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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 6 Recap

Janice wanted Lu Jia to feed the cat together, but Lu Jia said that she didn’t want to go, she wanted to go by herself, and then Lu Jia asked Janis, Xu Jiaxiu was so selfish, why everyone followed him? Jennis said that for money, Lu Jia then gave Jennis a project, saying that the project would be very profitable in the future, and then Jennis agreed to work on the project together, and the two would feed the cat together in a while, Jennis said , If you want to persuade Xu Jiaxiu, you have to take care of the cat first.

Jennis said that if he and Lu Jia and Xiao Ye work together, they will be able to persuade Xu Jiaxiu to take over the project. The two of them will go to Xu Jiaxiu the next day. Today Xu Jiaxiu is discharged from the hospital. After the two enter the ward, Ye Ang Tong was already in the ward to help Xu Jiaxiu pack things. Lu Jia grabbed the things in Ye Angyu’s hand and helped Xu Jiaxiu to clean up. Janice pulled Ye Angqi out. Xu Jiaxiu watched Lu Jia help her pack things, Jenny Si told Ye Angyu that he had an important thing to make Ye Angyu an undercover, and Ye Angyu was very happy. Lu Jia said to Xu Jiaxiu that his tone was too serious last time, and then Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia not to mention this matter again. After that, Lu Jia remembered the nurse’s instructions and sent Xu Jiaxiu back together. Xu Jiaxiu returned home and found something inside the house.

The lamp changed, and then Ye Angyu helped Xu Jiaxiu take a bath. Ye Angyu said that Xu Jiaxiu would get stinky without her own words. Lu Jia and Janice said that their faces were laughing stiffly, but Xu Jiaxiu still refused to let him. They entered the house, and then a few people went to the supermarket to buy things together. Janice and Ye Angyu bought bread, Lu Jia bought ice cream, and then a few people took the things home, but Ye Angyu didn’t know how to make fish, and then Xu Jiaxiu personally cooked and killed fish.

During the meal, Xu Jiaxiu said that everyone should not be in vain here. He knew what they were going to do. Then Ye Angqi asked Lu Jia to come up with the plan. Xu Jiaxiu said no, he had already read it. Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu how he felt. Xu Jiaxiu said it was okay, and then Lu Jia analyzed the benefits of the plan. Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia why he didn’t write these in the plan. Ye Angtong helped Lu Jia explain. Xu Jiaxiu said that Lu Jia has some deficiencies. I showed it to her, but Xu Jiaxiu still passed the plan, and went to find someone who wanted to cooperate the next day, but the other party refused to agree. Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu have an agreement. Lu Jia is mopping the floor for Xu Jiaxiu, Xu Jiaxiu is teasing a cat, Xu Jiaxiu said that he is going to be exhausted, Xu Jiaxiu said that the agreement can be terminated, Lu Jia said no, otherwise it would be for nothing. Later, Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu why Di Ge refused to himself. Xu Jiaxiu said that Di Ge had a past, but Xu Jiaxiu did not mention the important point, so Lu Jia went to work.

Di Ge’s ex-girlfriend’s ex-fiance came to him and thanked Di Ge very much, because they were all hurt by his ex-girlfriend. Then this person invited Di Ge to dinner, and Lu Jia followed. It turned out that he was also an investor. He wanted to buy Dige’s intimacy tree, but Dige refused. Dige said that he didn’t want to use the intimacy tree to hurt others. He refused to sell the intimacy tree. The investor took out a bank card. Dige was not impressed, and Lu Jia also helped Di. Brother spoke, and the two of them left after a while, and the investor was very angry.

The next day, my colleagues were working hard to treat Di Ge, because everyone knew Di Ge’s past, Ye Angjun said that it was too late to treat Di Ge now, and then Di Ge came to the office and told everyone that he was fine. Now that I am in a good state, I don’t need to treat myself this way. It would be strange if I treat myself this way. When Di Ge was broken up by his girlfriend, Xu Jiaxiu saw Di Ge’s condition very distressed. Then Di Ge said that his girlfriend told him that she was getting married, but he didn’t know who that man was. Then, Xu Jiaxiu helped Dige find the man, Dige said, this man is so ugly, why did you choose him? Dige didn’t understand.

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