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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 24 End Recap

Qianyu passed all the internal strength and martial arts to Mu Juechen using the method of Dugong Mind. She lost all her cultivation skills in her life. Mu Juechen specially asked Qianzhan to test it, and knocked Qianzhan to the ground without much effort. Qianyu I am very pleased that Mu Juechen has reached the seventh level of the Heart Sutra of Yongying. Mu Juechen is eager to win, and tried his best to practice the upper and lower volumes of the Heart Sutra of Yongying. He finally reached the eighth level, but he vomited blood because of his internal strength. Shen Nantian’s spy saw this scene.

The battle was approaching, Mu Juechen and Qianyu came to the ancestral hall together, swearing an oath to the spirit tablets of the ancestors and ancestors, Mu Juechen wanted to retreat for two days, practicing to the ninth level of the Heart Sutra of Yongying. When Shen Nantian learned that Qianyu had passed his internal strength to Mu Juechen, he sent Shen Mingxiu to Qianyun Villa to catch Qianyu. He wanted to cultivate to the ninth floor as soon as possible. Shen Mingxiu agreed on the surface, he didn’t want his father to see Qianyu.

Shen Mingxiu came to see Qianyu quietly, trying to take her to hide, so as not to be caught by Shen Nantian, Qianyu was determined not to leave, Shen Mingxiu had to self-mutilate, pretending to be injured by Qianyu, and told Qianyu that the key to the ninth level was the quiet language Qian Yu couldn’t wait to tell Mu Juechen, but was caught by Shen Nantian. Mu Juechen practiced in retreat, he suddenly felt something wrong.

Shen Nantian forced Qianyu to utter the music score of the quiet language, and said the secret book that passed the ninth stage. Qianyu flatly refused. Shen Mingxiu tried his best to plead for Qianyu. Shen Nantian didn’t buy it. He was a killer to Qianyu, and Shen Mingxiu did not care about himself He rushed to block Qianyu and was injured by Shen Nantian on the spot. Shen Mingxiu covered Qianyu to escape. Shen Nantian became angry and knocked Shen Mingxiu unconscious on the spot. He chased Qianyu all the way, seeing Qianyu falling from the cliff and Shen Nantian chasing him up. , The result was nothing.

When Mu Juechen learned that Qianyu had suddenly disappeared, he immediately brought Qianyun Sanjue to Youyou Valley. Mu Juechen wanted Shen Nantian to inquire about Qianyu’s whereabouts. Shen Nantian lightly admitted that Qianyu was dead, and let Mu Juechen go to Buqian. Following in the footsteps of the words, Mu Juechen was enraged and pressed on Shen Nantian step by step. Qian Xiao and Qian Ran looked for Qian Yu everywhere, and finally saw the porcelain doll on the edge of the cliff. Qian Ran wanted to go down to find Qian Yu, Qian Xiao persuaded her to give up as soon as possible.

Qianyu gradually regained consciousness and saw that Ruthless had rescued her. Ruthless claimed to be picking medicine on the mountain and accidentally fell down the cliff. He had to stay here for a while and stay here temporarily and Qianyu took him. Looking for an exit, I suddenly saw a big eagle in the sky, and rode the big eagle out of the cliff. Mu Juechen came to face Shen Nantian on time, and the two were inextricably beaten. After a few rounds, Mu Juechen gradually died and was knocked to the ground by Shen Nantian.

Qian Yu arrived in time, she used Su Yu to help Mu Juechen recover her internal strength, Qian Zhan challenged Shen Nantian, and was knocked out on the spot. Mu Juechen’s internal strength gradually recovered. He and Shen Nantian fought together. Mu Juechen used his stunts to defeat Shen Nantian. Shen Nantian turned into a cloud of blue smoke and disappeared without a trace. Mu Juechen and Qianyu sat together. Eagle left.

From that day on, Mu Juechen taught the Heart Sutra of Yongying to the common people. The people used the Heart Sutra in their daily lives. There was no dispute in the rivers and lakes. The people lived and worked in peace and contentment, and they were pregnant with Liujia. Mu Juechen took her to do various things. With all kinds of prenatal education, Qian Yu was very busy every day. She complained endlessly. She was so angry that she would part ways with Mu Juechen when she wrote down a letter of resignation. Qian Ren tried to persuade him and Qian Yu could not let go.

Qianyu went back to her family in anger to have a baby. Because of her fetal gas, she had a sudden abdominal pain that was unbearable. She gave birth to a son. Mu Juechen was extremely excited. He prepared musical instruments and books for his son. He wanted to train him from an early age.


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