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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 16 Recap

After listening to Cha Yunxian’s words, Park Qi Caiwent to Quan Hee Jung ‘s room to find something, and found nothing. At this moment, she saw a small box on the closet and immediately put it on a stool to get it. Unexpectedly, Quan Xi was suddenly walking into the room at this time. He yelled and Park Qicai was shocked. He couldn’t hold his hand firmly and the small box fell to the ground, and all the contents inside fell out. Park Qicai quickly apologized to Quan Xizheng, saying that she didn’t mean it. But she didn’t expect this to be a serious matter for Quan Xizheng.

He accused Park Qicai of why she had to uncover her scars to satisfy her own curiosity. She was simply a worthless person. Piao Qicai was scolded out of the room by Quan Xizheng. She wanted to buy an identical small box to compensate Quan Xizheng, but she went to many shops and couldn’t find it. In the end, the hard work paid off, and finally found the box in a small handmade shop, but Park Qicai forgot to bring cash when she went out, and the store did not support WeChat payment, so she had to call Quan Hee-jung and ask him to pick it up from the shop. . Quan Xizheng did not answer her call.

She sent a voice message to the other party again, saying that she had sent him the location so that he must come, and she would wait for him there. But she waited for a full day, Quan Xizheng never showed up, only waited for Cha Yunxian. She cried to Cha Yunxian. She felt really tired. Why did she give so much? Quan Hee Jung didn’t like herself, and she never liked Quan Hee Jung anymore. It turned out that Quan Xizheng was also here. As soon as he arrived at the door of the store, he saw two people standing at the door. Hearing what Park Qicai said, he didn’t pass there.

At this time, the owner of the shop saw Park Qicai’s love bracelet dropped on the ground. He could tell at a glance that the bracelet was made with great care. Park Qicai was discouraged and said that he would give it to him when he saw the boss and the bracelet. After they left, Quan Hee was walking over and asked the boss for the bracelet. Park Qicai went straight back to Quan Xizheng’s house and took away her luggage. Quan Xizheng watched her leave without knowing what to say.

After Park Qicai went home, the brothers saw her look sad and knew that she was in a bad mood. Park Zaizheng came to the room to comfort her. He watched Park Qicai eating fried chicken and beer and said that he would gain weight. When he mentioned Quan Xizheng, Park Qicai said immediately that he didn’t want to hear the name Quan Xizheng again. The next day, they met at school. Quan Hee was holding two tickets for the amusement park that he had already bought. He wanted to give it to Park Qicai, but he didn’t want Park Qicai to be like strangers, and walked straight back to the classroom. , Quan Xi was looking at her figure and left silently.

Park Qicai changed his previous style and took the initiative to avoid sitting with Kwon Hee in class, and went straight to sit with Cha Yun Heon. In order to observe the emotional development of Park Qicai, Park Jae-gong sat in her classroom wearing a mask and fully armed. Unexpectedly, he was recognized by the teacher at a glance and invited him out. Park Qicai went out and asked the older brothers why they were following her, whether she was afraid of committing suicide or seeking revenge with Quan Hee Jung, and told them to stop worrying about their own affairs. Cha Yunxian dressed in ancient costumes and played the guzheng on the campus.

He confessed to Park Qicai in public that he had liked her for a long time and asked her to associate with him. Park Qicai was hesitating, but Quan Hee suddenly appeared and pulled her away. He told Park Qicai that Cha Yunxian was not suitable for her, and he knew her better than the other party. Park Qicai asked him if he didn’t want to let me agree to Cha Yunxian. He didn’t expect that Quan Hee was talking about Park Qicai’s shortcomings, so angry that Park Qicai turned around and went to Cha Yunxian. Cha Yunxian quickly found Kwon Hee Jung and prepared to play a basketball game with him. Whoever wins will be with Park Qicai. When Park Qicai heard the wind, she hurried to the basketball court, but fainted by the court. After being sent to the hospital, she knew she had heat stroke.

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