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Miss S Episode 5 Recap

Su Wenli came to the Violet Bar. It turned out that An Ziyu made an appointment with her. An Ziyu wanted to sell the car to Su Wenli and was refused. Feng Chuyue left her beautiful lady and left, and An Ziyu also saw her acquaintance say hello. Qi Huaimin asked Su Wenli to dance while An Ziyu went to deal with her own affairs. Su Wenli noticed Chen Ailian when she admired Qi Huaimin’s band. Qi Huaimin explained that it was the treasure of their band and also the talented singer brought back from Qingdao.

While dancing, a man named Feng Chuyue died in the middle of the dance floor. Luo Qiuheng came to the crime scene and saw Su Wenli couldn’t help but mocked: Are you black and white? Every time I see you, I am with the dead. Pan Zixin was heartbroken as Feng Chuyue’s dancing partner. Then Su Wenli took out something that was suspected to be a roll of money and gave it to Luo Qiuheng.

As expected, Luo Qiuheng said Su Wenli again. Xiaoan was then ordered to search everyone. Su Wenli came to the backstage to meet Chen Ailian, and she was polite. Soon Qi Huaimin brought Wu Wending to the backstage to introduce them to each other, and Luo Qiuheng soon also came. Luo Qiuheng simply asked Qi Huaimin a few words and then asked Su Wenli about An Ziyu. Su Wenli said An Ziyu was dizzy and should vomit in the toilet now.

After Su Wenli went back, she talked to Xiao Taozi about this. As An Ziyu’s friend for many years, Su Wenli thought An Ziyu was not that kind of person, but she was puzzled after knowing that An Ziyu fled the crime scene before the police came. Listed An Ziyu as the number one suspect, and Xiao Taozi also cared about the Shen Xiaoan police. Su Wenli said that after he was very motivated, she asked Xiao Taozi if she wanted to take her friends to the movies.

Luo Qiuheng asked Xiaoan to check the reports of Feng Chuyue Zha in recent years to find out what he had offended. Luo Qiuheng also gave him a ticket to the Xiaoan Cinema to invite girls to watch movies.

When Su Wenli visited Mrs. Ann, she remembered her past events. Then Mrs. An came out and talked about what happened to her home. By the way, I asked Su Wenli to help An Ziyu. Su Wenli had a plan in her heart and began to ask Mrs. An about An Ziyu, such as if he had anyone close to him. , And learned about Tu Lianwen.

After Su Wenli returned, she asked the old Song Xiaotan to find Tu Lianwen for help. Luo Qiuheng found a Korean forensic doctor to identify Feng Chuyue’s body. He talked about half of Su Wenli’s arrival. Korean forensic doctors didn’t like someone coming in without authorization and wanted Su Wenli to go out, but Su Wenli wanted to stay with Mrs. An’s authorization. . Then Luo Qiuheng reluctantly helped Su Wenli stay, Luo Qiuheng also thought of the brooch at Su Wenli’s prompt, and Xiaoan was deducted from his salary by Luo Qiuheng during the previous investigation.

After Luo Qiuheng went back, he still believed that An Ziyu had escaped with the murder weapon. Su Wenli acquitted An Ziyu, and unexpectedly learned that An Ziyu had fought with the deceased and entered the police station. He was a person with a criminal record. Lao Song found Tu Lianwen and took him away on the grounds that his home was on fire. Tu Lianwen was taken to Su Wenli’s house and fled after being asked a series of words. Then he crept up to a window through the window, and Luo Qiuheng came and saw Su Wenli entering. After Su Wenli successfully entered, she snatched the things from Tu Lianwen and was almost pushed by Tu Lianwen. Fortunately, Luo Qiuheng arrived in time and the princess hugged Su Wenli.

Su Wenli was taken to the police station on charges of breaking into a private house and took photos. Little Taozi also brought Su Wenli a lot of delicious food. When I was about to feed Xiaoan a chicken leg, I was told that Luo Qiuheng was terrible when he was angry, so Su Wenli went in alone and found Luo Qiuheng. Luo Qiu’s temperature softly helped Su Wenli heal her feet. Outside, Xiao Taozi and Xiaoan also felt that they had developed further, and inside was the scene of Su Wenli feeding Luo Qiuheng. Then I saw the photos and saw Tu Lianwen.

Su Wenli asked Tu Lianwen about the ins and outs, thinking that he and An Ziyu really killed Feng Chuyue, but Tu Lianwen said that they didn’t kill him at all.

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