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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 12 Recap

The mysterious man made poison and flew into the imperial city. The waiting girl beside Bai Qiuxue felt unwell, so Bai Qiuxue went back to the room to rest. Do not wait until the lake Qin asked the days of Mo Allure back into the room, lying in bed, holding Qin asked the day gave him the dagger, thinking Qin asked the day suddenly felt dizzy, sick. Where music with if Huan strayed into interest rate lock breaks the enchantment, the enchantment of the people will swallow the Star-Soul, the need to find a way to get out, if Huan tried to break the enchantment, but did not succeed, then all music Xinghun With insufficient power, Ruohuan passed part of his heart and soul power to Fanle.

At this time, many people in the imperial city were sick due to the effects of poison. Bai Qiuxue woke up and found that there was no one in the White House. He ran to ask his father why this was. The father told Bai Qiuxue that all the people were sick. The plague, but his father said it wouldn’t matter, because it had no effect on their cultivators. A night hunter discovered the situation in the imperial city.

Ye Lang led the Ye Jiajun to surround the Qin family. Ye Lang said that he was ordered by the regent. The reason was that Qin Jiazhen kept the red-milled sky wall for so many years. Now that the sky wall has collapsed, he was ordered by the regent to invite the two generals to Beijing. Ye Lang took out the imperial decree. The two did not agree, and they started fighting, but the Ye family was prepared and the Qin family could not fight. At this time, Qin Wentian rushed back, and asked his second uncle and third uncle to go to the Galaxy Guild to find Elder Mu Qing. There might be a temporary escape. They disagreed, and wanted to coexist and die with the Qin family. In desperation, they had no choice but to leave. , Qin Wentian dealt with Ye Jiajun and Ye Lang alone, was stabbed with a sword by Ye Lang, which inspired the power of the Star Soul Stone. After killing Ye Lang, he fled.

Inside the lock of breath, Fanle tried to break the barrier and found that the barrier was weakened. Fanle speculated whether the Wudao Formation could open the barrier. If Huan asked Fanle to try, because when her mother was practicing the Wudao Formation, she still She created the Realm of Protector. When her mother died, the Realm of Protector was applied to her and it has not disappeared. Fanle successfully broke the barrier with the help of five formations. Fanle and Ruohuan, who broke the barrier, discovered the lock. Fu, left here to find Mo Shang .

The night hunter told Mo Qingcheng that he had received news from the Jiuhuamen elders that Jiuhuamen had been placed with an isolation talisman, which should be related to the imperial city plague, and found that the enemy’s nest was hidden in the imperial city. Mo Qingcheng led the extermination mission. Qingcheng found the mysterious man, the two had a fight, and the mysterious man escaped. Bai Qiuxue walked down the street and worried about Qin Wentian. Suddenly, she met a fortune teller and said that she had a love relationship. The fortune teller planned to give Bai Qiuxue a prescription. At this time, the mysterious man appeared and interrupted the fortune teller. ,

It’s a liar, the two argued, the mysterious man moved his hands and feet, causing the fortune-telling to lose his life first. Bai Qiuxue felt that the mysterious man was very good at calculating, and asked him to help make the calculation. The mysterious man took Bai Qiuxue to the city. Outside the Marriage Temple, walked outside the city gate, the mysterious man took the opportunity to let Bai Qiuxue take the infatuation, Bai Qiuxue in turn transferred the infatuation to the mysterious man, Bai Qiuxue asked who he was? Then the mysterious man said that he was an independent man, and learned from him that he was pursued and killed by Mo Qingcheng.

Mo Shang brought the Breathing Talisman to the dean, and said that no less than five enchantments were found near Jiujiang yesterday. It is speculated that some people did not want to let Jiuhua Gate get the news, and found that the imperial city had a plague, but the plague only targeted People without cultivation are at risk of death. I said that this was someone who wanted to isolate the Jiuhua Gate and get the news, which caused the imperial city to be in chaos. This enchantment and the death of the elders of the stars should be the same person. Chang went down the mountain to rearrange the barrier, handed over the death of the elder star to the night hunter for investigation, and handed the danger of Di Zi’an in the door to Moshang.

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