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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement Episode 4 Recap

Su Yiwen wanted their own cooking, but once again failed cook, two people started eating instant noodles. As she ate, she remembered that Shen Ruoyan had asked her to ask her. She wanted totell Peng Xizhe about it. Before she could say it, Peng Xizhe said that he knew what she was going to say, and he said that he could promise her, and she would treat it as a gift.A wedding giftfor her and Lin Feng . Su Yiwen was very touched that Peng Xizhe would be willing to give up her efforts for so many years.

She said that she would definitely ask Shen Ruoyan to get the highest transfer fee for Peng Xizhe. Peng Xizhe said that even if he chooses to cooperate with the company, he must examine whether the company can survive in the long term. Only in this way can his transfer be valuable and can really help Su Yiwen to secure the position of the boss. Shen Ruoyan came to Lin Feng’s house and told Lin Feng about the relationship between Peng Xizhe and Su Yiwen, saying that she had to admit that Su Yiwen was indeed his lucky star, and she was willing to go down.

Li Zhongli was a little bit psychologically troubled because of another failure of the operation. After seeing his colleague, he couldn’t bear to torture himself, so he planned to introduce Su Yiwu to him and ask him to consult with him about his psychological problems. Li Zhongli refused him, but after returning home, he went straight to Su Yiwu’s house downstairs to his own home. He wanted to ask her for advice. He opened the door and saw Su Yiwu drunk in a pile of wine bottles. Rushed her to the hospital. Su Yiwen took out the professional camera and prepared to let Peng Xizhe take it back, saying that he could not accept such a valuable gift from him.

Peng Xizhe discussed with her and said that eating, broadcasting and bringing goods are not really suitable for her job, but she can see that she is also very talented in photography and can completely regard photography as her main business. Su Yiwen watched Peng Xizhe consider so much for herself, saying that Su Yiwu made a mistake in analyzing herself, and Peng Xizhe could not like herself at all. While the two were talking, she received a call from Li Zhongli and learned that Su Yiwu was in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Peng Xizhe hurried to the hospital with Su Yiwen. Unexpectedly, Lin Feng came to look for her when she came downstairs. Taken to the hospital together.

After Su Yiwu woke up, she looked at so many people in the ward and blamed Su Yiwen for taking so many people to watch her jokes. Su Yiwen asked her what happened and asked herself and two men to help her figure out a solution. Seeing this, Peng Xizhe quickly called Lin Feng out, and the two people chatted about the software he designed outside the ward. However, Lin Feng mentioned Shen Ruoyan in front of Peng Xizhe, saying that he apologized to Peng Xizhe for Shen Ruoyan, for her recklessness, and said that he sincerely invited Peng Xizhe to work in her company. Peng Xizhe told him that he just agreed to Su Yiwen and Lin Feng to cooperate tonight, but he had to go to the company for an internship first to understand the strength of the company and Lin Feng’s sincerity to Su Yiwen. Only if he is sure that Su Yiwen can get happiness, he will hand over the software. .

Su Yiwu told Su Yiwen that she was very surprised because she was framed by others for plagiarizing intellectual property rights when she was abroad. However, she said that she would help her keep the secret and also helped Su Yiwu go through the discharge procedures. After returning home, Su Yiwen asked Su Yiwu why she was so hostile to Lin Feng. Su Yiwu said directly that she just didn’t like Lin Feng. Su Yiwen said that Lin Feng actually has some research on Feng Shui, and one day he can bring him to the clinic for a look. When Shen Ruoyan learned that Peng Xizhe had agreed to the cooperation request, she thought she was about to be officially promoted to minister, but she didn’t want to but was severely reprimanded by Lin Feng, saying that she had no dignity in front of their siblings.

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