that he could not. Champion Hou sent Qianqiu to complete the task. The purpose of this mission is to make them die.

Mo Allure at the prison, Qin asked the day to find her, opened the cell door, found his father poisoned, and quickly left with his father with the grandfather, Qin Yao told Yi inaction two escape, the Yi put forward their own inaction to distract the evil, Qin Yao refused. Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian led Qin Chuan Qin Hao to escape. They met Yi Wuwei and Qin Yao. Several people ran away and ran to the edge of the cliff. Ye Wuque and others also chased after him, and they fought.

In the middle of the fight, Xiao Lu who suddenly appeared took Qin Yao away, and Ye Wuque also fought with Yi Wuwei. Qin Wentian was hit with a sword to save his father. Qin Hao was also seriously injured, and Yi Wuwei used things like bombs. , Took Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng away with a paraglider, Qin Chuan Qin Hao died at the hands of Ye Wuque.

Yi Wuwei and Mo Qingcheng took the seriously injured Qin Wentian back to heal. Moshang met Qianqiu on the road. Qianqiu told Moshang that Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian accidentally fell off the cliff while hunting, and Qin Yao woke up from a nightmare. Then, Xiao Lu told Qin Yao that Qin Hao committed suicide, Qin Wentian fell off the cliff, Qin Zhi’s whereabouts were unknown, and Qin Yao planned to commit suicide but was stopped by Xiao Lu.

Mo Shang received Qingcheng’s Vermillion Bird Seal, and asked Qingcheng’s maid to return to Mo’s house for her. She first returned to Jiuhuamen. In the middle of the night, Sikong came to Qin Yao and told her that the prince had already gone to her brother and told She, the price of sending her back to the country is to marry Yi Guo, and because of the hunting grounds offending Yi Guo, may move to Xueyun Kingdom, Qin Yao said that she already knew what to do.

Mo Mansion, Nolan told Mo Lao about the hunting grounds. Mo Lao asked her not to return to Jiuhua Gate. He made arrangements. Xiao Lu came to Qin Yao’s room and found that Qin Yao had left. Qin Yao was walking alone. I met Master on the road, and Master asked Qin Yao to follow him. Bai Qiuxue returned to the White Mansion sadly, but after being reprimanded by her father, she arranged to take care of the injured Ye Wuque. Bai Qiuxue left sadly, and Qin Chuan was taken back to the prison and tied up.

For Ye Family, Ye Wuque woke up and asked Bai Qiuxue where Mo Qingcheng was. Bai Qiuxue didn’t know, but Ye Wuque said that she went to find him and pushed Bai Qiuxue to the ground. He asked someone to change his clothes. Bai Qiuxue ran away angrily. Going out, recalling the past with Qin Wentian, I was very sad. Moshang asked Mo Qingcheng if he knew when Qin Wentian was poisoned. Master discovered that the star soul power in Qin Wentian was restrained by some invisible force. Now I can only do my best to detoxify. As for whether he can wake up or not, it depends on good luck. After Bai Qing heard it, she said that she had harmed Wentian.

Qin Wentian came to a place in his dream. The old man had banned him and banned this unique knowledge in the mountains. He hoped that those with predestined relationship could learn it. Young people should hurry up and practice before they can take revenge on their family members. After practicing, a mysterious person appeared suddenly, saying that he was here to save Qin Wentian. He said that you were tempted to practice by the demon of your heart, and you have become a devil. God asked Senior what he should do. Senior told him that you forcibly absorbed the painting of the Nine Peaks and accidentally hurt yourself, putting yourself in a dangerous situation and unable to escape.

Although I have the heart to protect you, I can only temporarily protect your soul from the stars. Disperse, defeat the heart demon before the star soul is exhausted, and escape the dream to restore the power of the star soul, otherwise the star soul will be exhausted and die, Mo Qingcheng has been speaking with Qin Wentian, Bai Qing outside the door has always blamed herself , Heartbroken. Mo Qingcheng recalled this past with Qin Wentian, tears dripping on the flower seeds, the flower seeds moved.

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