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Miss S Episode 4 Recap

Little Taozi took Dong Haoyu upstairs to check Tang Ruyue’s situation. Tu Senran told Su Wenli that he and Dong Haoyu were brothers and sisters, so they often wore similar clothes. Su Wenli asked Tu Senran to eat cherries while observing him and found him If there is a hand injury, he asked. Tu Senran explained that the football player was injured. Su Wenli took the opportunity to ask Mrs. Tang’s opinion of Dong Haoyu. Tu Senran said Mrs. Tang thought Haoyu’s family background was not worthy of such things, and said Tang The wife is very kind to herself.

After Dong Haoran and the three of them left, Su Wenli asked Xiao Taozi to go to St. John’s University to call, and also to ask their dean. Besides, she also asked Xiao Taozi to go to Southeast Asia Travel Agency to book two tickets to Nanjing. It was obvious that Su Wen Li was already suspicious of these two people. Madam Rong went to the police station and told them that Su Yun was her niece and wanted to see her. Then Police Officer Shen brought Madam Rong to Su Wenli’s house and asked her to find Luo Qiuheng tomorrow and explain the abduction by the way. About Suyun, Xiao Taozi bid farewell to Officer Shen.

Mother Rong pretends that Suyun’s aunt lets Suyun go back, but Su Yun says she is not. Su Wenli couldn’t bear to interrogate Mother Rong. She had no choice but to let Mother say that she was from the orphanage and she was not her aunt. , Su Wenli felt distressed and asked Mother Rong to stay with Su Yun temporarily, and when Uncle Xiang took away Mother Rong, she asked about Su Yun. Su Wenli tempted Su Yun to tell her the story, so she could help her, and Su Yun snuggled in Su Wenli’s arms and said nothing.

The next day after Su Wenli forgot to go to the police station to look for Luo Qiuheng, Luo Qiuheng came to the door by himself and was surprised by Su Wenli’s house and looked around. Just saw the peacock Su Wenli came down, Luo Qiuheng asked Su Wenli to send Su Yun to the patrol room, Su Wenli retorted and said that she had let Su Yun decide to tell the truth. Su Yun told her story.

She picked up the jewelry by herself. Luo Qiuheng threatened to arrest her on the charge of evading the fare, but was told that she was not the only one who evaded the fare. There was also a man in a striped shirt. Su Wenli knew Later, he became more suspicious of those two people, and told Luo Qiuheng the information he had obtained. Luo Qiuheng warned Su Wenli again and left.

Here, the patrol house Luo Qiuheng was questioning Dong Haoyu. Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli got the news that Mrs. Tang had left the will and left the estate to Tu Senran. Su Wenli asked Song Xiaotan to check out Mother Rong and the manager of Renzhuang behind her, while Mother Rong asked Xiaoyu to go next door to get a bowl. Luo Qiuheng told Tu Senran that Dong Haoyu couldn’t prove his alibi, while Guan Shi told Rong Rong that Su Wenli might destroy their affairs. After knowing this, Tu Senran was shocked and told Luo Qiuheng that he was actually detained because Haoyu agreed to use his identity. Tu Senran also knew that one of them had sneaked on the train.

Manager Zhuang ran to Su Wenli’s house to hold Su Yun and was found, and told him what he had done. Xiao Taozi happened to bump into a pan and stun Manager Zhuang. Luo Qiuheng found Xiaoyu’s grandma, and Suyun’s orphanage was also thoroughly investigated. Tang Ruyue found Su Wenli and gave her a large check to stop her from interfering, but unexpectedly, this happened to be evidence that made her even more determined as the murderer. Su Wenli told the story of the whole incident and the motive for the crime to prepare to arrest Tang Ruyue. Through the dialogue between the two people, I also learned that Dong Haoyu wanted to attack Tu Senran.

Several people rushed over to see Dong Haoran preparing to attack Tu Senran. Luo Qiuheng held a gun to persuade him to put it down, but Tang Ruyue rushed to commit suicide and threatened Su Wenli and the others. , Su Wenli had no choice but to tell the truth, Tang Ruyue gave up suicide and plunged into Su Wenli’s arms after hearing that. The orphanage was also restored to its former tranquility. Su Yun stayed with Su Wenli.

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