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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement Episode 3 Recap

Su Yiwen bought a lot of cakes and went home. Peng Xizhe asked her why she bought so many. So Yiwen said that although she doesn’t become a big appetizer now, she is now the queen of goods. She said that many manufacturers now have to cooperate with themselves. These three boxes of cakes are a kind of betting. As long as you eat them in the half-hour live broadcast, the other manufacturer will pack all the cakes of her life. Unexpectedly, Su Yiwen would vomit wildly after eating the cake, and at night she couldn’t sleep because of her stomachache, so Peng Xizhe rushed her to the hospital.

Early the next morning, Su Yiwen got up early and made breakfast for himself. After Peng Xizhe got up, Su Yiwen told him that he had left the company and was going home to prepare for the wedding. After all, Lin Feng was so busy. Peng Xizhe was a little bit unfair for her. He said that getting married is a matter of two people. Why should she go home alone to make preparations? This is not fair at all. However, Su Yiwen asked him that Su Yiwu hadn’t contacted him until now. Since Peng Xizhe has such a good relationship with Su Yiwu, let him tell himself what happened to Su Yiwu’s return to China.

The decoration of Su Yiwu’s clinic was not very pleasant either. She kept getting complaints from neighbors when she renovated her own clinic. Until the neighborhood committee had come to the house, she came to the neighbor’s house to negotiate again. After returning home, Su Yiwu received a call from Su Yiwen. Su Yiwen said that she knew she was wrong and told her not to get angry and go home to live. She also said that Peng Xizhe had told herself everything. Su Yiwu knew her little sister very well. She knew that Su Yiwen had deliberately said this and used her own words. She saw her through and asked her to hide her resignation. She said that she vacated a bedroom in the studio, which was very difficult at the beginning of her business, and she also advised Su Yiwen to jump out of Lin Feng’s comfort zone.

Shen Ruoyan approached Lin Feng to explain that Lin Feng had agreed with her about the creative department’s director. But now that it happened temporarily, she has been rejected by Peng Xizhe many times. This is not to let her eyes open. Can’t you get it looking at this position? Jiang Ping was unwilling to be provoked by Shen Ruoyan, and printed out the emails between him and Andy. Lin Feng, in front of the two people, said that no matter who can get Peng Xizhe and let him join, whoever can get the position of minister. .

Su Yiwen came to the ice hockey hall to take photos of the team with a Polaroid. Soon Shen Ruoyan also arrived. Seeing the young girl cheering for the team, the two of them were still joking that they seemed a little out of place. Shen Ruoyan said that she had heard that Su Yiwen and Lin Feng had reconciled again. Su Yiwen said that she had already figured it out clearly and was about to marry him. She said that when she finished taking a photo for the team, she would take her to find a talented programmer.

She didn’t know that the person Shen Ruoyan was looking for was Peng Xizhe. After Peng Xizhe played, the coach accused him of being absent-minded and asked him if he was distracted by falling in love. Peng Xizhe told the coach that he does not want to fall in love now. Su Yiwen quickly brought Shen Ruoyan to the backstage to see Peng Xizhe. After the three people met, she discovered the relationship between them. Shen Ruoyan seemed to have grasped the life-saving straw and kept persuading Su Yiwen to help herself and Lin Feng to win the Peng Xizhe project.

Later, after Shen Ruoyan called Lin Feng, she said that she had something to tell him in person. After returning home, Su Yiwen held the Polaroid and slapped Peng Xizhe for a while. Peng Xizhe said that if she wanted to take a photo, she would take a good photo. Don’t play with something like this toy. Only then did the two talk about it, and Su Yiwen learned that Peng Xizhe gave him the professional camera. Peng Xizhe also said that he had seen Su Yiwen’s painting. He said that Su Yiwen is not a waste of wood at all, but a very talented artist.

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