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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 48 Recap

Yu Sifeng wanted to hand over the position of the palace lord to Elder Luo, and then he found a place to hide, because he used Juntian to check the sea, worried that one day his body would not be able to bear it, and then he would be released from the evil spirit star, Chu Xuanji It would become Shura Devil, Liu Yihuan took out Wangqing Pill, but Yu Sifeng was unwilling to obey Wangqing Pill and forget Chu Xuanji. Wu Zhiqi and purple fox still drinking from Ze Palace, but Wuzhi Qi Yu Secretary does not understand the wind, why live so tired, but purple fox Yu believes it is the only humane wind Division. Wuzhiqi knew what the purple fox meant, so he found an excuse to leave.

Chu Xuanji finally woke up. Chu Linglong told him that the Liulizhan was sealed by the head of Chu. Chu Xuanji wanted to destroy the Liulizhan, but Teng She told her that she could not destroy the heart and soul of the devil, Teng. The snake explained to Chu Xuanji that what Haochen was not saying was all true. Chu Xuanji felt that her father’s ability could not seal Liulizhan, she had to go and take a look in person, but found that it was the seal of the golden red bird. Teng She told Chu Xuanji that it was Yu Sifeng who had rescued him, but Chu Xuanji couldn’t figure out why Yu Sifeng did this, and what he was doing. Teng She told Chu Xuanji that Yu Sifeng pretended to be a demon star in order to solve Yuen Long, and now he was seriously injured because of Chu Xuanji.

Chu Xuanji’s father came, and Chu Xuanji said that he was going to Lize Palace to ask for a clear question. The head of Chu said that Lize Palace had already left. Chu Xuanji still wanted to go. A disciple reported that Wutong was found in Buzhou Mountain , and Chu Linglong had already gone to Buzhou Mountain and wanted to kill Wutong. After hearing this, Chu Xuanji hurried to Buzhou Mountain. Chu Linglong was discovered by Wutong in Buzhou Mountain. She set up a thunder formation and wanted to die with Wutong, but she did not succeed. Chu Xuanji arrived and wanted to resolve their old and new grudges with Wutong. Chu Xuanji asked Wutong where all the demon from Ze Palace had gone. Wutong said that Yu Sifeng had been killed by Yu Sifeng, but he might have died. When Chu Xuanji heard what Wutong said was exactly the same as Teng She guessed, she felt that Yu Sifeng might have been wronged. Chu Xuanji fell into the Wangchuan River.

She remembered the ninth grudge she had with Yu Sifeng. She failed Yu Sifeng time and time again. Chu Xuanji also remembered her memory in the heaven. She was chased and killed in the heaven. At that time, it was Yu Sifeng who sent her to Fen Rucheng, and saved Chu Xuanji’s life, and accompanied Chu Xuanji through the Ninth World Calamity. Teng She rescued Chu Xuanji from Wangchuan River and sent Chu Linglong to Shaoyang to meet Tingnu. Tingnu said that Yu Sifeng asked him to heal Zhong Minyan . Chu Xuanji believed that Tingnu must know Yu Sifeng’s whereabouts.

Ting Nu was healing Zhong Minyan. Zhong Minyan woke up. Ting Nu told Zhong Minyan that Yu Sifeng asked Zhong Minyan to tell Chu head that Tianxu Hall had been disbanded, and the Golden Red Birds would not be involved in fighting. The master pill can be practiced again. Chu Xuanji asked Aunt Yinghong if Yu Si had hurt her at the time. Aunt Yinghong said that she only knew that she was from Lize Palace. Zhong Min said that if Ruoyu personally admitted that he hurt Aunt Yinghong, Yu Sifeng did not lie. Chu Xuanji knew that they were wrong to blame Yu Sifeng .

Yu Sifeng didn’t want to open the glass cup, all this was for destruction. Conspiracy and tricks to drop Yuen Long. Liu Yihuan pushed Ting Nu into the forest, but Liu Yihuan was very dissatisfied because he knew that Yuen Long had injured Hao Chen, but he was bitten by Hao Chen. He was talking about these things with Ting Nu, but Chu Xuanji heard them, and Chu Xuanji knew that they had wronged Yu Sifeng. Ting Nu asked Liu Yihuan to tell Chu Xuanji the truth about the matter, and Liu Yihuan made the matter clear.

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