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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 14 Recap

Eleventh is the school chapter and Shen Chengjun stopped the flying arrows, and let the two run fast. At this time, the black man pierced straight with the knife Xiang eleven and eleven somersaults evaded the assassination, but all the arrows in the quiver fell to the ground. The assassin greeted him. Eleven wanted to take the arrow but found that there was none, as long as he threw the bow and hit the assassin. The Assassin surrounded the King Eleven and King Qi in groups, but the Assassin failed to perform the assassination. At this time, Peng Kun brought the Forbidden Army all the way to the assassination, and the four came to the edge of the cliff.

King Qi said that he knew that there was a mine under the cliff, and he could only get out by going down. Eleven pairs of school chapters said that if you follow the slope down, you can’t report the first tree to hug the tree by the mine. At this time, Peng Kun and others had seen them. On November 11, they were the first to jump down and stand on a tree, and then asked Xue Zhang Chengjun to come down, and Shen Chengjun jumped down just to land on the tree. On November 11, he helped Chengjun with a cane. Falling into the mine safely, the school chapter jumped down and just missed the branch.

Fortunately, the eleventh held the school chapter and threw the school chapter into the hole. He landed safely in the hole with light effort. King Qi watched Peng Kun walk in. Also jumped into the hole with ease. Then he opened his arms and blocked the three of them back, avoiding the arrows shot into the cave, saying that it is not advisable to stay here for a long time and head east to get out of the hunting ground. Peng Kun ordered his servants to harvest in the woods all the way, and use the cane all the way down to chase down today to see the corpse and the people.

The four followed the cliff and passed by the mining site. King Qi asked the three to go first, and then he interrupted the two supporting logs. The gravel blocked the way. King Qi said that it would take some time for them to catch up. Twenty miles north of dawn, there is an arch guard camp. Eleven complained that he was sure to camp out, what if they catch up. King Qi said that it was already dawn when they caught up, and the assassin would think that we had gone far and would only lie in ambush on the way back to Beijing. No one would have thought that we were not fleeing, but camping on the outside road.

Shen Chengjun said don’t blame him, he blamed himself for being a civil servant who dragged down His Highness. Eleven said that it was His Highness that dragged us down. Xuezhang and Shen Chengjun both stared at eleven. Only after eleven, Shen Chengjun said hurry up, Qi The king stepped forward and pulled eleven. Eleven retracted his hand and could walk by himself. Qi Wang said that there was Snake Eleven and quickly stepped forward to grab Qi Wang’s hand and said that the man could bend and stretch. The four of them walked for a while and came to a small forest. King Qi said that he could go out after passing through here. On the eleventh, I was very curious about how there was a trail here after King Qi. King Qi said that this was not the first time he was lost in a hunting ground. If he was curious, it would be dark. As he said, walked forward to make everyone beware of snakes here, and eleven said that there were snakes and hurriedly followed.

The hunting ground soldiers told the second prince that King Qi and Han Xi hadn’t come back yet, and King Qi’s imprisonment had gone to look for them. Wang Er wanted to leave to look for Eleven, but was stopped by the second prince and said that it was going to be dark soon. The Guards had already gone to look for it and waited for news here. If there is something wrong with you, it is not good to explain to your uncle. Four people came to the cave. King Qi said that the place was relatively humid. Eleven said whether he could bear it. Eleven said that he had come out of the barracks. It’s nothing but brother Zhou’s hands. Although the place was damp, it would be swollen. , More than Zhou brother can resist. It seems that Prime Minister Wang has laid his laurels this time, and he will definitely not give up easily.

King Qi said that if he could go back alive this time, even if Wang Xiang could be taken off cleanly, it would make the emperor suspicious, and would break the Wang Xiang’s arrangement in the Imperial Guard. The eleventh asked King Qi why you are so calm. King Qi said that he was actually very flustered in his heart, but it was nothing to think that he could die with you. Eleven said who wanted you to hold me to death, your good cousin was still waiting for you, Qi Wang asked what it had to do with her cousin, and there was a suspicious smile at the corner of his mouth. Eleven did not speak and ran shyly to care about Zhou Xuezhang’s injury

He took out a cake from his arms and said that just in case the dry food was divided, he divided the dry food into three parts and handed it to Xue Zhang Chengjun and himself. King Qi opened his mouth and wanted a little dry food and he accepted it when he looked at eleven. go back. The prime minister’s mansion said that the servant told the villain that Chief Peng had searched when he came, and Wang Xiang ordered that the place of his arrival was optimistic in advance. Before Peng Kun had repeatedly made mistakes, if this failure would cause Peng Kun’s family to go to hell together.

King Qi sat on the stone alone and guarded him, and eleven stepped forward to sit next to King Qi. King Qi asked Eleven to go to rest first, and just keep it. On 11th, take out the unfinished dry food and let Qi Wang eat. Qi Wang said that you can eat so much. If I am not hungry, you should eat it. Eleven said that he was just afraid of being assassinated tomorrow and would have no strength to deal with it. King Qi asked Eleven if she had offended her recently. Eleven said no. King Qi explained how she had dealt with Chu Xiangyue. Eleven said that Miss Chu had targeted her because of her highness, as long as her highness stayed away from her.

Wang Qi said that it was also possible because of Chu Xiangyue, she was only a member of the Chu family, how could it be comparable to you and me. Said that eleven was jealous, and eleven said that he did not like how you would be jealous. King Qi said that you pretend to be a man all year round and don’t understand feelings. In fact, you already have me in your heart, but I don’t know it. Eleven wanted to leave, but was pulled back by King Qi to sit next to him. Let Eleven be quiet and don’t disturb the students to rest. If Eleven is still there, just sit down silently. King Qi points to the sky, and Eleven looks upward. Look out.

In the palace, the eunuch just waited on the emperor to go to bed, and the young eunuch outside told His Royal Highness that there was an accident. Master Ge asked to see him. Peng Kun took the soldiers to the blocked place and ordered the soldiers to clear them out. Under the starry sky, Eleven leaned on the shoulders of King Qi, and asked His Royal Highness to marry the rest party and just keep it by himself. King Qi said that he would stay with you for a while. On Eleven, King Qi said that if he wanted to sleep, he would lean on. On my shoulders, I will watch the night for you. Eleven said no, Qi Wang put his hand on the head of Eleven on his shoulder and ordered Eleven to close his eyes and rest quickly. Leaning against King Qi’s arms, Eleven’s heartbeat speeded up, wondering if he didn’t like him? King Qi just looked into the distance with a smile. The emperor’s Zhi Yanyi had an accident and rebuked Lord Ge for the crime of negligence and ordered Lord Ge to find the fifth prince immediately.

Shen Chengjun said to Xuezhang that if something happened on Eleven, he didn’t know how to explain to his grandmother. He turned his head and looked at King Eleven and Qi in the distance, stuttering about how his cousin and His Highness Five. King Qi stroked Eleven’s side face with his hand. Eleven awakened and asked His Highness what he was doing. Qi Wang explained that he would pluck Eleven’s hair again. Eleven asked Qi Wang not to bully himself. Qi Wang pretended to be stupid. I don’t know what Eleven is talking about. Shen Chengjun said that it was not an illusion, and the academic chapter pushed Cheng Jun and said don’t look at it. The sound they made when they left was seen by Eleven, and Eleven said he explained to them.

The emperor asked Grandpa Wan to change his clothes to see Zitong, and Zitong and himself waited for King Qi’s Royal Highness to feel at ease. When Eleven came to the cave, Shen Chengjun and Zhou Xuezhang pretended to be asleep. Eleven called them and said that they could explain why they couldn’t wake up the person who pretended to be asleep. King Qi looked at Eleven and thought that it was in your heart. There is still mine. In the dream, Eleven put on the wedding dress and married King Qi. Eleven said to herself that she had dreamed of these.

King Qi asked him what he had dreamed of. On the 11th he shunned his dream and said that he dreamed of a lot of delicious food. Qi Wang said that I heard you call me in no dream. The eleventh stalled road may be asking you to eat. After going out, Cheng Jun and Xue Zhang were discussing what they had seen. Shiyi stood quietly behind and asked you two of them when they started and if they had encountered any ghosts. They did not know how to answer and kept silent. Knowing that King Qi ordered to go, he got up and set off.

The four ran to the camp of the Arch Guards. The soldiers saw King Qi immediately called His Highness Five back. Qi Tai went out to pay respect to King Qi, and King Qi said he entered the camp. In the camp, a doctor was arranged to see the school chapter for a doctor. A soldier was carrying food and they ate. Eleven asked where King Qi was. The soldier returned to King Qi to take care of things. The two of the school Zhang joked that there seemed to be more people. We are more concerned about King Qi, and eleven said that we must be doing something dangerous to leave us now.

Qi Tai escorted King Qi back to Beijing, but was stopped by Peng Kun on the road. Peng Kun said that the Imperial Guard was here, and King Qi was in the sedan chair. Qi Tai asked if he knew the password of the Imperial Guard. Peng Kun said that they had searched for the whole night without telling the new password. When King Qi came out of the sedan chair, Peng Kun and others immediately shot Qi Tai and others. How could Peng Kun be King Qi’s opponent? Before long, Peng Kun was knocked to the ground. At this time, Peng Kun shot one Hidden weapon, said that it was poisoned by me, and it won’t last long. I never thought that His Highness would leave me first. The eleventh is running on horseback.

After all the rectification, King Qi in the carriage said that Peng Kun would avenge the eleven if he caught him, and then coughed a few times. Eleven quickly said that he heard Qitai say that you were poisoned. Diagnose and treat His Highness. King Qi took Eleven’s hand and said that he knew their poison very well, and let Eleven accompany him. Eleven asked King Qi where he was uncomfortable, and Wang Qi covered his chest with his hand and said here, Eleven said that his arm was injured, not lying to himself. King Qi said that you lied to me so many times.

I lied to you again and again. What’s more, it really hurts, because you lied to it not to like the pain, and I wanted to be with you for the last time. Speaking of spitting out a mouthful of blood, eleven said that when you get better in the future, you can be together wherever you want. Qi Wang said that he just wanted to ask eleven if there was me in his heart, and eleven remembered the bits and pieces they had passed by. Without speaking, the king of Qi said that you are the same again. I said that in the 11th. Since the farmhouse, I will think of you from time to time. I will be unhappy when I see Miss Wang with me. But what about it?

I am Han On Eleven, you are the Five, and we will not have any results. King Qi continued to ask if she were not Han Eleven if she would be with him. Eleven nodded and embraced Eleven. The eleventh reaction was wrong. Are you not poisoned? Looking for a wound on King Qi, King Qi bent his head and smiled, and then said that he was indeed poisoned. Fortunately, take the medicine in time to understand that it is okay to just vomit blood. Eleven slapped King Qi with his hands and said that he lied to himself. King Qi hugged Eleven and said that you lied to me so many times, and I lied to you once and what happened. Now that we are both clean, you will be my one in the future. , This life is not if you don’t marry, I was very happy after hearing this on the eleventh that I hugged King Qi.

Master Qi above the court said that there was such a big problem with the imperial guards, and everyone knows that the five princes were harmed. A young eunuch came to report that King Qi had returned to the house but he had suffered a little injury. The emperor asked about the leader of the arch guard and the people. Master Qi returned to it was Qi Tai, the dog, and the emperor was very pleased to praise Qi Tai. The second prince said that the brothers had a bad year, and this matter must be thoroughly investigated. Wang Xiang said that he did have the power to conduct a thorough investigation. Master Qi asked why Wang Xiang knew the real murderer had not been caught.

The emperor asked Master Qi to give the details, and the Emperor Ming ordered the three divisions to interrogate. The second prince visited the prime minister’s mansion deeply, and the king urged the second prince to stabilize and not be in a mess. Peng Kun’s clans were still in his hands. Three adults from the Ministry of Criminal Justice interrogated Peng Kun and asked Peng Kun to read the confession, but Peng Kun refused to admit it. Xinting reported the results of the Criminal Ministry’s trial to King Qi, and King Qi ordered Xinting to send Cheng Mingsi to a nearby stake, so that the Criminal Ministry’s Ran could catch him.

On November 11th at night, I recalled the plot of his brother being killed and said that he could rest in peace. King Qi took the rope that Yuan Niangxiao gave him in a daze. On the eleventh, he turned on the bed and turned on the light to find out what Qi Wang said. She put on her dress and turned around in front of the mirror a few times, thinking that Wang Qi said that she would not marry in this life, he was very happy, fiddled with his hair, and remembered his father’s instructions before leaving. If I had an invitation with him, it would be a drag on Han Jiajun. For the present plan, I could only let His Highness stay away from him.

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