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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 20 Recap

The court came to the Northern Territory War Report, saying that General Han and Han Eleven had been martyred, and the emperor immediately ordered the states to guard with all their strength. , And ordered the five princes to return to Beijing as soon as possible to preside over the country. Soldiers in the West Border Barracks informed King Qi of the downfall of the Han family. King Qi couldn’t believe angrily lifted him to the table and said that it was impossible. He recalled the past with eleven kinds and passed the order to set off immediately.

The second king of the prime minister’s mansion also heard about Han Jiajun, and then he took his luggage and wanted to find someone in the north, but he was stopped by the king and said that he had long heard that you and Han eleven had an unusual relationship, but now it seems to be true. , In a few days, you are going to marry the girl of Su Taishou’s family. Wang Er roared that he would never marry anyone except Han Shi in his life. The Wang Xiang ordered his servants to take care of Wang Er’s room. The emperor in the palace sighed fortunately that Yi Yi arrived in time, otherwise it would be really dangerous.

Lord Wan said that his Highness Five would send Wei Bing home if he used his soldiers like a god, and he repented that it was his fault for the current situation. Wan Gong gave medicine to the emperor. At night, the emperor dreamed that Zitong blamed himself for not taking care of Yanyi. The emperor woke up from the dream. The emperor talked about his dream to Wan Gong. He just let the emperor take medicine. The emperor said angrily. He knocked down the medicine bowl, and then said to himself that he was not partial.

The Madam Wang in the prime minister’s mansion scolded the prime minister Wang who was drinking, saying that his son had left home and went to the north, so you still want to drink. After Wang Xiang heard this, he threw the wine glass on the ground and ordered his servants to quickly seal the city to prevent Zhong Yu from leaving the city. Wang Er of the city gate of the capital, dressed as a vegetable seller, went out of the city and met with Liao Jichang outside the city.

Liao Jichang provided Wang Er with a horse and money and food and hoped that Wang Er could find Eleven soon. King Qi of the northern camp learned that Tuobaxun had divided his troops and went to the Tang Dynasty. King Qi said that the Wei Jun also counted on Tuobaxun. The school chapter immediately said that his Highness wanted to capture the thief first and capture the king, but Tuobaxun’s surrounding masters such as cloud. Wang Qi said that he was going to go. This senior wanted to fight with him a long time ago, and the counselors around him all persuaded that it was not possible and finally did not persuade him.

Eleven woke up in a hut and wanted to get out of bed. A peasant woman came up and said that this was when I was doing farm work in Chenjia Village. Where did you live and what was your name? Eleven no longer remembered who she was? Where to? In the barracks, King Qi handed Lu Long a letter, saying that if he fails, he must call the emperor. King Qi’s master came in and said that he couldn’t go. If you go there will be the second prince in case of the throne. King Qi said that as long as the emperor is still there, it’s nothing to get rid of Wang Anli. There is only one chance to assassinate us. It was more appropriate to go together, and the master didn’t say anything. In the evening, King Qi and his master rushed to Tuobaxun’s barracks at night, assassinated Tuobaxun and let the others surrendered.

The second prince informed the prime minister of the battle in the prime minister’s mansion. The emperor praised Chen Yanyi and said that Da Chen hoped that this meant to entrust him with the situation. Wang Xiang told all the dispatches that he must not let the Five Highness Ping’an class return to court. The second prince persuaded the king to stop, but the king refused to give up. Wang Xiang found Mrs. Wang and asked about the token of marriage with the Su family. Although the Su family was the family of the prefect, there were family members who had the gold medal in the family. If you want Zhong Yu to be safe, just do as I say. Madam Wang asked Wang Xiang to see Xiyuan, and Madam Wang said that Xiyuan was going to be a widow for Han Shi. Wang Xiang was very angry after hearing this.

Xiyuan ordered her servants to remove all the flowers in the room and told them to go to Li Mansion to find out what Ms. Qin had done for Eleven. Girl Qin in Li’s house is preparing for the seventh day of November, and the girl said that if you do this, it will invite gossip. It is thanks to the young master who dealt with it. Miss Qin said that Young Master Lin was a good person, but it was a mistake that she and Shi must kiss now. For a real hero like the eleven, she was willing to stay widow for him for a lifetime. These words were heard by Young Master Lin. Eleven packed her luggage and left Aunt Chen’s house, saying that she was going to find her own memory. Aunt Chen suggested that Eleven should go to the city to find her, and she told Eleven the direction to enter the city. I thanked my aunt for saving her life on eleven and left

Eleven came to the city and sat at the door of Su Mansion. Wang Er took the portrait of Eleven and looked for no one. The people in Su Mansion opened the door and said that Miss Su’s wedding was about to be held. With food and shelter, the eleventh came forward and was stopped by Jia Ding. The eleventh tricks made Jia Ding helpless. On 11th, he entered Su Mansion as a girl, and Wang’s people came to Wang Er’s residence and forced Wang Er to take Wang Er. Back to the palace.

The second prince came to the prime minister’s mansion and saw that the king was still teasing the birds with anxious heart. The king said calmly that the master will usher in the fear of his majesty, as long as his majesty can survive for a period of time, we are still hopeful. The second prince received that the father’s body was deteriorating, and he could not even see the mother. The king asked the second prince to act low-key during the period when he returned to the mansion. The second prince worried that the king of Qi would find his own among the people sent to the assassination. To deal with himself, Wang Xiang said that it is not a day or two for Qi Wang to pay you.

Su’s mother, the general manager of the Suzhou prefecture, was also reluctant to give up her daughter. The Su family’s wife said she was assured that she would take good care of her. Then she wiped her tears and motioned to Eleven to ask Eleven’s name. Eleven said that she was not very good. Clearly, Su’s mother named Su Lan to Eleven when she said how this would work, and told Eleven to help the young lady a lot, and Eleven said that she would take good care of her.

King Qi in the Prince Qi’s mansion was depressed, and Ji Ye said about their grand occasion when they returned to Beijing. Now the streets and alleys are talking about his Highness’s suppression of the northern border. The Xin Pavilion tells Ji Ye not to preside over the northern border in front of King Qi, His Royal Highness. I didn’t care about it, but I kept reminiscing about the old days of November. Cheng Jun and Xuezhang came to the new pavilion of the Qi Palace to ask about the news of the elder son. Xuezhang said that it was initially determined that there was no eleven corpse. Xinting said that after salvaging the corpse, his Royal Highness would personally check it.

The Su family’s sedan chair went to Beijing lively. On the 11th, he saw the scenery of the capital and said that he seemed to be very familiar with it. Another girl didn’t believe it. Wang Er from the prime minister’s mansion told Wang Xiang that he would not marry the Su family girl. After that, she wanted to leave. Mrs. Wang knelt down and begged Wang Er. Wang Er said that she would not marry if she did not welcome her. She said that if she did not welcome her, it was okay to let her cousin replace her. Wang Xiang asked Mrs. Wang and his servants to retire and talk to Wang Zhongyu alone. Wang Xiang told Wang Er that Chen Yanyi moved into the East Palace. It was a foregone conclusion. He was ready to call the Wang family and the dark guard to your hands. Wang Er said of his mother and sister. I would make arrangements for myself, but the Su family girl would definitely not marry and left, Wang Xiang nodded helplessly.

The eunuch of the palace informed the emperor that His Royal Highness Qi had arrived. The emperor told the ministers to go down to the eunuch and introduce His Highness into the palace. He said that his health is deteriorating and some things may need to be explained to you in advance. King Qi said that there is a doctor in his palace who should not pass him into the palace to diagnose your pulse. , The emperor said that he didn’t need to know his body, and signaled King Qi to be by his side, saying that the official department is already preparing for your canonization ceremony, and that the Li Chu event will take half a month to call Jiangshan into your hands. There is one thing I want my second child to mention about the feudal clan, and he will order that he cannot enter Beijing without a call.

Qi Wang said that he understood. The emperor said that during this period of time he was sick, the queen came to please every day. I know that you are not afraid of other people’s eyes, but as the lord of the world, it would be inappropriate if you can’t rule the world with filial piety. he thinks. The emperor said that he would keep her for one year, and then King Qi agreed. After leaving the palace, he met Xinting and told him that he had recovered a female corpse. King Qi and Xinting left together, and ran into the Su family’s welcoming team outside the city. The wind blew the curtain of the Qi King’s carriage. He saw King Qi on the 11th. His face was taken aback.

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