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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 51 Recap

Chu Xuanji and Yu Sifeng chased the demon all the way, and saw the demon in the cave. Yu Sifeng guessed the identity of the demon and asked him why he came here to hurt people. When Chu Xuanji heard Yu Sifeng say this, she remembered that the local bride she had heard was arrested along the way. It turned out that this monster was doing evil. The demon admitted Yu Sifeng’s speculation, but he threatened Yu Sifeng and the others with Alan and told them to leave quickly. Yu Sifeng said that it is not easy to learn from it, so he released Alan and spared him not die.

The demon said that all women in the world are savage people. When he became an adult, he fell in love with a woman, but was almost killed by her to achieve her practice. It escaped, but his people were killed by those people. Up. Chu Xuanji said that it was indeed innocent when it was betrayed by others, but it could not put hatred on other people. Yu Sifeng let him leave, and Chu Xuanji didn’t want him to leave. Yu Sifeng said that he was treated like this by Chu Xuanji back then, and Chu Xuanji explained to Yu Sifeng that she was not clear about some things. The monkey demon heard that Yu Sifeng was also a demon, and Yu Sifeng approached him and then killed him, saying that it couldn’t kill anyway. Chu Xuanji explained to Yu Sifeng, Yu Sifeng said that they had different ways to be a monster, and Yu Sifeng left with Alan.

Yu Sifeng returned to the room and spit out a mouthful of blood. It turned out that his power was transitioned, and Jun Tian Cehai in his body responded, and Yu Sifeng began to heal his injuries. Hao Chen was furious in the heavens because they lost the eyes of the sky. Chu Xuanji told Teng She whether she should leave, and Teng She said that she was looking for him because of the mountains and rivers. Chu Xuanji dared not enter the room for a long time. Teng She said that Sifeng Yu just couldn’t forget you, so he didn’t eat Wangqing Pill. After Teng She’s enlightenment, Chu Xuanji finally figured it out, and she went in to see Yu Sifeng. Chu Xuanji went to cook for them, Teng She taught Yu Sifeng, and wanted him to accept Chu Xuanji. Yu Sifeng couldn’t understand why Chu Xuanji had two identities. Teng She couldn’t tell because of the rules of heaven.

Chu Xuanji cooked Yu Sifeng and accidentally burned her foot. Yu Sifeng asked her to enter the room to apply medicine. Alan came in and brought food to Yu Sifeng. Chu Xuanji looked at the hairpin and said that she had been looking for it for a long time. Yu Sifeng said she left it in Qingmu Town, and Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji to leave. But Chu Xuanji was unwilling to leave. Chu Xuanji fell asleep in Yu Sifeng’s room. Yu Sifeng brought medicine, put it on her, and covered her with a quilt.

Chu Xuanji got up in the morning and made three clear teas for Yu Sifeng. Alan also brought breakfast to Yu Sifeng, and Yu Sifeng tasted what Alan had brought. Then he was going to gather medicine and took Alan away. Yu Sifeng told Alan that he would not be looking for him if he had other ideas, and Alan gave her the hairpin. Chu Xuanji came again, and when she saw the double-winged colorful butterfly, she caught up. Yu Sifeng was uneasy and caught up with him. Chu Xuanji told Yu Sifeng that if the lover’s curse could not be solved, she would die with him. Yu Sifeng left, and he went to heal again. Chu Xuanji was still looking for Yu Sifeng everywhere. She found Alan, but there was still no result. Chu Xuanji said in the woods that what she said before did not count.

Yu Sifeng heard it, but did not go to see her. Because Yu Sifeng didn’t know how long he could live, he wanted her to give up. Chu Xuanji was still waiting outside. It was snowing, Alan went to persuade her, but Chu Xuanji was unwilling to go back. Alan went to see Yu Sifeng and gave him clothes, and Yu Sifeng asked her to give the clothes to Chu Xuanji. Alan gave Chu Xuanji the clothes, but Chu Xuanji still did not leave. Chu Xuanji finally fainted, and Yu Sifeng carried her into the room. Chu Xuanji woke up and saw Yu Sifeng, she held Yu Sifeng and told him not to leave in the future. Yu Si hugged her and said he was really happy.

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