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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 50 Recap

Ruoyu and Xiao Yinhua rushed to the boundary of the Demon Realm and found that King Shura’s coffin was empty. Ruoyu thought that Yuen Long was wiped out by the evil spirit of the Demon Realm. Xiao Yinhua ignored the erosion of the evil spirit in order to find a way to unlock the contract. Chu Xuanji and Teng Snake were still looking for Yu Sifeng. Chu Xuanji felt that a black crow was following them, but Teng Snake didn’t care.

Haochen returned to the heavens and became Emperor Bo Lin. He knew that Chu Xuanji was still looking for Yu Sifeng, and was very angry. He sent the heavenly soldiers to find Chu Xuanji and brought them back. Teng She and the others ate and drank all the way, all their money was spent. In order to make money, Teng She and the others saw a demon-catching notice, and went to the inn where the demon was troubled. After passing through the inn’s proprietress, the proprietress agreed to let Chu Xuanji. Go with Teng Snake to catch the demon.

Chu Xuanji went to the room to catch the demon by himself. It turned out to be a weasel. Three months ago, the lady boss splashed it with oil, so she came back for revenge, and Chu Xuanji easily managed it. The proprietress let them live, Chu Xuanji took out the portrait of Yu Sifeng, and asked the proprietress if she had seen Yu Sifeng. The proprietress felt a little familiar, but because there were too many people coming and going in their inn, it was not clear. Chu Xuanji and Teng Snake searched in the south, but they still couldn’t find them. Chu Xuanji decided to go to the west of Yu Sifeng’s hometown, and decided to go to the west to search tomorrow.

The next day Teng She and Chu Xuanji were preparing food, and they suddenly smelled the taste of Sanqing tea, which was the tea that Yu Sifeng drank every day. Chu Xuanji saw Yu Sifeng’s back and wanted to chase after him, but was blocked by passers-by. Chu Xuanji decided to look for Yu Sifeng here, so she wanted to help them get rid of the demon in exchange for Yu Sifeng news, but Alan felt that Yu Sifeng’s business had been robbed, and she still liked Yu Sifeng, Alan warned Chu Xuanji, don’t fight Yu Sifeng’s idea.

Alan went to find Yu Sifeng. At this time, someone came to ask for help. Every time a wedding was held in the town next door, it was a funeral. The newlyweds were also taken away by the demon. The people in the town wanted Yu Sifeng to help, and Yu Sifeng agreed. In order to attract the demon, Yu Sifeng and Alan pretended to be a bride, and gave Alan a jewel of the night for her to change into a wedding dress. Alan agreed, and asked the lady boss to collect Ye Mingzhu. The lady boss showed Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji recognized that this was the Ye Mingzhu from Lize Palace, and he was sure that the man was Yu Si. Chu Xuanji and Teng She went to the wedding banquet, but it was really Yu Sifeng, and Yu Sifeng married Alan.

Chu Xuanji kept watching Yu Sifeng, the monster appeared, and Teng Snake smashed the monster away. Yu Sifeng looked at Chu Xuanji, very happy in his heart, but did not show it. Chu Xuanji wanted to touch Yu Sifeng, but Yu Sifeng avoided. Chu Xuanji thought he had eaten Wangqing Pill. Chu Xuanji took out Lu Gongsuo and the bell that Yu Sifeng had given her before, and wanted to make Yu Sifeng remember their past events, but Yu Sifeng did not admit it and said that Chu Xuanji was at his wedding. make trouble. Alan also quarreled with Chu Xuan, and Yu Sifeng cooperated with Alan in order to make Chu Xuan give up. Chu Xuanji thought that Yu Sifeng had forgotten her, so she stopped pestering Yu Sifeng and left the wedding banquet.

Teng She wanted to bring Yu Sifeng over, but Chu Xuanji stopped him. Teng Snake went looking for food, and overheard that Yu Sifeng and Alan were married, so he told Chu Xuanji. After Chu Xuanji found out, she went back to find Yu Sifeng. Teng She asked Chu Xuanji to test Yu Sifeng, did he forget her after all, but he did not expect that Yu Si did not forget her. Chu Xuanji explained to Yu Sifeng that Alan was captured by the monster at this time.

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