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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 52 Recap

Yu Sifeng and Chu Xuanji hugged each other. Yu Sifeng said that he wanted her to come again, but was afraid that she would not come, and that all of this would disappear. Chu Xuanji said that they would stay together in the future, and Chu Xuanji said that she would definitely help him untie the love curse. Chu Xuanji saw that the feathers on Yu Sifeng’s chest had disappeared, and Yu Sifeng said that the lover’s curse had been solved. Chu Xuanji asked Yu Sifeng why he decided to live here after visiting so many places. Yu Sifeng said he would tell her little by little in the future.

Yu Sifeng took out the hairpin that Alan had repaired and put it on Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji asked Yu Sifeng what happened when he rescued her in the secret, but Yu Sifeng did not tell Chu Xuanji the truth. Chu Xuanji said that she felt that she had something to do with the evil spirit. Yu Sifeng said that she had defeated the evil spirit, so it was relevant. Chu Xuanji said that she didn’t feel like this, and Yu Sifeng told her not to think randomly and not to approach Liulizhan in the future. Chu Xuanji agreed, and Yu Sifeng coughed. Yu Sifeng said it was just a small injury.

Yu Sifeng went to Hantan and remembered what Teng She said. It turns out that Yu Sifeng was dying immediately, so he didn’t want to delay Chu Xuanji. Teng She said that the ganoderma in the cold pool could save Yu Sifeng. Yu Sifeng went to see the ganoderma, but he did not find that Yuen Long also knew the ganoderma. Ruoyu and Xiao Yinhua came to the place where the classics were placed in Lize Palace. They found a way to understand the contract with Xiao Yinhua. They did not know that this was Yuen Long’s plan. Xiaoyinhua and Ruoyu were introduced to the plan step by step by Yuen Long. Xiaoyinhua found the ganoderma in the cold pool in a beak.

Yu Sifeng was injured again, and Chu Xuanji went to look for him. Xiao Yinhua made the spirit worm cocoon, ready to find Yu Sifeng. Ruoyu decided to send Xiaoyinhua there and also gave Xiaoyinhua a bracelet. Under Ruoyu’s explanation, Xiaoyinhua accepted it. Chu Xuanji found Yu Sifeng in Hantan, and Yu Sifeng fainted. Chu Xuanji healed him and asked him what was going on. Yu Sifeng said that he had absorbed the power of Juntian Chehai, and Chu Xuanji understood. Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji that Ganoderma can relieve Juntian’s strategy of sea, and maybe it can save him.

Teng Snake was secretly in the heavens again. He knew that Qinglong and the others had been sent to the mortal world. Teng Snake knew about this and wanted to go back and tell Chu Xuanji and them. Liu Yihuan was found by the people in the heavens, and asked him to return the eyes of the heavens. Yu’er was arrested by them. Liu Yihuan wanted to explain, but they didn’t listen at all, so they started with Liu Yihuan. Zihu came to help and told them Wuzhiqi was coming soon.

They took out Liu Yihuan’s heavenly eyes and ran away. The people of the Celestial Realm used the eyes of the sky to know something, and Chu Xuanji was sending spiritual power to Ganoderma. Teng She found Yu Sifeng and the others, and told the people in the heavens to come and look for them. But they didn’t tell Chu Xuanji that Lingzhi was about to grow up, and Xiao Yinhua and Ruoyu found them. Xiao Yinhua wanted Yu Sifeng to drip a drop of blood and then unlock the contract. Yu Sifeng agreed to her, ready to break the contract with her. Qinglong found Teng Snake, who was very angry. Qinglong is not allowed to harm Chu Xuanji, but Teng Snake is restricted by his nature. Qinglong told Teng She that Liu Yihuan was not dead, but they had come to catch Chu Xuanji.

But Teng She still won’t give up Chu Xuanji, he wants to fight Qinglong. Yu Sifeng was unwinding the contract with Xiao Yinhua, and finally untied it. Suddenly there was lightning and thunder in the sky, and Xiao Yinhua was struck by lightning. Teng Snake is still fighting with Qinglong, Qinglong tells Teng Snake that someone has attracted Heavenly Tribulation, and Teng Snake goes to look for Chu Xuanji. Yu Sifeng blocked Tang Jie for them, Yu Sifeng was seriously injured, Chu Xuanji healed him, but there was no effect.

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