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Ultimate Evolution

Ultimate Evolution
Other Name: 终极进化

Genre: novel, Science, Fiction
Author: Tokyo Dream
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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After Chu Xiao was admitted to university, not long after getting along with his classmates, his parents made claims to write his name in the military department, but as a last resort , Chu Xiao left the university he had just entered, and left the brother he had just met and entered the army. After staying in the army for a year, he was expelled from the army for various reasons. After returning to university, several brothers in his university picked him up and went out with him. Everything was fine, but after a black rain covering the whole world passed, the whole world changed…

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“There? What is there?”

Looking at Tie Zhu incomprehensibly, he really didn’t understand what had happened so that he would become what he is now.

“There! There!”

Still speaking these two words, it seems that he can see things that others can’t see.

At this moment, Chu Xiao and Doctor rushed back, seeing this scene, they couldn’t help taking two steps back in horror.


“What did Tie Zhu eat just now?” The doctor squatted beside Tie Zhu, checked his body carefully, and said slowly.

“nothing much……”

He clapped his hands fiercely, and suddenly remembered that when solving the huge obstacle, Tie Zhu accidentally scratched his skin.

Although the four-eyed boy saw it, Tie Zhu shook his arm and didn’t cause any discomfort, so he didn’t put it on his own heart.

The doctor nodded thoughtfully. Indeed, in this case, the virus contained in the plant would enter the blood.

Although he hasn’t experimented, and I don’t know what will happen, but looking at Tie Zhu, it can be seen that he already has signs of mutation.

“What to do? Will Tie Zhu become a zombie?”

Looking at the doctor nervously, even though Chu Xiao kept talking about who was going to become a zombie and kill him directly,… there were still some things that couldn’t be done.

He has lost a fat man, so he doesn’t want to lose any brother.

“It shouldn’t be for the time being. After all, his situation is completely different from the appearance of zombies.”

After careful consideration, the doctor pushed his glasses and said softly.

In their understanding, zombies mutate only after being bitten by a mutated creature.

Tie Zhu’s situation is completely different from before, and there is no action now. Even if it changes, it should have changed long ago, and there is no incubation period or the like.

However, what makes the doctor can’t figure out is that the same viruses are spread through blood. Why is it not easy to work on Tie Zhu’s body?

“Go out first, after all, this is still a long way from Yinluo City.”

Everyone nodded, and the Four-Eyed Boy handed the pistol to Lin Hao. Although he was not familiar with this woman, it was better than giving it to Ye Ruan.

No matter what angle you think of, this woman is really terrifying, and she feels like a silent killer.

The first time he touched the real gun, Lin Hao’s expression seemed at a loss, and he didn’t know where to put his fingers.

“Okay, Four-eyed boy, Tie Zhu will leave it to you!”

“Humph, when the time comes, you two must invite me to dinner!”

Haha smiled, his eyes became serious again, and down the road, he saw two zombies, and none of the mutant creatures were seen.

This made Chu Xiao puzzled. This group of guys didn’t know that this was the water storage center, but… bang!

I slammed into the door hard, I don’t know why, as if it was locked, it couldn’t be opened no matter what.

“Get up!” It might be a little impatient, the doctor took out a small bomb from the clothes, originally wanted to use it as an ambush.

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