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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 46 Recap

Qi Mingyue said that Chen Ting might be because Li Jianjian knew her black material, so seeing Li Jianjian was like a mirror to remind him of bad things before. So no matter who Ling Xiao can find, it can’t be Li Jianjian. Then Qi Mingyue asked Li Jianjian what to do? Li Jianjian said what can he do? The boat can only go straight to the bridge head. When Qi Mingyue saw Li Jianjian very calmly, she was relieved to Li Jianjian, after all, as long as she and Ling Xiao had a good relationship, everything could be overcome. Ling Xiao went outside to eat hot pot with Ling Heping after leaving home. Ling Xiao said that Chen Ting was even more exaggerated when he was abroad.

Many times, he wanted to call Ling Heping to pick him up home. Ling Heping feels guilty that because he is busy, he has no time to cook and understand children’s concerns like Li Haichao. Ling Xiao comforted Ling Heping and said that as long as he was by his side, he would be very pragmatic, and that he admired him a lot at the beginning and wrote him a composition, but later wrote a new article about Dad Li. Then Ling Xiao suddenly talked about her little sister Yunyun, and asked Ling Heping that she hadn’t dreamed of Yunyun for a long time, did Yunyun forgive herself? Did you pay off what you owed Chen Ting? Ling Heping felt very distressed for Ling Xiao for a while. At this time, there was lightning and thunder outside as before.

At home, Chen Ting recalled that she was very worried about Ling Xiao in the past, and she opened the Li Jianjian tree hole that Feng Xixi sent to her. The matter about Ling Xiao written by Li Jianjian above reminded her of her regret that she had abandoned Ling Xiao. Then I called Ling Xiao, Ling Ding who Ling Xiao drank was so drunk that Ling Heping answered the call. Ling Heping told Chen Ting not to force Ling Xiao anymore, and to beg her to stop torturing Ling Xiao. Then Ling Heping hung up the phone, and Chen Ting became more sad.

Early the next morning, Qin Meiyang ran to Ling Xiao’s house to tell him that Chen Ting was missing and left a suicide note. Ling Xiao glanced at her suicide note and then ran out to find Chen Ting’s whereabouts. In her suicide note, Chen Ting blamed herself for not taking Ling Xiao with her but abandoned her, and because she lost her daughter and her husband, she was afraid of losing her legs. He tied Ling Xiao by his side. I didn’t like Li Jianjian because she knew that she had bad things before and wanted to start again. Finally, Chen Ting asked Ling Xiao to take care of Qin Meiyang. In the end, Chen Ting jumped into the sea and was rescued by two fishermen. In front of the hospital bed, Ling Xiao told Chen Ting that she had to live to make up for her mistake.

A month later, Chen Ting and Qin Meiyang were going back to Singapore. Ling Heping helped them with their luggage and sent them to the airport. When he went downstairs, Ling Heping apologized like Chen Ting. He asked Chen Ting to take two children by himself because of his work. Chen Ting said that she had forgotten the bad things in the past. After going downstairs, Chen Ting took Li Jianjian’s hand to let her take care of Ling Xiao. Li Jianjian also promised that she would give Ling Xiao happiness. Qin Meiyang hugged Ling Xiao and then He Ziqiu and left. After sending Chen Ting away, the three of Li and Li Jianjian went home to change their clothes.

Today is the day when Li Haichao and Anna Mae received their marriage certificates. Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao had already changed their clothes and waited for Li Haichao. On the other hand, He Ziqiu and Anna Ma were in the car. He Ziqiu told Anna Ma that he had never thought of sending his mother to marry. I have to close the cafe and relocate it in the scenic area and want Aunt Luo Hong to help. Anna Mae readily agreed, and finally He Ziqiu said that he hoped that Li Haichao and Anna Mae would be happy. Li Haichao and Anna Ma’s wedding photos were too far apart. Li Jianjian asked Anna Ma to get her closer. Finally, Ling Heping rushed to the family to take a family portrait.

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