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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement Episode 6 Recap

On the first day Peng Xizhe went to work, he saw Shen Ruoyan and Lin Feng whisperingin the basement. Although he felt a little strange, he quickly left. When he came to the company, Shen Ruoyan brought Peng Xizhe to the work station and asked him to find something to do by himself. She took the folder and came to Lin Feng’s office. Lin Feng warned her that it’s okay to be casual in the company. Now that Su Yiwen ‘s brother is in the company, let her pay more attention to her behavior. After Shen Ruoyan came out, she told Peng Xizhe that Su Yiwen had been asking herself today whether Peng Xizhe was used to coming to the company. Peng Xizhe smiled and did not speak. He felt that this company was weird, and he didn’t know what Shen Ruoyan wanted to tell himself.

At the opening ceremony of Su Yiwu, she was drinking again in the studio. Suddenly, Su’s father and Su came to the clinic to cheer for her. Su’s father also said that today, the two of them wanted to ask her for psychological consultation. of. Su Yiwu guessed the intention of her parents, saying that they just wanted to ask herself what she did when she returned to China. Su’s mother did not deny, and asked her daughter what she did when she returned to China this time. Su Yiwu said that she returned to China to start a business. Under the current economic globalization, working and living abroad is not the best way to live. Mother Su grabbed her and asked her why her grandson did not come back with her. Su Yiwu had no choice but to finally say that she was divorced.

Su Yiwen waited for a long time, and finally waited until Mr. Jin was willing to meet with herself. She walked into Mr. Jin’s office and handed Mr. Jin a picture album, saying that this picture album might change his mind. After listening to her, Mr. Kim also smiled and said that he just liked the energy of the hockey team, especially Peng Xizhe. Su Yiwen seized the opportunity and asked Kim to give the hockey team another chance. Mr. Jin said that he was very willing to give them another chance, but he had one condition, he needed to obtain the printing rights of Su Yiwen’s picture album.

Lin Feng deliberately took Peng Xizhe to the meeting with Huarui Group and asked him to talk about his thoughts about software. After Su Yiwen and President Jin met, they came to a hot pot restaurant alone. They called Su Yiwu but no one answered, and Lin Feng didn’t get in touch. She was a little bit mournful. Peng Xizhe talked to the investor about the origin of his own software development. The investor was very satisfied and decided to invest in Lin Feng’s company.

After Peng Xizhe finished speaking, he saw the news of Su Yiwu and said that he had something to leave first. Lin Feng chased him out, saying that he knew he did not like this occasion, but he was able to come to the platform today, and he was very grateful to him. Peng Xizhe said that this is a gift from him to Su Yiwen. Su Yiwen stayed alone in the hot pot restaurant for a long time. Lin Feng never answered her call. Instead, Peng Xizhe hurried over and took her home. After the negotiation, Lin Feng and Shen Ruoyan came out together, and Shen Ruoyan asked him to go to the bar with herself for a drink, but Lin Feng refused and asked her to take a taxi back.

After Lin Feng left, Mr. Zhou came out and said to Shen Ruoyan that the reason why Hua Rui invested in Lin Feng’s company this time was not because of how well Peng Xizhe’s software was done, but they had heard that Lin Feng was about to become Director Su. His son-in-law Chenglong is willing to cooperate with Lin Feng. Su Yiwen and Peng Xizhe walked out of the hot pot restaurant together. She cried in the rain, saying that Lin Feng didn’t care about herself at all. Peng Xizhe couldn’t bear to see her sad and persuaded her that he was with Lin Feng tonight. He was indeed busy with work. Su Yiwu came to the bar again, and was accosted by a stranger. She even confided all the situation of the other party, scared the other party and quickly left.

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