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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 42 End Recap

Li Jianjian was sad on the sofa because his senior brother accused him of plagiarism. Ling Xiao rushed back and saw Chen Ting’s sadness and went to Chen Ting to question. Ling Xiao accused Chen Ting and Li Jianjian of giving her the fruit while crying on the sofa alone? Chen Ting also said with a dazed expression that she hadn’t said anything. Li Jianjian reacted and immediately ran over to see that Ling Xiao was angry with Chen Ting.

Li Jianjian hurriedly told Ling Xiao that crying was another matter, and Chen Ting also accused Ling Xiao of only Li Jianjian and even neighbors in his eyes, that is, no mother or sister, if he could half the attitude towards Li Jianjian This is not true for small oranges. Ling Xiao said that he had them because they loved him and then asked Chen Ting, do you love me? This sentence hit Chen Ting’s heart and stopped talking. Ling Xiao apologized like her aunt and then took Li Jianjian to the other side. Li Jianjian hugged Ling Xiao to comfort him not to be excited that he was sad. It was really not because of Chen. Aunt Ting.

Qi Mingyue went to the place where Jin Yuxiang worked to wait for her. Qi Mingyue asked Jin Yuxiang and her father about her. Jin Yuxiang was very angry and asked Qi Mingyue for a divorce, why should he come to him? As long as he comes, he will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce. In this way, he and Qi Mingyue are free and no one cares about them. Qi Mingyue also blamed herself very much and said that everything was her fault. I shouldn’t have used such naive methods to fight back, but now I think of it and regret it.

Jin Yuxiang said that Qi Mingyue didn’t feel sorry for her but for herself, and that it was all her fault and then slapped herself. Qi Mingyue hugged Jin Yuxiang. Jin Yuxiang said that she didn’t know what she had done wrong. Both father and daughter didn’t want herself. Qi Mingyue said that she was really trying to escape but now she is a reporter for her ideals. Li Jianjian told Ling Xiao what his senior brother had read his design drawings and published in advance and accused him of plagiarism. Finally, he said that as long as he found the photos, he could prove himself, but his photos could not be found when they were buried. He hesitated to say that his own is gone.

Finally, Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao found He Ziqiu. He Ziqiu said that his things were still in Zhao Huaguang’s house. He Ziqiu wanted to find Zhao Huaguang but did not know how to speak. Qin Meiyang came to tell a few people that the photo of Ling Xiao was cut by Chen Ting and the shoes were originally thrown away. Ling Xiao went crazy and wanted to look for it, but he had picked it up in his schoolbag. And Chen Ting said some self-defeating things, so Ling Xiao never returned to China.

Qin Meiyang went to the kitchen and sat on the floor alone after saying these. He Ziqiu went to comfort her and said that if Ling Xiao didn’t like him, he would not stay for her for so many years. He Ziqiu said that Qin Meiyang is a tofu heart with a knife mouth, but sometimes the knife mouth is very sad. Qin Meiyang feels that Li Jianjian hates her falling down because of pushing her down the stairs. He Ziqiu finds it very ridiculous because Li Jianjian has forgotten about this matter and contacting Qin Meiyang should directly apologize like Li Jianjian.

He Ziqiu called Zhao Huaguang and asked if his photo was still there. Zhao Huaguang threatened him with the photo to see his father. He Ziqiu had no choice but to agree to him because of the photo. Zhuang Bei invites Tang Can to dinner and then invites her to watch a drama. Zhuang Bei encourages Tang Can to play a drama, but Tang Can said that he has finally given up acting and now has no confidence. On the other side, Zheng Shuran called to inquire about Li Jianjian’s being wronged, and was about to dig up the black material of the senior brother, Du Juan also called to ask if the photo was found.

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