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Miss S Episode 6 Recap

Tu Lianwen asked Su Wenli not to spread the photos, and said that he was willing to help An Ziyu commit the crime, but Su Wenli was unwilling to let the murderer continue to get away with it. Su Wenli brought Xiao Taozi to the police station and learned that Feng Chu had many ways to make more money, and Mrs. An also gave him money.

Su Wenli told Xiao Taozi that she had found the engagement invitations of Feng Chuyue and Pan Zixin, and asked Xiao Taozi to go to the hotel to check the specific situation, and asked her to come to An Ziyu’s house to find her after the investigation.

Su Wenli went to Mrs. An’s house to ask Feng Chuyue about Feng Chuyue. This time Mrs. Ann didn’t hide anything, she told Su Wenli one to five to ten. But when it came to why Mrs. Ann continued to pay Feng Chuyue, Mrs. An said directly. I don’t like Su Wenli’s accent. Su Wenli also said that if she doesn’t make it clear, she cannot help An Ziyu. After going out, Xiao Taozi told Su Wenli of the information she found. She felt that she had to take a long time, Pan Zixin, the bride.

Su Wenli came to the backstage uninvited and was discovered by Chen Ailian. She was even mocked. Su Wenli casually asked the name of Chen Ailian’s perfume, which reminded Pan Zixin of the unpleasant mint smell. , I asked Feng Chu more if he liked the taste, and then he said to himself: Sorry, your husband’s name is Wu Wending. Then he said that Pan Zixin thought she had a good relationship with Feng Chuyue. Chen Ailian said angrily that when he died, many people still asked him to settle accounts. Su Wenli caught a little clue and went out to perform. And Su Wenli went out to talk to Qi Huaimin.

Su Wenli told Xiao Taozi that she thought there were too many suspects. Then when she looked at the photos, she found that the scarf worn by the man was very familiar. Xiao Taozi took the things to the police station and brought desserts to Xiaoan and Luo Qiuheng, while Shen Xiaoan Also very proud to mention watching movies.

When Su Wenli came back, she was almost injured by the darts played by Lao Song and Xiao Tan. She knew that the chicken was a reward and wanted to make braised chicken nuggets, but was stopped.

Su Wenli found Mrs. An’s house and wanted to hear something quietly, but Mrs. An discouraged her from going in. She opened the cabinet and saw An Ziyu with a gun. Originally, An Ziyu wanted to let Su Wenli let her go, Su Wen Li shakes out Mrs. An’s secret, and then An Ziyu put down his guns. The three sat in the living room and discussed some things. They also learned that Feng Chuyue threatened Mrs. An with their bargaining chips. It turned out that An Ziyu’s brother An Zixiong was not dead. Then he ran away with An Ziyu.

Xiaoan told Luo Qiuheng about Su Wenli’s escape, but Inspector Wang led people to chase him. Luo Qiuheng was not too worried about this. Instead, he asked about the movie tickets of Xiaoan and Xiao Taozi and learned that Xiao Taozi After two, Xiaoan asked Luo Qiuheng to invite Su Wenli to watch a movie.

Su Wenli took An Ziyu to An Zixiong and asked for An Zixiong’s help. An Zixiong said that he had gone to Violet to find An Ziyu but could not recognize each other, and that he had given Feng Chuyue a roll of money.

Luo Qiuheng went to Violet and arrested Chen Ailian to the police station. Wu Wending did not believe that Chen Ailian would do this kind of thing and asked Chen Ailian to ask Chen Ailian in front of him. Then Luo Qiuheng said that bigamy would be sentenced as a crime. Wu Wending also knew about Chen Ailian. His true identity and what he did, he found Qi Huaimin for an explanation and was stopped by the police.

Chen Ailian talked about Feng Chuyue’s threat to her, but she did not admit that she killed herself. Until Luo Qiuheng took out the murder weapon, Chen Ailian finally admitted that she killed herself, and also said the cause and effect.

Su Wenli heard An Zixiong’s words and felt that she should go back to Shanghai. After returning, Su Wenli took An Ziyu back to the police station as soon as possible. She and Luo Qiuheng found Chen Ailian again and asked her to demonstrate how she killed Feng Chuyue. But it was different from what the Korean forensic doctor had judged, and she didn’t know about toxic things. This gave Su Wenli and Luo Qiuheng another idea, that is, Chen Ailian wanted to protect her lover Wu Wending, and then set off to Violet to arrest Wu Wending.

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