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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement Episode 8 Recap

Shen Ruoyan recordedthe conversation betweenherself and Peng Xizhe and handed it to Lin Feng . Lin Feng said to her that she should not think that she can frame herself with a few photos of the hotel. She has reasons to make Su Yiwen believe in herself. Su Yiwen returned home in a hurry, and was startled by the kid who suddenly rushed up. She quickly asked Barron why she suddenly returned to China. Barron said that he knew the Baolian Lantern and was willing to travel across the mountains to find his mother. He also said that his father often beats her mother and no one came to help her. He also cheated her mother’s money with another woman. She was really pitiful. .

Su Yiwen seemed to be touched a bit. She told Peng Xizhe that she had always thought Su Yiwu had returned home to start a business in China, but she did not expect her to lead such an unbearable life abroad. Barron was able to come to China from the United States because he got his dad to sign under the pretence of attending a summer camp in China, and then escaped from the summer camp, swiping his father’s credit card and then came to Su Yiwen’s house. Li Binli was entrusted by Su Yiwen to come to Su Yiwu’s house and calmed her frightened little emotions. Su Yiwen continued to tell Peng Xizhe that Su Yiwu’s husband is a well-known divorce lawyer in the United States. He now joins his colleague and lover to falsely accuse Su Yiwu of plagiarism, leaving Su Yiwu ruined.

Su’s mother called Lin Feng to the house and told him that she knew Su Yiwen’s personality was a little weird, but let him bear with him. When Lin Feng asked, she knew that Su’s mother saw that Su Yiwen hadn’t gone to work in the company for a long time, so she asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng said that there was always one thing he didn’t know whether to say or not. He told Su’s mother that Peng Xizhe now works in his company.

Su’s mother explained that the Su family and the Peng family did not have any relatives. It was just that the people of the Peng family saved the life of the Su family’s father. This allowed Su Yiwen to take good care of Peng Xizhe. Lin Feng said that although he understood the relationship between Su Yiwen and Peng Xizhe, he just couldn’t accept them living together. Su’s mother was shocked when she heard the news, she hurried to Su Yiwen’s apartment, ready to find out.

Unexpectedly, Su Yiwen changed the password of his house door. Peng Xizhe was sick and was sleeping at home. Hearing someone knocking on the door outside, he wanted to get up and take a look. Su Yiwen and Barron received a call from Mama Su as soon as they walked to the clinic. Su Yiwen suddenly became anxious when she heard that her mother was at the door of her house, so she said that Barron had returned to China. Mama Su heard that Barron had returned to China, and she didn’t care about the password to the door, so she hurried to the clinic again.

Su Yiwu said to Su Yiwen, let her think about her affairs. Su’s mother would suddenly go to her apartment to check the post. Someone must have informed her. When Su Yiwen returned home, the first thing he did was to take Peng Xizhe’s temperature and ask him if he heard someone knocking on the door today and if he saw anyone. Peng Xizhe said that he was asleep at the time and didn’t see anything. Su Yiwu took Barron back to her parents’ house. Mother Su was very happy to see him, but she still prevented him from running around in the future.

Su Yiwu told her mother that she was applying for a divorce, but she would work hard to obtain custody of Barron. Su’s mother took the opportunity to ask Su Yiwu about Su Yiwen’s apartment, asked her if the apartment was rented to others, and said that someone must have said something deliberately that caused Lin Feng to misunderstand. Shen Ruoyan worked a lot and finally got Lin Feng an invitation letter for the summit. Lin Feng was very happy.

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